10 key tips and strategies to increase the web traffic for your website

by Sachin

Every day more companies are looking to develop business strategies with a hub on the Internet. But with millions of websites that already exist and are still being created, how do you get customers to see yours?A commercial strategy to increase the traffic of our Web cannot forget the following points, to gain the click of the navigator:

10 key tips and strategies to increase the web traffic

10 key tips and strategies to increase the web traffic

To be first in the main search engines

Being first in the searches related to our product will ensure a great flow of potential customers. When thinking
about the keywords that will define our site and with which we want to lead, let us ask ourselves: what do our
potential clients look for? What words could they find us with?

Being in the top spots requires arduous positioning work. To optimize the page, it is recommended to use
keywords in the page title, use a different title and meta tags for each page, internally link the pages of our site,
and it is convenient to include a sitemap, which facilitates the search engine step through the different sections
of the site in an orderly way.

It is convenient to limit the content in Flash, frames or JavaScript because this type of content is not indexable
by search engine robots, because for them is a flat space by which they can not browse.

Sponsored links

To achieve a prominent position immediately, since natural positioning requires time, the main search engines
have a paid advertising service, a system that offers multiple functionalities to execute effective online campaigns.

They use the “Pay Per Click” (PPC) system, that is, we will only have to pay for the advertisement if a navigator
clicks on it, we can set a cap per day and set hours, regions or countries in which the ad should appear. Thus,
the ideal is to know the traffic habits of our potential customers, not to pay clicks of navigators who are not of
the profile sought.

It is important to control our advertising costs and effectiveness achieved in each space where we advertise,
verifying the number of exposures of our ads, the number of clicks on each, and total sales.

Attractive and indexable content for search engines

When designing and generating content for a Web page, you must work always thinking it interesting and
accessible to users, but also relevant and indexable by search engines, as the only way to achieve good list and
attracting traffic.

“There’s been a significant shift in the last few years towards websites that update their content regularly,” says Linden Schwark, founder of the leading SEO agency in Vancouver, Canada. “Google no longer has only a few answers available for a query, they have hundreds, so they need a way to better predict which answer is going to be most helpful for the user. One of Google’s answers is update frequency and recency.”

In relation to the content, its wording must be attractive, in order to help the navigators to remain and return to
the site. The novelty of content is very important here. The search engines index more frequently the webs that
are updated continuously, therefore if we maintain a content of quality and an acceptable update, the escalation
in the search engines will be done more quickly.


In the preparation of content, it is essential to use words that are widely sought after by our target audience. For
this, we can help the keyword suggestions tool provided by Google Adwords, which allows you to know the
volume of searches of each word.

Through this tool, we may find that some words that we considered important are not much sought and so, we
can replace them with others, which increase our visibility

For this, it is essential to appeal to the knowledge of general use of terms and to think how people are looking
for, what words describe what they are looking for, what they are looking for, what words they could find us
with, and thus to propose the keys based on these parameters.

Link building reciprocal links

Some sites offer the possibility of placing a link to our website in exchange for putting a link to the page of them
and this can be a good way to increase visibility, provided that the exchange is done with a site of quality and
relevant for our field.

If we get a relevant site to place a link to ours, we will improve our image in the search engines and we will increase positions in the searches.

Landing Page

We must make sure that the section where potential customers access through the search engines is clear, since
several studies indicate that a navigator only dedicates a couple of seconds to each visit if he does not find
quickly what he was looking for, he will leave the page.

For this reason, we must define the primary information that the navigator must have so that the page can satisfy
his expectations, with a clear organization and simple reasoning and the secondary information, can be accessed
in a simple way by hyperlinks.

If this basic communication interests the visitor, he will dedicate a few more minutes and will come through a hyperlink to the sector where more detailed information is found.

Viral Marketing: exponentially spread your brand

It basically consists of getting users to transmit to each other a certain message about my product or service,
using the facilities offered by the Web. And such a message is so well accepted that people begin to transmit it,
in a way similar to how viruses spread.

To do Viral Marketing, a message must be created that is convincing enough for its propagation and is also easily related to
the brand involved explicitly or implicitly. Most viral marketing programs provide products or services to attract
attention, such as screensavers, software that contains the brand image somewhere, and so on.

Make comments on other blogs

Blogging involves engaging in conversations, building relationships with other members of the blogosphere, and
making useful comments so as to attract traffic to the company blog. For that it is necessary to investigate other
blogs related to the subject of the company to be able to participate giving opinions.

Use video as a marketing tool

Youtube is the second search engine currently and is the most used to share videos. Although not the only one of
its kind, the presence of the company in it, greatly increases the points of contact.Video marketing is one of the best strategies to reach your target audience.


Twitter and Linkedin

Twitter, the microblogging  platform that allows you to post messages of up to 140 characters, is a good tool for
Networking with colleagues, clients, industry members and instant communication with contacts (new and
potential), and allows to spread an idea, soliciting opinions, sharing links, promoting products and services to
a defined audience, publicizing blog content, etc.

On the side of Linkedin, this is a great source of B2B exchange. In it you can find all kinds of groups
categorized by interests, professions, the company to which they belong, place of studies, etc., and you can send
proposals and commercial information of the company.


It is a powerful tool for building relationships, increasing brand visibility and targeting specific niche markets. Its usefulness is that each company can create its corporate page with information about activities, events, news of its sector and comments about its products, in a place that allows the interaction with the public, allowing to establish relationships with potential clients beyond merely commercial and from there send traffic to its official website.

Companies can add videos, blogs, applications to other networks, send messages to fans, create discussion
forums with potential consumers to test new products and anticipate trends, these being just some of the
advantages of being present.

In turn, it also improves the positioning in the main search engines, since the public profiles are indexable by
them, increasing the visibility of the company on the Internet.

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