10 Ways To Find Love Online

by Sachin

At this age, the internet provides solutions for many things including love. It is no longer news that many people turn to the internet to find partners. While some are looking for fun (one-night stands, local cougar women and men), others are looking for a more serious adventure! There are many write-ups that explain the disadvantages, difficulty, and impracticability of such an adventure on the internet. Still, there are many tantalizing stories of couples who met online and live happily ever after.

Divorced People Dating Can Find Love Online, You Can Too

Practically speaking, if you are reading this, you are one of a few hundred (heck, maybe thousands) who are serious about meeting the right person online. This means that while there could be a lot of unserious people on the net, there could also be as many serious folks too. So, this article will focus on how to attract as well as recognize that person on the web!

1. Explore More Than One Dating Site

As simple as this is, many people prefer to stick with one or two dating sites alone. The rationale is that they want to concentrate all their efforts. While it is very good to have one or two sites to concentrate on per time, a good practice is to actually have accounts on many sites. Also, do not be imagine that your luck is stuck to one platform, rather, be ready to shift focus from time to time to other platforms.

2. Define Who the Right Person Is

Knowing exactly what one wants is the first and most important step in recognizing it. So, the ‘keeper’ must have certain clear-cut attributes. It also helps to be as practical as possible when listing these attributes, considering that they would be human and not factory-made. A good thing to do is to have a handful of attributes (say 3 to 6) that absolutely must be in them without which life would be miserable. We all have our preferences but don’t get too fancy with this list. Remember that they should be things without which, the relationship wouldn’t work. Generally, if properly done, the list should have more character traits than physical attributes.

3. Be Easy to Define

As much as you have defined who the ideal person should be at a glance, imagine that others would have done the same. This means that at a glance, your profile should be as clear as possible about who you are. Ensure there are no exaggerated facts, half-truths or untruths. If in doubt, have a confidante review the draft.

4. Picture It

People hardly even click on profiles with no pictures. If one is serious about finding love online, they might as well put some effort into showing what they look like. Again, don’t get frivolous with the pictures, after all, you are addressed the way you dress! Let your picture be very clear about your features (face and body), and also project your mental image of yourself. You are not meant for everybody so, do not try to appeal to everybody

5. Humour and Positivity

This starts from the profile all the way to that first date. The fact that nobody wants to spend the rest of their life with a gloomy fellow is the reason you shouldn’t be one. People can appreciate slanders as long as the right words are used. There is always a charming way to present even grotesque things. In all, focus on the good. Rather than reel out things you don’t like, focus on things you like.

6. Understand “Yes” and “No”

This goes both ways: in the giving ad in the receiving. As far as receiving is concerned, be open to both answers. A yes could be the beginning of a beautiful tale and a no could just mean someone else! It is not a time to make enemies or keep a beef. In giving either of these answers, ensure it is not out of fear or desperation. Do not say yes to just anybody and do not say no to everybody. Once someone has 80 – 90% of your most absolute attributes, go right ahead on a date!

7. Decide Which Walls to Take Down and When

This particularly deals with those with insecurities and teary pasts. Come to terms with yourself and identify the walls you may have put up. It is equally important to also know why you put them up so as to know when and why to take them down. It’s a journey that can be undertaken with a trusted friend.

8. Be Patient

Google provides answers in an instant but not so with relationships. The internet provides a platform to interact with real people and doesn’t manufacture the perfect match for you. Therefore, enjoy the process, relish the conversations, make friends. It is not impossible that he/she who you seek is in the circle of friends you made.

9. Be Smart

It is the internet after all and not everybody has the same purpose. Do not give out too many personal information such as last names, places of work or home address. Be as discrete as possible without being vague. A date should naturally be in an open place too. Refrain from sexual activities until both parties have an understanding of what they want.

10. Never Burn Bridges

So, no is not the end of the world. It is not equal to pushing the delete or block button. You wouldn’t be married to everybody, so, not everybody will say yes. Keep positive energy and keep relationships alive. There is no telling what can come out of them.


Dating sites are increasingly popular as meeting places for many couples. There are a few basic practices that can help people find the right person. Some of them are presented here. They should help to improve your experience and adventure.


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