List of Skyrim Console commands in The Elder Scrolls 5 [2023 Update]

by Sachin

The greatest joys in PC gaming is to know the console commands, and for a game like Skyrim it takes hours of dedication to get the power, but using these Skyrim console commands you can make the most difficult tasks as easy as possible.

In this article, we will show you all the Skyrim console commands which make the gameplay most easy for you.

skyrim console commands

How to use the Skyrim console commands in The Elder Scrolls 5?

To use the console commands in skyrim, you need to open the console. After that press the “º” key or the key on the Tab.

Some cheats or console commands can cause bugs or load some missions. So we recommend disabling the auto-save, and save only when we know that everything is in order.

General- skyrim console commands

TGM Activate God’s mode

TIM Activate Immortal mode (Still take the damage, the Health will never hit zero. Final blow animations can cause a permanent decapitation error.)

TMM <#> Toggle map markers; <0> Deactivate all. <1> Activate all. <1,0,1> Show everything, no need to travel fast.

TDetect Activate detection of avian influenza. It does not work with Pickpocket detection.

TAI Artificial Intelligence Toggle.

TCL Alternate collision. Using the TCL command with a target changes cutouts for the target. If used while falling off a cliff, it can cause an accident. Useful to take off your character or the search for elements or bodies that had fallen through a wall or the floor.

TCAI Alternate Artificial Intelligence Combat.

TFC Alternate free fly camera. Add <1> to pause.

TM Switch Menus (Disables all graphical user interface elements, including menus, compass, subtitles, and messages.) Very useful for taking pictures.)

TC Activate control of the player of the target entity. If used to refer to an NPC, it will transfer the control to that NPC, and any command entry will apply to both characters. To solve this, use TC on the player’s character to turn off his actions.

RM Activate Run mode. To change the execution mode and the way of walking.

TS Alternate box presentation and fog.

TG Alternate grass

TLL Alternate LOD

Addfac 1 Adds the selected NPC to a faction. It usually causes a terrible artificial intelligence.

Addtofaction 19809 1 Add to the NPC the possibility of getting married, allowing players to marry them. It usually causes bugs and unexpected crashes, but some NPCs were thought to be able to marry them but the idea was suppressed.

Addtofaction 0005A1 A4 1 Adds the NPC to the allied faction of the player, which obviously makes the NPC passive or hostile against the player.

Addtofaction 000E0CD9 1 Add the NPC or the player to the bandits’ faction, so, obviously, the bandits will not attack.

Addtofaction 000E0CDA 1 Add the NPC or the player to the faction of the sorcerers and the Ghouls, so none of them will attack.

Addtofaction 000E0CDB 1Add the NPC or the player to the Draugr faction. The Draugr will not attack.

Orders – skyrim console commands

Equipitem <ItemID> <#> <left / right> Force the target to equip <ItemID>, if it is in your inventory. Adding a ‘1’ after identification seems to have some items that are not removable, while ‘0’ keeps removable as normal. <Left / Right> will equip the weapon in the left or right hand.

Setessential <BaseID> <#> Make NPC deadly (0) / immortal.

Disable This will make the goal disappear, good for cleaning up the disorders.

Enable Used to realize the reduced mobility goals reappear. Useful for when an error has been made that indicates the time to deactivate the objectives.

Unlock Unlock the desired note chest or door: This may not work in some cases.

Lock <#> Lock boxes, doors or people. <#> = The level of difficulty. (0-100, any larger and the lock cannot be picked up)

Kill Kill the destination instantly. (Do not kill characters/creatures marked ‘essential’, it only causes you to fall to the ground for a few minutes.)

Resurrect <#> Return of a dead NPC to life. Replace <#> with 1 to resurrest with all current elements intact. Leave <#> to have the corpse removed and it resulted in a new copy.

Removeallitems Remove all items in the inventory objectives. Use the <player> variable to transfer all items to your inventory.

Sexchange Gender change of the destination APN or PC Note: Only the body changes, not the head.

Additem <ItemID> <#> Add <ItemID> to target NPC, Note: Use in a merchant to establish the amount of gold barter. This gold cannot go to your inventory when selling items to the seller.

Setlevel  Adjust the level of an NPC compared to the player.

Getav <AV> Returns the current value of the specified agent value.

Modav <AV> <+ / – #> Changes <AV> by <+ / – #>

Forceav <AV> <#> Forces <AV> to <#>

Setav <AV> <#> As above, but some values do not remain for establishing the saves.

Setscale <#> Set the scale of an object. ‘1’ as the default. If there is no selected object, it is applied to PC NOTE: When used in an actor, it increases or decreases the speed and damage.

Moveto player Teleport the APN oriented to you. (It works similar to player.placeatme <BaseID> <#>, but does not create a new reference of the base object.)

Player.setrelationshiprank <RefID> <#> It is used to establish an NPCs disposition towards the player. <#> = 4.1 Note: If this does not help when trying to add dialog follower, try setrelationshiprank <RefID> <#> then player.setrelationshiprank <RefID> <#>.

Openactorcontainer <#>  This allows you to add or retrieve the elements of the actor.

GetPos <axis> Returns the position value of given axis (x, y, z) of the target

SetPos <axis> <#> Set the position value of given axis (x, and, z) of the target.

GetAngle <axis> Returns the value of the given rotation axis (x, y, z) of the target.

SetAngle <axis> <#> Set the value of the given rotation axis (x, y, z) of the target (the change occurs when the white object was picked up).

MarkForDelete Permanently removes the selected item either instantly or after recharging. This command is better than disable since it removes the entire article instead of simply hiding it from view.

Setownership Allow you to do things without an owner. They will not be yours. When used on the breasts, it is applied to the entire interior.

Quest- skyrim console commands

Resetquest effect <QuestID> Reset the indicated quest <?>

GetStage <QuestID> Use to get the current search phase of search (use ShowQuestTargets for IDs).

player.sqs <quest id> Used to show all stages of a search

SetObjectiveCompleted <QuestID> <stage> <0/1> Used to set the search scenario to be completed ( 1) or incomplete (0).

SetStage <quest id> <stage value> Used to set the search scenario (Useful for quite annoying missions).

Movetoqt <QuestID> Go to the mission objective.

Showquesttargets Displays all current mission IDs.

Caqs Complete all phases of each mission. Buggy, it cannot be stable. Not recommendable.

CompleteQuest <QuestID> Complete a mission. It can cause incorrect behavior, the Set stage is generally clean.

Player – Skyrim console commands

SetPlayerRace <Raceid> Doing this will allow you to change career without using showracemenu Note: error May occur after certain transformations.

Fov <#> Adjust the field of view. The maximum value appears to be 160. Higher numbers allow a greater field of view but may be distorted. The lower numbers show a “zoom” view.

Showracemenu Open the character customization menu.

Player.addperk <PerkID> Add the benefit.

Player.removeperk <PerkID> Eliminate a benefit; It does not return the point used to obtain the benefit.

Player.addspell <variable> Add a spell, illness, or power.

Player.removespell <variable> Remove an enchantment, disease, or power

Player.additem <ItemID> <#> Add an item to the inventory. For example, to add 100 gold to the inventory, use player.additem f 100

Player.removeitem <ItemID> <#> Remove an item from inventory.

Player.drop <ItemID> <#> This drops the item.

Player.showinventory List all items in your inventory and their codes. Page Up and Page Down to scroll through.

Player.setcrimegold <#> <FactionID> Add <#> for your reward per day with <FactionID>

Player.paycrimegold <X> <Y> <FactionID> Sometimes, you do not pay your reward in full. X = 1 Remove stolen items. 0 Do not delete stolen objects. Y = 1 Go to jail. 0 Do not go to jail.

Player.setlevel <#> Set the current level <#>.

Player.teachword <WOOP> Teaches a word of power, words can be found with the “help <word> 4” command and are recognized by the WOOP tag. See Cries

Player.setav <AV> <#> Set the Actor value to <#>.

Player.modav <AV> <+ / – #> Modify the Actor value by <#>.

Player.placeatme <Item / NPCID> <#> Place an object or actor next to the player.

PlayerEnchantObject <ItemID> <Efect> <Efect> Add inventory object, with any of the two magical effects (not limited to enchantments).

IncPCS <AVskill> Increase skill points players at an IncPCS point marksman

AdvSkill <AV> <#> Give the player the desired amount of skill utilization points.

Psb Book Spell Player. Unlock all spells and screams

Player.advlevel Force a Higher Level (Do not add an ability to select a new benefit)

Enableplayercontrols This command is used to enable the controls during the kinematics when it is deactivated. From time to time the game fails, instead of reloading put in this order and move on.

Other – skyrim console commands

Addfac <FactionID> <#> Add the selected NPC to a faction. It can cause unwanted behavior AI.

Set playerfollowercount to <#> Delete 0 followers and allow you to sign up again.

Prid <RefID> Set the NPC as a reference, select on the screen or to set mission failures on NPCs do not appear.

Bat <name of text file> Execute a file.

Help <“Object name”> <#> Show all console commands with descriptions.

Qqq Exit the game without going to the menus.

Killall Kill all non-essential NPCs in the vicinity.

Set timescale to <#> Set the speed at which time passes

Fw Force time. It will automatically change the current time to the specified one.

Movement – Skyrim console commands

Coc <CellID> The Cell Center.

WIDeadBodyCleanupCell Contain the bodies of the NPCs that have died.

player.moveto <NPCrefID> It takes you to the NPC.

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