12 Jobs That May Be Automated in the Near Future [An Infographic]

by Sachin

With the evolution of technology, Artificial Intelligence is all set to take over different roles. This potential shift will make it easier for human professionals to automate their work and tackle more creative and impactful projects. This will surely boost our economy, while automation of different jobs will also lead to the rise of new jobs as well.

With the development of Artificial intelligence, we now have powerful automation tools that are capable of performing a variety of tasks precisely and are easily programmable. As AI is implemented in different sectors, you can expect better and error-free results from different automated projects. 

Right from data entry keyers to mathematical technicians, MiSumi, an automotive manufacturing company in the US has come up with a beautiful infographic highlighting the top 12 occupations that are highly susceptible to AI and automation in the coming years

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