3 Things You Didn’t Know Your Smart TV Could Do

by Sachin

One of the great revolutions in entertainment is how the internet integrates everything into our lives. Thanks to the massive flood of streaming services along with the ubiquity of amazing programming, entertainment access is easier than ever. The Smart TV takes this principle to a greater level. These televisions are not your old televisions – and by old we are talking about TVs from just a few years ago – instead the Smart TV brings together technology and access to a level that you never thought it would be at. If you remember futuristic movies where the characters could just touch a TV or even talk to it and get results, well, Smart TVs have us there.

So, how do you use a Smart TV? Of course, there are some tech savvy that is involved. But ease of use should also be a factor as well. Choosing the proper Smart TV is something that you should take the time to do correctly. Don’t rush into a decision. In fact, you can choose from top 10 Smart LED TV’s while at the same time learning about how each works, testing out the ease of use, and ultimately making a decision that will benefit you and your family. The Smart TV that you end up buying has a lot of great features, but there are some things you will be flabbergasted to learn that your Smart TV can do. Check out these 3 things your Smart TV has the ability to do.

Play Video Games Without A Console

One of the best pastimes is enjoying your video games. Whether it is a Playstation or an Xbox, you can easily fire up the console and have fun with the games. However, what happens when you have a Smart TV but you do not have the games available? Well, there is good news – your Smart TV has games on several of the apps. The next thing to talk about is how to get the apps. The next thing to do is to understand how it works. Of course, your remote is not the best video game controller, so you will have to do a bit of calibration, but that is not too hard. That being said, your Smart TV apps could also include extended hardware, including video game controllers as well.

Having your video games available is something that may not be capable. For example, playing the newest games for Xbox or Playstation may not happen today, but there is a good chance that those services and their apps will find a way to get you the content that you want with great convenience. This means if you are on the road and at a hotel, but lacking your console, you can hook up to the Smart TV and use the apps for the games. This is a great way to pass the time if you are stuck inside on a rainy day or looking to pass some time before you go to sleep.

Get In Shape

Your Smart TV is loaded with apps and that means going to the gym is something that you may not need to actually do to get a workout. There are a ton of fitness apps so that means you can get the workout you need without having to pile in your car, head down to the gym, remember all your shower materials, clean up, and bring your workout clothes home, and wash them. But what if you want a different type of workout – let’s say you are not into free weights and want something that functions more with body weight? Well there are apps for that too, and you can get apps for things like Yoga or dedicated styles of fitness.

Just like the Nintendo Wii would help people get up and move around, the Smart TV helps you do the same. What is better than getting in shape without having to deal with all the annoying interpersonal politics of the gym? The best part is many of the manufacturers of Smart TVs such as Samsung have their own built in apps. These apps can integrate with mobile fitness apps and other things as well, which helps you stay on the right track with your fitness. The goal is your health, and if working out at home with your Smart TV is something that will motivate you, then search through the apps and find the one that is best for your purposes.

Become A DJ

Your Smart TV is not just about the images on the television. In fact, many Smart TVs are paired with great entertainment systems which means the sound that comes out of your television is some of the best in the world. So, what happens when you are working around the house and just can’t stay in front of the television to see what’s going on – well, you can turn your Smart TV into a radio. There are several ways to go about this. The first is you can listen to FM radio – the fun thing here is that you can access great stations via apps, so if you live in Florida, you can listen to your favorite classic rock station back in New York. 

There are other things to listen to besides FM radio – for example, many Smart TVs allow you to use your SiriusXM service through them, which means you can listen to Howard Stern through your TV. Another thing you can do is stream live music. This is especially good for the festive occasions when you are hosting people. Instead of the TV staying off, the TV provides the ambient music that will keep everyone entertained and the part buzzing. Your Smart TV without a major audio package accessorizing it usually has great sound. Gone are the days of tiny speakers on the TV. The speakers on many of these Smart TVs deliver amazing sounds, so use your favorite audio app to stay entertained when not in front of the TV.

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