5 Best Power Banks For iPhone 11 Series And Other Devices

by Sachin

Got the new iPhone? Cool! Enjoying its features? Great! It feels good to be able to use our device the way we want it to and it’s undeniably frustrating when we run out of power. Charging from a wall charger or a stationary source defeats the essence of being mobile. We don’t want it, but we know that it can likely happen. That’s why we’ve turned to power banks for a solution.

To give you the fairest rundown, we have searched these power banks for a set of standards in mind: compatibility, capacity, and portability. We’ve included compatibility because iPhone and other Apple products are sophisticated and we don’t have to tell you that it doesn’t come cheap. Hence, the power bank and the iPhone should be compatible with each other to achieve the desired result. Capacity and portability should also be considered because we want you to save, not only your money but also your time. Bigger capacity means more juice for your iPhone for multiple full charges in a single power bank. It can top-up other devices too. Lastly, you sure would want your power bank to be carried around with ease.

#1 Poweradd Slim 2

Right on the start of our list is the Poweradd Slim 2. Its compact design allows perfect portability for your different needs. Housed within its elegant hexagonal shape is 5,000mAh battery capacity that is pretty much just enough to charge your iPhone 11/11 Pro/11 Pro Max to full charge once and a little more. But if you’re just looking for a back-up source during unexpected times, this is the best bud that can give you the kick.

As additional features, Poweradd Slim 2 has a delivery capacity of up to 2.1 A of power in 2A input. It can detect your device’s power requirement with its ID Identify Technology and then supply it with the right amount of output efficiently. If the power bank runs out of power too, you can easily charge it anywhere for 3 hours and you’re good to go again with your back-up. The warranty for this product stretches for 24 months. Neat!

#2 Anker PowerCore

Coming up next here is the Anker Power Core. This decent charger packs a power capacity of 10,000mAh, just enough for its size which is very much portable for everyone.

This power source comes with a USB-A port and USB-C port support, making it universally compatible across devices.

It’s selling features include trickle charging for minimal requirement, perfect for your air pods or Bluetooth accessories. Its LED light indicator will also tell you the battery level of the power bank itself so you’ll know when to plug it in. Chill out fast though because you can charge the Anker Power Core within 3.5 hours with a Type-C supply. It also has all the safety measures in place to prevent battery problems. The company offers a warranty of 18 months for this product.

This 10,000mAh power capacity is probably the best range for iPhone 11 Pro power banks in the market because it can charge up the phone for 2 times full and for a typical user, it can be enough to make it work as a back-up device.

#3 Belkin Pocket Power

The Belkin Pocket Power Bank supplies with 15,000mAh of capacity that should charge your phone for at least 3 times and a little extra. It has a couple of USB ports that will let you charge two devices simultaneously. It’s compact design and lightweight allows the user to carry it around effortlessly.

Belkin Pocket Power bank ensures that the power bank will do its job with maximum safety because of all the standard safety protocols installed within the device. It also offers a $250 worth of warranty to offset the cost in case the product or your phone malfunctions due to unexpected defects.

#4 Cincred

Cincred comes with a capacity of 20,000mAh capacity that will charge your iPhone full at more than four times. The more, the merrier motto comes with this power bank because it can charge three devices at the same time with its three different ports.

This unique power bank boasts a lot of features for the power market. We liked how compatible this charmer here is to a wide selection of devices. Cincred power bank charges with Type-C cable but you can use other types available. For a smart feature, once you plug your device for power, it will automatically detect the required amount needed to top it up for up to 2.1A charging boost. The power supply left in the bank can be checked through its LED monitor. Buyers are promised with a lifetime of moneyback guarantee.

With this capacity for a power bank, it is already a reliable back-up for travel or extended needs.

#5 Anker PowerCore+

Let’s skip the 25,000mAh capacity mark and go a little higher with Anker PowerCore+ at 26,800 mAh. This beast is designed as if it specifically has the iPhone in mind. Your iPhone 11 series device can be fully charged in just an hour, which is pretty fast considering the iPhone’s big battery requirement. Imagine this fast and ready for multiple times.

Another advantage of this package is that it boasts a maximum 30W output that will let you charge your MacBook and other supported devices. It even ships with the 30W Power Delivery charger to complete the benefit. It’s placing its charging capacity and compatibility as its charms, in which we do agree. In case you somehow consumed all of its power, you can top it up in just 4.5 hours with its 27 watts PD input. All of this is covered for 18 months with the warranty.

What’s our take? It’s pretty much all. You see, it will greatly depend upon your needs. Do you need just a quick boost and a simple back-up or you have a specific activity that you know you’ll need a solid power source? You can select from the list that we’ve created just for you.

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