Explore The Uncertainties in The Dark With The Lanmodo Vast 1080P Night Vision Camera

by Sachin

The mere idea of zipping past unknown territories in pitch black conditions is a bit unsettling even for the most experienced drivers. Also though there are many risk factors associated with driving at night, at times, you would be left with no choice. Well, every car nowadays is equipped with high-beams and projector headlamps. But having an additional eye always infuses confidence in the driver.

Some cars have inbuilt night vision systems. However, they are not so sufficient and are costly as well. Irrespective of harsh weather conditions, you can depend on the Lanmodo Vast 1080P Night Vision Camera. It excels in facilitating excellent night vision for driving safely, especially when the terrain is unfamiliar to the driver. So let’s assess the compelling reasons to opt for this night vision system for your car.     

Why opt for the Lanmodo Night Vision Camera?

The main reason behind opting for this night vision camera is safe while driving. A majority of car crashes take place at night and in extreme weather conditions. This is where the Lanmodo Night Vision System exudes practicality. With this night vision system, the drivers do not always have to stare at the screen. The dash monitor gives accurate feedback, which it gets from the cameras which have a visibility of 300 meters.

The Lanmodo Night Vision also provides tactile feedback to the driver about the rear of the vehicle. Note that the screen offers different images for the front and the rear cameras simultaneously. This product is the ideal option for drivers who have vision problems. Being equipped with an 8.2-inch display, you can quickly check the surroundings of your vehicle for safety.   

What’s included in the package?

One of the highlighting traits of the Lanmodo Night Vision System is the fast delivery that the seller guarantees. Hence, it makes sense to buy this night vision system from the official website. Interestingly, you can avail a flat $100 off by using the exclusive coupon code LMDNV_TMG when you buy it from their official website. The package usually reaches your doorstep within a week of placing the order. Here is the list of components you would commonly find upon unboxing the box.

  • A user manual which is quite comprehensive and detailed
  • Input wire of 12V
  • An 8.2-inch HD screen with camera in-built
  • OBD adapter
  • Cup for suction
  • A mat of non-slip variety
  • Screwdriver and some other accessories

Well, you can also buy the Lanmodo Night Vision Camera from Amazon and get $100 off by using the coupon code LANMODO2.

The ways in which the Lanmodo Night Vision System functions

The Lanmodo Night Vision System is quite flexible, as it can be attached to the windscreen as well to the dashboard. The location of installing the night vision system is based on the driver’s preference. To ensure that it doesn’t fall off, the non-slip mat is provided to affix the night vision system onto the dashboard. Similarly, the suction cup ensures that the night vision system can be installed on the windscreen. The device comes with a superior quality camera that is adept in capturing low-light images. The contrast and color saturation are also useful even in pitch dark conditions. The viewing angle of the camera is 36 degrees, and it has a range of 300 meters.

Even during adverse weather conditions where visibility is almost nearing 0, the Lanmodo Night Vision System produces crisp images of the surroundings. This can be attributed to the presence of an active infrared system which utilizes low-light-level components to illuminate the dark portions. Even during heavy rainfall when wipers fail to produce any desired effect, a mere look at the 8.2 inch HD screen would leave you stunned. The amount of clarity you get with this device is not available with other night vision systems. You can go through the video below to get a feel for the capabilities of this night vision system.     

Advantages of opting for the Lanmodo Night Vision System

Here is the list of a few advantages of the Lanmodo Night Vision System, which portrays that it has a definite edge over other devices.

  • This night vision system comes with an HD screen, and the images produced on it have more contrast and clarity
  • You can pre-plan your route as you can see far ahead
  • This night vision system is compatible with almost 99% of cars
  • It is quite effortless to set up and doesn’t demand the assistance of experts

The Lanmodo Night Vision System is an excellent choice for those who frequently drive at night. It is priced competitively, considering that it brings an array of features on the table for a driver.

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