5 Important Virtual Data Room Features

by Sachin

There’s no denying of the fact, virtual data rooms have become increasingly popular down the last few years. With the digitization of businesses becoming rampant, the need for data protection has increased. New virtual data room programs are being created to magnify the strength of data security online. As phishing scams and ransomware attacks are on the rise, companies have increased their reliance on VDR’s more than ever. Here are a few interesting features of a virtual data room you must know:

1. Security

The first and most obvious feature of a virtual data room is security. As more companies are relying on less paperwork, the digitization of data weighs several cons. So it is worth mentioning the security feature again. Virtual data rooms are used by firms because they magnify the data security online, unlike any other platform you can talk about. Because company data is of paramount importance, virtual data rooms prove themselves as the best platform for storing valuable information. Visit Firmex to know more about the security of data in virtual data rooms. 

2. Tracking

One of the most popular features of virtual data rooms is their ability to track everything online. Especially when it comes to using virtual data rooms for checking employee’s attendance, managers can easily know when everyone logs off. Secondly, virtual data rooms also record the time that was spent by every employee online. Furthermore, knowing about the most viewed catalog online can also help companies in eradicating their mistakes. This way, companies can save a lot of money on research.

 3. Live Chatting

When business members and employees cannot come together physically for a meeting, live chatting and video calls can help them interact with one another easily. Hadn’t it been for live chatting, firms would have had to spend millions of dollars’ worth of money on flying everyone to a mutual destination. Thanks to virtual data rooms, they have enabled people to communicate more coherently than ever. Live chatting in virtual data rooms is its most unique selling point today.

4. Artificial Intelligence

With much advancement in technology, it is wise enough to expect artificial intelligence in computer systems. Not to forget, signing a business deal entails lots of paperwork, transferring files from one place to another, and frequent communication. This way, organizing everything on your own can be a very daunting task. However, if you make use of artificial intelligence, it will easily inform you about the duplication of work and save time. So incorporating VDR for your business will be the best decision you’ll make.

5. File Transfer

With virtual data rooms, you can easily drag and drop whatever files you want. Secondly, you can share several files at the same time with as many people as you want. Because the speed of file transfer is fast, companies don’t need to wait for a long time to receive an important file from another company. Luckily, the drag and drop feature of virtual data rooms has enabled firms to share several documents simultaneously. Thanks to virtual data rooms, it has become easier for firms to ensure the maximum safety of their data online. 

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