5 principles of neuromarketing that helps in getting better results

by Sachin

5 principles of neuromarketing that helps in getting better results

principles of neuromarketing that helps

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Neuroscience has helped us to understand better how the brain functions of humans and how they process
information, respond to it and establish mechanisms to relate with others. This has allowed us to
understand, for example, how certain elements are more important than we thought in decisions that initially
seemed to us more rational impact.

Therefore, neuroscience and its application in marketing have helped companies become more efficient and be
better presented to consumers.Neuromarketing does not manipulate the minds of consumers, but it helps to
present things in the most effective way.How can you achieve the best results? You just have to think about the
mechanisms that trigger the minds of consumers.

Familiarity and experience with use

There is a relationship between all these factors. Familiarity helps in greater trust between the consumer and the brand. Therefore, the more familiarity increases user experience, the easier you feel
that recognizes what is being done and the response to them will be much more positive.

Therefore, brands and businesses should strive to understand consumers and generating elements that help to
enhance those emotions that just encouraging confidence. 90{e7d47c856744df2248f2195fd30fbdddbceff01679799ef4d661e6a47ab6faaa} of our behavior, neuroscientists point, it is out of
our consciousness, which makes us move pulse and that understanding those impulses (and act on them) has
become such an important issue.


The effect of reciprocity on consumers is one of the principles of neuromarketing.That’s why many marketers establish their strategies

Reciprocity is a principle that acts in our daily lives and also affects how we consume: we feel obligated to
return favors and to pay debts, which means that also act well in relation to brands and companies. Of course,
and this is very important, you can not give something expecting something in return and forcing her hand. The
principle does not work. It has to be something of expecting nothing so that consumers feel compelled to
respond in kind.

Fear of shortages

That is one of the great principles of neuromarketing that can make things go much better businesses.It’s what they do when they put stores there are only as many copies of a product. They are not giving this information lightly, but are forcing our hand.

According to many experts, consumers buy products whenever they feel that products are in shortage

When we like things

It is also quite logical: if in our personal lives we prefer to interact with those we love, will not be the same with
brands and companies? The effect of taste is also weighing on sales. Ensure that the consumer likes the brand
and the company, then the seller will much more likely to say yes to purchase.

Using anchor information

Anchoring is a very important element because it affects not only the time but also in the future. Consumers use
information received in the past and who kept in his mind to make decisions in the future. This is anchored then
retrieve information when needed. It is therefore important to set the right information because once established
will impact on purchasing decisions in the future.

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