5 Reasons Why Spectrum Is Your Match-Made-In-Heaven

by Sachin

Remember the time when we all used 56k modems to connect to the web? How frustrating it was when an image downloaded in stages and sending videos wasn’t even a possibility! Fast forward 15 years, internet connectivity has become a basic necessity for us all just like food, shelter, and clothing.  

The entire world around us took a 360 degree turn with the advent of the golden age of technology that quite evidently introduced massive and rapid changes in internet services too. With time, the World Wide Web became a hub of news, communication, research and all kinds of entertainment – masses around the world came to employ online connectivity to play games, explore music, read books, discover travel destinations and much more!

According to stats, more than half of the world population i.e. 59% is an active user of the internet!

As we rely on the internet for almost everything, we are likely to come across numerous situations where we once used to feel frustrated and completely helpless because of a slow internet connection but not anymore!

Charter Spectrum™ has been ensuring provision of high-speed internet, cable TV and phone service to millions of homes across the U.S. making happy customers as a natural consequence of providing glitch-free, super-fast yet accessible cable internet connections that have made lives easier than ever for subscribers!

If 99% of the time you find yourself annoyed because of a slow internet connection, here are 5 reasons we would want you to give Charter Spectrum™ Internet a shot! 

1- It Is Faster Than You Know!

Downloading or streaming movies, music or playing multiplayer video games can be tough if you don’t have a fast internet connection. 

Did you know? According to stats released by the NPD Group in 2019, a whopping 100 million Americans do not have an internet service that offers 25 Mbps or higher speeds while nearly one third American households do not have a broadband connection at all. 

Spectrum Internet offers the most reliable and fast connectivity, on average delivering a starting speed of 100+ Mbps to consumers – fast enough to ensure a seamless and smooth downloading experience for not just one but multiple devices running simultaneously. Facilitated by a hybrid Fiber-Coaxial network, Spectrum high-speed internet soars as high as 940+ Mbps in select areas – more than adequate for a gaming experience with zero latency. In between the high and the low is Spectrum Internet Ultra which furnishes speeds up to 400 Mbps. The speed tiers from the provider thus reasonably cater to the broad spectrum of consumer needs – even low income households are tended to with the Internet Assist Program that delivers 30 Mbps fast internet at extremely economical rates to eligible consumers.  

2- Easy On The Pocket:

Many internet providers ask for a fortune in return for providing a service that is limited and not up to your expectations. Opting for Spectrum Internet can be fruitful for you in terms of value of money and service, especially since the provider offers a variety of bundles to choose from at discounted prices that you will find highly affordable. Spectrum Bundles offer smooth and fast connectivity that is totally in your league. 

3- No Strings Attached:

Who doesn’t like freedom? Restrictions on the number of downloads or live streaming of games, music or any other online activity can be infuriating! Since the content on online platforms has become bandwidth-intensive, it seems unfair to offer a broadband connection that limits your experience of the World Wide Web. With Spectrum, all internet activity is uncapped – you receive unlimited data so that you can surf and shop, download and share, stream and play, absolutely carefree – it is an internet service with NO strings attached! And guess what! Spectrum does not require you to sign a contract either; in fact the provider aids you with up to $500 for a contract buyout in case you do intend to switch from your current provider to Spectrum’s superior services.  

4- High-Quality Entertainment On The Go: 

Keeping a track of your favorite TV shows  can be tough while you’re busy with meeting work-related deadlines. Spectrum Internet paired with the Spectrum TV app, which comes all free when you subscribe to Spectrum’s cable TV service, allows you to catch up on your favorite TV shows on your mobile phone anywhere at home – you will get to experience a smooth stream in all corners of the house with Spectrum’s highly affordable in-Home Wi-Fi add-on.  

If you are willing to bundle TV and internet together, you can choose any of these three video & internet double play options: 

  • Double Play Select – 125+ channels
  • Double Play Silver – 175+ channels
  • Double Play Gold – 200+ channels

5- 100% Secure And Glitch-Free Service:

Surfing the internet can be risky especially when there are so many unsafe portals and malicious hackers out there that can invade your privacy, but not anymore! With Spectrum Internet you can access online banking without worrying about wicked cyber thieves.

Each Spectrum internet connection comes with a security suite and an AntiBot Scanner to give you a safe web-surfing experience without your falling prey to data thefts – and that too, at no additional cost. 

In case you face any issues, the 24/7 customer care from Spectrum is always available for your assistance. 

The Takeaway:

In the age where our lives are dependent on the internet, having a connection that lacks speed or reliability or for that matter an adequate set of features can make us feel left behind. Most seemingly top-notch internet providers have a myriad of claims to make but may in fact lack here or there. Choosing Charter Spectrum™ can prove to be a game-changer for you as services are affordable, liberating, convenient, 100% secure, and so much more! 

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