5 Simple Ways to Read My Boyfriend’s Text Messages in 2020

by Sachin

So you notice that your better half, your partner or your lover has been acting strangely, maybe it’s just a phase right? It just keeps on getting worse and worse and you get to the point where you just have to know what is wrong. He might be acting distracted and you feel as if he is unfaithful.

In such situations a need to know generally develops, and you start asking a question of how to read my boyfriend’s text messages? We have the solution or some of the best and simple solutions for you. You don’t have to run from your problems, expose or catch someone doing wrong to you.

5 Simple Ways to Read My Boyfriend’s Text Messages in 2020

  • Minspy

We start the list off with Minspy. Minspy is one of the easiest to operate apps for spying purposes in the world today. It has managed to form a very good reputation for delivering the desired results.

Minspy will allow any user who subscribes to its service to easily read anyone’s text messages on his phone, on his social media or any famous platform. You will also be able to view contacts, their photos and the files they send or receive.

Minspy offers extremely effective monitoring features. Minspy is also easy to setup, it works on both Android and iOS devices. It works without the need for any root or jailbreak and through its stealth mode feature, your anonymity will be safe and your tracking will be unnoticed.

Minspy is one of the best Spy apps out there today. With features like location tracking and Minspy view post you can track social media activity, read messages and much more of any device. We list for you some of the best apps like Minspy, who will allow you to read someone’s text messages.

Some Of The Main Features Are:

  • Monitor the Messages 
  • View Call history (call regularity as well)
  • Monitor the SIM location
  • GeoFence feature for alerts on travel beyond limits
  • Stealth Mode
  • Social Media monitoring (messages and files)
  • And many more

 How To Read Boyfriend’s Text Messages With The Use Of Minspy

Step 1

Visit the Minspy website and set up an account. This can be done on any web browser. You will be asked to fill out a form and give necessary details. After that you will have to pay an amount equal to the kind of tracking package you acquire.

Step 2

. For Android Devices

Afterwards you will download a small file on the device you want to track, monitor or spy on. This file is only 2 MB and no app can spy on Android remotely. 

. For Apple iOS devices

iOS devices can easily be set up remotely. You will have to connect your Minspy account with the cloud storage of the target iOS device. Obviously you will need the credentials of the said cloud storage though.

Step 3

The process is now complete. It might take a few minutes to start working but when it does you will definitely know.

Spying on your partner, girlfriend’s or boyfriend’s phone just got very simple. Now you can use all of the various features such as monitor your boyfriend’s location, read his text messages or even view his call logs. All of the monitoring can be done from any browser you open your Minspy account on.

2. Spyier

In recent times Spyier is one of many services that have made a great name for themselves through providing features with great results. It offers a very good competition to Minspy at second place.

The reason for Spyier being relatively successful is the fact that it offers very similar features to Minspy. The app will allow you to read someone’s texts messages, view his location and access his call logs. All this while being easy to operate and being very secret about your identity.

Overall, you get a plethora of great features, easy working and excellent results. There is no reason not to like this software as it has time and time again provided great spying results.

3. Spyine

Spyine has started to grab a lot of attention recently. It has all the necessary tools required to be able to be a top spy app in today’s market. It has received great reviews from multiple top platforms like Digital trends.

Spyine is another text message spying solution. Through Spyine you can monitor or read text messages and even messages the device receives via social media platforms like Snapchat and WhatsApp. The app is 100% legal, relatively easy to use and keeps your identity safe.

Spyine has provided many satisfied users with great results over the past few years. Now you can rest easy knowing all of your partner’s secrets.

4. Spyic

Spyic is another one of the older apps in the market. Spyic will also allow users to experience an easy to use app with excellent features. It will also keep your anonymity safe.

Spyic works on most modern Android and iOS devices. It requires no root or jailbreak. Spyic offers good features such as spying on text messages and even some social media messages. You can also track locations of the phone and the SIM as well. Standard features with good results are what this app is all about.

This is another great choice. The Spyic service gives you the basic necessary features required to spy while also keeping your spying go unnoticed.

5. Cocospy

Cocospy, the original spy app, was the one of the very first of its kind. It has withstood the test of time over and over again and constantly reminds us why it is still one of the best there is. Though other competitors have appeared, this app still holds its own even today.

Cocospy has no real weaknesses. Like Minspy it offers an excellent array of features which are just limited to spying on a target phone’s text messages or messages on social media. You can track locations as well as view contacts and files the said device receives or sends. You must see Neatspy blog to read more about it.

Cocospy is one of the best and has been for a long time now. You will surely find this text message spy solution worth every penny. The results will be satisfactory and the features will do you justice.


Minspy is the best Spy app regardless of what purpose out there today. With excellent features such as the Minspy view post, text message monitoring and location tracking along with easy use and setup, Minspy is surely number 1 on anybody’s list. Tracking and monitoring has never been this easy.

We hope till now your question of how to read my boyfriend’s text messages will be answered. Any of the apps listed above will easily do your demands justice, they will deliver the results and you will find out your partners secrets.

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