5K Player Review: Best Free Media Player for PC and MAC

by Sachin

Tired of the obsolete media players? Do not worry, we have got you covered. We’re presenting a multi-talented media player which will take away all your woes and leave a satisfactory review from you. This media player is a proof of how technology has surpassed and reached a great level. 

What is 5K player?

5K player is a multi-purpose media player. It is not only a HD player, mp4 player and more, but also contains editing tools and other useful features that will take your video playing and editing experience to an upgraded level. It is the perfect media player for Windows and Mac. The excellent features are discussed in details in the following segment of this article.

Why should you go for 5K Player?

There are several 4K video players in the market. They all market their product as the best. They claim that their HD player or mp4 player serves all your purposes. So, the question might strike you as to why you should choose us instead of them. Thus we provide you with a look at the various features you get to enable with our 5K player.

  • Comes with GPU acceleration: as you might already know, GPU acceleration allows video players and editors to use new and advanced technologies. This allows them to output video formats that include h.264 encoder. It is 2/3 times faster than a program without acceleration. Thus, the HD player is given more power by Intel, DXVA, and NVIDIA etc.
  • Capable of dealing UHD and large videos: the latest version of 5K Player is compatible with 10bit HEVC and H264 8K videos. Thus, it can deal with UHD and other large files. It is an mkv player, 4K video player, MP4 player at the same time. For all of these it works smoothly, without any interruption.

  • Compatibility: this product is a 4K player for Windows as well as 4K player for Mac in one body. It can play all various kinds of formats that include large video files, radio, MP4, music, DVD with heavily loaded subtitles or tracks etc. Its compatibility makes it a utilitarian and compact device that solves a lot of purposes at the same time.

  • Streaming options: 5KPlayer is also a nice integration of DLNA controller, DLNA render and DLNA server. Thus, it connects multiple DLNA devices that are compliant with it. When it comes to streamlining, it can streamline videos from computer to android or smart TV or Xbox or even PS4. You can stream from Android to PC or Mac as well.

Mirroring: this free 4k video player comes with comes with built-in AirPlay mirroring software. The advantage of this is that it renders the whole screen of your computer or Mac to Apple TV and that from iPhone or iPad to computer. This also ensured speed. You can also avail recording facilities with mirroring features.

  • Editing tools: there is no doubt that irrespective of the quality of the camera and the skill of the one who is capturing, there is the need for editing. The captured video may be in the wrong orientation or contain some unnecessary props etc. Apart from being a HD video player, 5KPlayer provides you with enough editing tools to cut, crop, rotate, color balance, change the video playback speed. There are other features to devour as well.
  • Video music availability: this free media player for windows 10 and Mac is an all-purpose video and music downloader as well. You can download music from large number of video sites including social media platforms like, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Yahoo etc. It can also convert movie video soundtracks into certain formats such as MP3, ringtone or AAC music format etc.

Wrap – Up

Thus, it is not just a promising but also an effective hardware based program that excels in video playing, downloading, streaming and music downloading technology. You can easily get your hands on this one and process your 4K videos without any hassle.

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