7 Common Myths About Qi Car Charger

by Sachin

If you are making a plan to switch wireless Qi Car Charger, obviously its a good decision. But at the same time, you might have heard some rumours that force you to think twice before purchasing this technology. Wait a moment!! All rumours are not true, some are just to create fear in your mind. 

With this post, we will guide you the 7 common myths about Qi Car Charger that make you feel free to purchase this advanced technology. 

1. Qi does not support all devices

The Qi-certified wireless charger is very effective for your devices. It supports all the latest models of Android and iPhone that have been launched in the market. Fearlessly, smartphones can take advantage of Qi wireless car charger. 

2. Wireless car charger is bad for phone battery 

Undoubtedly, a wireless car charger is good for a phone; in fact, it reduces the wear and tear by removing plugging and unplugging in a phone charger. Presently, the Smartphone has been developed to cope up with all the charging technologies. So, wireless charging is perfect for your Android as well as the iPhone.   

3. Overheating problem

There is no overheating problem in wireless car charger because it automatically turns off when the phone gets charged. Whereas wired charger causes over heating problem because you constantly keep an eye out on phone battery and you have to turn off when the battery is fully charged. 

4. You can’t use a wireless car charger with case

Need not to consider whether you have used case over the phone or not. Simply, place your phone on charging pad and it will start automatically. 

5. Wireless car charger is slower compared to wired

The reality is completely different from what you have heard from rumours. You can call it a slight low but not exactly. For the last few decades, a wireless car charger is improved at a greater rate and very soon, it will overtake wired charger.

6. Radiation is harmful to skin

According to medical theory, while placing the phone over a mat, some radiations may pass to your skin and these are not harmful to the human body because it will not cause any skin problem. So put your fear aside and purchase this charger now. 

7. You are not allowed to use a phone when it is on charging mat

This is the biggest concern when you place the phone on charging mat. But many of you might unaware of the fact that this action improves the charging efficiency. It extends the life of your phone battery and you don’t have to stress of low battery at mid of the day.   

Many of you have the habit of tapping over the phone when you connected it with charger. This is a reason people are not accepting wireless car charger in their lives.  

 Bottom line

The wireless chargers will stay longer in your life so it’s better to concentrate on real facts instead of unnecessary myths.


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