7 Effective Marketing strategy Tips for Saas products

by Sachin

As we know that creating an effective marketing strategy for Saas, is not that much easy. Here we have provided some powerful tips to help you with your marketing plan. It is essential to plan your strategies to get good results.

The importance of good marketing plan for Saas

Those who work with Saas products understand that they are operating in a relatively complicated market. So, smart marketing needs to be done to attract more customers and convince them about the value of your service.

A well-designed marketing plan is more than necessary to explain the practicality that the Saas product can offer. We have outlined some of the key strategies for you to develop an effective marketing plan for Saas.

7 effective marketing strategy tips for Saas

effective marketing strategy for Saas products

1) Find where your audience are

If your company expects to win customers, you need to create a closer relationship with them.

So you have to present where they are. If your software is about freelancing, for example, your marketing plan needs to include posts in the top blogs which talk about freelancing, Maintain a strong presence in discussion groups which talk on the freelancing subject.

2) Good lead nurturing process

The process of developing relationships with customers at every stage of the sales funnel and buyer’s journey is called Lead nurturing. It mainly focuses on understanding the needs and prospects of the consumers.

According to Marketo.com On average, 50{e7d47c856744df2248f2195fd30fbdddbceff01679799ef4d661e6a47ab6faaa} of the leads in any system are not yet ready to buy.

  • Almost 80{e7d47c856744df2248f2195fd30fbdddbceff01679799ef4d661e6a47ab6faaa} of new leads never become sales (MarketingSherpa).
  • Companies that have a good lead nurturing strategy are generating 50{e7d47c856744df2248f2195fd30fbdddbceff01679799ef4d661e6a47ab6faaa} more sales at 33{e7d47c856744df2248f2195fd30fbdddbceff01679799ef4d661e6a47ab6faaa} lower cost (Marketo).

Having an effective content marketing strategy and lead nurturing marketing strategy in today’s buyer-driven marketplace is more useful in building better buyer relationships.

3) Using AdWords and landing pages

A combination of Google Adwords and good landing pages is one of the basic strategies in digital marketing for generating conversions.

Consumers search Google for a straight forward solution to their problem by typing the keywords that will lead to your product.

In addition to being one of the most efficient, this strategy includes a great cost of investment. Using long tail keywords in your AdWords is one of the solutions for getting high conversion rate with less investment.

Long tail keywords tend to have less search volume, fewer clicks – but perform well. Since getting conversions is much harder in this competitive world, including this strategy in your marketing plan will be an added advantage.

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4) Creating e-books to convert your visits into leads

One of the best strategies used by digital marketers is to offer e-books and informational content to readers in exchange for an email to contact via newsletter.

The idea is good since email marketing is one of the techniques that generate greater conversion rate within digital marketing.

This strategy can be widely used by Saas companies because software products usually require manuals or tips to use better. Therefore any reader who has an interest in software may also be interested in such content.

5) Well structured Sales funnel

The lead nurturing process is an important part of a sales funnel, but it is not the only one.

To better promote your product to the target audience, invest enough in structuring a quality funnel for your business.

Sales funnel is divided into three stages:

  • Top level Funnel: It is used for attracting
  • Middle-level Funnel: It is used for consideration
  • Bottom level Funnel: It is the final stage in the sales funnel.

However, each stage of this funnel deserves a very careful hard work. For example, your goal is to attract consumers with interesting content relevant to your product. At the bottom of the funnel, you should create a sales opportunity.

6) Offering free trials of your software

Many companies are interested in offering free trials of their services to their targeted audience.

However, free trials are still great marketing strategies for Saas products. This feature allows the user to experience the software for free and convince them for purchasing it later..

There are two types of free trials:

  • Time – It allows the users to experience the software for a specific time.
  • Functionalities – It allows the users to experience the software with limited functionalities.
7) Meet potential customers who are interested in your product

One of the best ways to create opportunities for selling your product to potential customers is to arrange meetings with them.

Invite them to get to know about your company headquarters. Show this software and explain them the functionalities and benefits of using the software.

Even if they leave without having completed the purchase, you have done a good job of branding, networking and you have met potential business partners.

By following these steps, it’s easier to create an effective marketing strategy for Saas products.

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