Here are the 7 proven SEO Strategies You Need To follow in 2018

by Sachin

With the search engine algorithm being updated each and every minute, it turns out to be really very hard for all the SEO companies to know which technique work and which does not. In fact some that don’t work and people are still doing turn to hurt your rankings. This is why it is important for us to stay updated when it comes to SEO.

Here are few SEO tactics you need to follow this 2018

Have a website that people wish to visit:

Studies have shown that having direct visits to your website is more important, in order to have the search engine notice your website. Direct visits show you the ones who are looking for you and your services. And when they visit your site once again is because you are sharing good content.

Having content that people wish to read:

It’s the user’s behaviour that help the search engines decide both the quality and quantity of your website. Search engines look for websites where people are spending more enough of time, followed by the pages of the website. Ideally it is believed that a visitor should visit more than three pages of a website.

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Low bounce rates:

Another most important thing to be kept in mind. Bounce rates are usually when a user visits your website and quickly leaves it. The reason behind this can be slow loading website, driving traffic with a false message, and not providing quality content. Also make sure that you do not advertise the false message that is on your Web page, while advertising content on other locations.

Back links:

Backlinks even today continue to impress the search engines. Backlinks are nothing but when a Website page links to another page. So if your website has links from the most trusted sources, then it will not just help the search engines know your site but also trust that the content you have added is the most valuable and right one. In order to build quality backlinks to your site you need to have a successful link building strategy.

Long content:

People are generally attracted towards long term content. Having a longer content along with useful kind of information helps you in increasing the credibility with the user. As a result the user will spend more time on your website, reducing the bounce rates and the last but not the least will come back for more information later back on your site. In fact even the studies have shown the longer the content, the better it ranks.

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Security of your website:

Website security is something that matters. This is generally considered to be one area that is easy to implement especially when you have a good relationship with the company or say a business who looks after your domain. Having a http website will help you improve your ranking when compared to non http.

On page SEO factors:

On page SEO factors still makes a difference. Factors like meta keywords, title tags, meta descriptions and the last but not the least body continues to play a important role in SEO even today. These are how the page speaks to SEO. Keywords help in telling what the page is all about and focuses on.

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To conclude 

SEO is one thing that has never been easy when it comes to learning. And In case you wish to improve your website performance, then it is very important that your site is updated with really good content. So write a really good and long content in order to have your website rank really well.

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