7 strategies to follow for a successful link building campaign

by Sachin

There are many ways to generate links to your website but not all work the same. One of the most effective strategies is link building campaigns. Always keep in mind that incoming links should be of quality and come from websites related to the theme of the website you want to promote.

Getting it is not easy. In fact, the main mistake of any link building strategy is wanting to go too fast . What leads to getting links in a non-organic way that, in some cases, is even penalized by Google.

Do you want to know what link building can do for your digital marketing strategies? Discover with these 7 examples of successful link building campaigns how to take advantage of one of the techniques that best results can give if you do them the right way.

What is link building?

what is link building

The linkbuilding refers to a practice increasingly used online marketing that seeks to improve search engine rankings. I like, well, an SEO technique that consists of getting other web pages link to a particular page . The latter should be considered relevant by visitors which will help you to better position yourself in Google search results pages.

Through link building campaigns, you plan how you will get more and better incoming links to your website. These links must be natural and, if possible, linked from domains with authority.

In this type of strategies there are two elements that we must take into account:

Links: Must be consistent with content and be linked through an appropriate anchor text. It has to be natural and consistent with the content of the landing page.

Authority: The link should not follow an automatic binding pattern. Nor should it be dissonant with the relationship between the content being linked and the page from which it is made.

How to create a link building strategy?

Effective link building campaigns are becoming increasingly difficult. Before Google was modifying its search algorithm, practices of dubious reputation were made. Now, however, it seems that Google analyzes each and every one of the backlinks you have. Or, at least, it puts the proper barriers to avoid actions of dubious reputation.

Where do you want to be linked?

The ideal is to know from which pages you would like to be linked and set as a target. You can create a list of websites that interest you and work to get backlinks.

However, if once you create the list you see that it is very difficult to achieve, you can start with friends of the sector, for example. This will help in your positioning.

Beware of pages with many links

This is a practice that has been carried out for years. But now that Google analyzes with magnifying glass every link that gets a page, this type of actions are penalized.

Participating in a ” link farm ” is one of the fastest ways to get positioning and there are companies that still do. But using artificial links is greatly penalized. And Google has already put the methods to know if the links you achieve are fraudulent or not.

Attractive content

The content is the king. That is undeniable. In this case, when you hit with the content, the link building strategy works. That’s why the content strategy and the link building strategy go together.

If the content is quality, useful and interesting, it will create good links. In such a way that it will be shared in networks, it will be recommended, and can until it becomes viral.


The infographics help to explain in a simple and very visual way subjects that can be a bit arduous.Like the attractive content, infographics are widely used among bloggers and other content creators.

They are considered, today, one of the most efficient ways of generating links. They are in fashion and you have to take advantage of that pull. Creating quality infographics is synonymous with
backlinks. Links that position very well.

Find updated pages

The frequency with which you update your pages is also important. Google does not consider relevant content that is not updated. And, therefore, it will not be interesting for users either.

Choose active pages, with news and be able to have page authority . No matter how interesting the content if they are webs with little movement, they will not be quality links.


It seems a lie but it is also effective to be supportive of other websites. It is considered an effective practice to link to sources you find interesting.

In fact, one of the best ways that others link your content is your linking to others . If you are looking for link building and link building campaigns for it, you should be open to providing links to other sites.

7 Strategies of link building campaigns

link building strategies

There are dozens of examples with link building techniques that you can get started right away. These are 7 of the most used by the marks concerning:

1.- Guest Blogging

The ” guest blogging ” is undoubtedly one of the most linkbuilding strategies used today and one of the most effective .This is doing content writing collaborations as a guest on other platforms that
are not your own.

In this way it is possible to get valuable links to us, as long as the content is of quality. In this case, avoid the no follow links as these will not give you any value.

This link building campaign helps gain visibility and improves your personal brand by giving you notoriety. Also, when you leave your blog is a way to create a larger network of contacts, so you will
know more and that is always good.

2.- Have your own section

This strategy is very similar to the previous one, but with the difference that you become a contributor. That is, instead of having a special guest post, you happen to be a collaborator.

In this case, your content will have even greater visibility and authority as they will be updated more periodically . In this way you will also increase the network of contacts.

3.- Create a corporate blog

A blog should be informative, entertaining and entertaining. Search your own editorial line and personalize your way of communicating with users. This identity will allow you to be recognized in any blog in which you participate. This type of link building campaigns is one of the few strategies
Google recommends to carry out. Having your own blog and having a corporate blog are fully compatible.You can even use it to create backlinks.

The corporate blog can serve as a showcase. It is one of the best ways to create community and make yourself known. Who better than yourself to talk about your brand and create your own content?

In your company, nobody knows your customers better, what they expect from the brand and what they want to find on the net. If you take advantage of this information for your link building campaigns,it can be very effective in improving the positioning.

4.- Comment on other blogs

It is true that this technique is not very easy. Comments are synonymous with spam so many blogs are either disabled or not read.

The idea is to write relevant publications and leave long comments, which have their own value. They do not necessarily have links to your website, it is sufficient that you have an avatar that gives you visibility. If you are going to use a link, do so only when strictly necessary.

5.- Create relevant videos

In the same way that you have recommended creating infographics, you should not forget the videos. In this case, YouTube is the perfect tool for creating backlinks. It is complex and requires an investment of tools and skills. In addition, the level of competition is quite high. However, if you do well, the return is incredible.

The videos have no expiration in time. Even outdated videos can still attract visitors, far more than outdated blog posts.

The main benefit you get from YouTube is that you can put the link in the description. If your video becomes viral, you will get a high quality link.

6.- Share it in your social networks

Your social networks are also part of your link building strategy. Use Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or any other profile you use regularly to share in your blog content.

Just post your own link. It will not have great benefits as a backlink generation but, if this content is shared by other profiles, its visibility will increase.

At the same time, the more actions you take, the more you expose the community. More people who may have own blogs could link to your network, so it’s an advantage.

7.- Error pages 404

Use this page to create links to your website. Take advantage of the 404 error to generate traffic to some page of your web. It works as a backlink. You can get better positioning and have greater visibility due to this error. It is probable that in your web exist pages that lead to the error 404,benefit of it.

If you have these custom pages, you will increase the number of pages indexed in the search engines.If you link your web, blog or platform that interests you to this page you can get a backlink.

Source : coobis.com

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