8 rules to succeed with your Inbound Marketing strategy

by Sachin

8 rules to succeed with your Inbound Marketing strategy

Inbound Marketing is a methodology that combines techniques of Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing and SEO Positioning and that brings quality content to make the user reach you without having to go looking for it.

This methodology is ideal for quality clients , provided that a well-defined strategy is followed.

I want to show you 8 keys that you must follow if you want your Inbound Marketing strategy to work perfectly , a product of our experience in the world of Inbound Marketing.

1. Know your target well

The first thing to do to make your Inbound Marketing strategy effective is to know who your target is . That is, those people that you should direct to buy your product or hire your service. Your ideal buyer .

knowing your targeted audience is very important

If you do not know who your audience is, the one to whom you must direct all your marketing efforts and resources , your Inbound Marketing strategy will not work. You’ll be blindfolded. And you will not get the expected results.

2. Be clear about the objectives of the company

An Inbound Marketing strategy has to go hand in hand with the goals that the company has . It’s not the same thing a business that wants to ” sell 30,000 units in the third quarter of 2017 in India, china  and srilanka, ” another business that wants to ” get 10 leads daily from companies that have more than 500 employees, ” for example.

Be clear about the objectives of the company

When you are clear about the objectives of the company, create the objectives of your Inbound Marketing strategy.

These must follow the SMART rule ( specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and temporary ) and be in line with the general objectives of the company.

When you create the strategy of Inbound Marketing and whenever you are working on it, keep in mind these goals marked to focus all your efforts in obtaining them . It is highly recommended to have these objectives printed and always in sight to not forget.

3. Know your competition by heart

I guess you know who your competition is in the online world, right?

competition by heart

You have to know who they are and what they do and stop doing at all times . You have to analyze all the companies in the competition and find out what strategies they are following and what works best for them. So much at the level of social networks, SEO, email marketing, online advertising, blogging, etc. Analyze them to the maximum and discover the tactics that follow.

There are several tools that will help you analyze your competition : SEMrush, Screaming Frog, Moz, Ahrefs, Similar Web, Audiense, Like Alyzer, Mention, Twitter Counte or Simply Measured, among many others.

If you see that they follow strategies that work for them, why not try them?

4. Use the right tools

There are thousands and thousands of Inbound Marketing tools on the market. Some free and others for payment. It is normal to feel overwhelmed with so many tools and not knowing which ones are right for your business.

thousands of Inbound Marketing tools 

We recommend that you look, report and ask the experts when you do not know which tool to use.

In this post we give you a list of the 40 best Inbound Marketing tools we recommend.


5. Optimize the 4 stages to the maximum

As you know, Inbound Marketing is based on four pillars: attract, convert, close and delight . They are four pillars that must be followed to each other to carry the user throughout the sales funnel.

What we seek is to convert visitors to our website a buyer and make him customer of the brand. That is, to buy (or purchase any of our services), repeat and recommend us .

It is necessary that you work and you optimize each of these four stages to achieve the objectives. Not worth to get thousands of visitors to your web (attraction) and then not get any of them converted (conversion). Or not having enough sales serves (close) if after buyers never again buy (delight).

6. Work with other departments

Inbound Marketing is a methodology that combines SEO, SEM, Social Media, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Customer service, analytics, product improvement , etc.

Work with other departments

Although Inbound Marketing strategy is carried out from the Online Marketing department, this can not work alone without the help of other departments of the company.

You have to work together with the departments of IT, web analytics, sales and customer service at least for the strategy to work properly.

The information that each department is essential for others and, without it, none of them can do their job well. Good communication between all departments and regular meetings are key elements if you want to succeed in Inbound Marketing.

7. Create and share quality content

Of course, Inbound Marketing strategy will not go anywhere if you do not create and share high – quality content .

Great content will attract new users, will convert your web visitors into buyers, and will recommend your brand.

Create and share quality content

Whatever it is, your content needs to be of interest to your audience and help them solve their problems. Depending on the stage of the funnel where a user is, you must create a content type or another, of course, but always, always, always, will have to be quality.

8. Always scan

The last rule you need to follow to succeed with your Inbound Marketing strategy is to analyze . Analyze everything and every moment .

Analyze everything and every moment 

Just so you can see if your strategy is working or not and you have to change for the better. Google Analytics has to be your best ally. The statistics of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as well. And reports you’ll get each time you send a newsletter, even more.

Analyzes any action you do, no matter how insignificant it may seem. And make A / B testing to find out what works best version. It can be the subject of a newsletter, the color of the CTA button on a landing page, the image of an ad on Facebook Ads or the sender name of your newsletters. Anything you can test and improve.

Remember: analysis is to win .

If you follow these 8 Rules, I assure you that your Inbound Marketing strategy will succeed and get complete all the goals you marques.

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