9 Reasons Why Dedicated Hosting Is The Best

by Sachin

Dedicated hosting is extremely beneficial for the websites that have a lot of traffic and are involved in online financial transactions. Even the studies show that in 2019,  the market for dedicated hosting is predicted to reach 6.03 billion U.S dollars worldwide.

In dedicated hosting, resources are not shared with the users, hence, it ensures high network uptime. With such hosting, you can instantly get additional resources like processing power or higher bandwidth whenever you want the internet traffic to be in line.

Now, let’s look into why your organization should go for dedicated hosting:

1) Cost Saving

Dedicated hosting arrangement is a cost-saving method where you only pay for what you use. It may seem that a dedicated server will cost a fortune, but there are many best cheap dedicated hosting providers out there who don’t cost hundreds of dollars monthly.

Such providers are entirely responsible for upgrading, fixing hardware and maintaining an optimal physical environment.

The operating expenditure on dedicated hosting services is less as compared to the in-house installation. You only have to pay for the facilities that you use; the cost does not include paying for the HVAC system, server room or even the service administrator. 

2) More Uptime

In case of hardware failure, a dedicated hosting provider provides the replacement of the hardware. Most of the dedicated hosting providers have a support team that assists 24*7 and which is also backed by support from software vendors and spares from Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM).

With the expertise and ITIL framework, you are guaranteed with high uptime.

3) You Can Focus on Strategic Issues

With the availability of dedicated hosting, the IT department of your organization can focus to build strategies like developing new applications instead of focusing on web maintenance services.

Dedicated hosting is custom-designed for every customer. A good hosting provider will let you choose specific disc space requirements, CPU speeds, and other hardware components. It helps you to boost your Return on Investment by letting you select the hardware you want.

4) Reliable Processing

In a dedicated hosting environment, you get the robust processing power that you want for exclusively running your applications. Whereas, in a shared environment the processing is distributed amongst other tenants, which may lead to slowing down the applications. 

5) Reliable Bandwidth

In dedicated hosting, if you have rented out a 100 Mbps, then you will receive the same bandwidth throughout which is different from a shared server where you might lose bandwidth because the other tenants are sharing the network.

Your application will always be up and running with a reliable bandwidth. Dedicated hosting server offers burst ability options that handle unexpected traffic spurts.

6) Full Control Over Applications 

With dedicated hosting, you can decide which application or site management tools you would like to use for your hosting environment. But you need to keep in mind that the applications and tools that you use are serviceable by your service provider, otherwise it can lead to a maintenance problem.

7) Better Disaster Preparedness

The best hosting service provider protects your assets in case of a disaster strike. Hosting facilities are just like bank vaults that remains unaffected by any disaster or threat and are situated in different seismic zones.

You can also choose a Disaster Recovery site to secure data resources in the occurrence of a disaster.

8) Upgraded Security Arrangements 

A dedicated hosting environment has an enhanced security arrangement. It not only gives you access to the server where your applications are hosted but also provides services like biometric access system, 24*7 patrolling, surveillance cameras, etc.

In addition, it provides security incident management, protection against DDoS attack and web application firewall.

9) Enhanced Virtual Security

Unlike a shared server, your dedicated hosting environment does not compromise with your security. No one has the login information to your dedicated server apart from the hosting service provider.

So, if you are looking for a hosting plan that offers immense flexibility, high reliability, high scalability, and upgraded security, then you should definitely go for dedicated hosting servers.

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