23 9anime.to Alternatives for 2023- Explore the Best Anime Streaming Sites

by Sachin

9anime.to is one of the most popular anime streaming websites launched in 2015, by an anonymous user from the UK which managed to gain a large following over its years. It has become a reliable resource for those that love watching animated series or movies as it offers free access to thousands of anime shows from various sources.

It has a well-designed website and user interface, which makes it easy for viewers to search through its extensive library quickly. Additionally, the site is regularly updated with new releases and episodes making sure that fans are able to watch their favorite shows as soon as possible without any delay.

Current Status of 9anime.to in 2023

By 2023, however, 9anime had become stagnated with slow streaming, limited updates, and a lack of new titles. It had become difficult for viewers that are looking for better anime streaming platforms as 9anime was not up to date with the current trends in the animated film industry. This led to many users choosing alternative websites instead and eventually ending 9anime’s popularity

23 Best Alternatives For Watching Anime Online in 2023

There are plenty of alternatives available when it comes to watching your favorite anime shows online. Here are some of the best alternatives for 9anime in 2023:



Destination URL: https://www.crunchyroll.com/

This website is an excellent alternative to 9anime which offers its users a large selection of anime shows and movies for free along with some paid content, too. It has all kinds of genres from action to romance, comedies, and thrillers; so you have plenty of variety to choose from! It also has a premium service that gives you access to exclusive shows, simulcast airing, and full HD streaming.



Mangago is a popular manga streaming service platform that allows users to read manga online. It offers a vast collection of manga titles in various genres like action, romance, fantasy, and more. With its user-friendly interface, even 8th-grade students can easily navigate through the website.

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Kiss Cartoon is a popular website where you can watch anime shows and movies for free. It has a wide range of animated series from different countries, like Japan, the United States, and more.



Destination URL: https://www.funimation.com/

This website is one of the top websites when it comes to anime streaming and offers users a vast library with hundreds of older as well as newer anime titles at the tip of their fingers. In addition, this platform allows fans to watch their favorite shows in English dubs upon their release.



Destination URL: https://gogoanime.io/

This alternative website is a great option for viewers that are looking for free anime streaming as it offers users an extensive library with thousands of recent and classic titles in full HD quality which you can access anytime, anywhere! Additionally, the website also has numerous other features like manga reading options, wallpaper customizations, and many more.



Destination URL: https://www.animefreak.tv/

For those that prefer watching their favorite anime titles in original Japanese audio with English subtitles, then AnimeFreak is the website for you as it provides users access to a large selection of these types of shows and movies. It also has an interactive user interface which makes searching through its library much easier.



Destination URL: https://chia-anime.me/

This website is another great option for anime fans who are looking for a reliable streaming platform with regular updates and unlimited access to popular titles from multiple viewers all in one place! It also has manga reading options, streaming audio tracks, English subtitled & dubbed versions of shows, etc.



Destination URL: https://animedao.com/

This website offers users free access to an abundance of anime titles and movies with added features such as trailers, synopsis, anime reviews, and more. It also provides an offline streaming feature which means you can watch your dramas without requiring an internet connection!

Soul Anime

Soul Anime

Destination URL: https://www.soul-anime.us/

This website is credited with many great alternate unlicensed sources when it comes to finding the latest releases of popular Japanese animated series or movies like Naruto Shippuden, Death Note, etc. It has an interactive user interface along with multiple streaming options like HD, FullHD, 4K and BluRay, etc



Destination URL: https://masteranime.es/

This website is a great choice for fans of old-school anime as it hosts hundreds of shows from the 2000s as well as makes sure that its library is always updated with the latest releases. Additionally, you can also access numerous manga titles in raw read & English translation formats.



Destination URL: https://animekisa.tv/

This website is an excellent option for anyone looking for a top-notch streaming platform with lightning-fast links and reliable sources to access high-quality anime shows & movies from all genres, as it offers its users more than 3000 titles in HD & FHD qualities that can be watched even without registering your account making this free online streaming resource a must have!



Destination URL: https://www.cartooncrazy.net/

Although this website may not be one of the most popular options out there, it still offers viewers a great library packed with thousands of titles to choose from for watching anime online in good quality. It also has an extensive manga reading section and some English-dubbed episodes on its platform as well making it worth checking out!



Destination URL: https://anilinkz.to/

This website is a great source to find an endless library of classic and newly released anime shows in multiple languages from various sources available for streaming or downloading providing viewers with the best viewing experiences possible.



Destination URL: https://justdubs.org/

For English dubbed versions of Japanese animations, JustDubs holds a vast library of shows that can be watched without having to register your account and also offers numerous other features like anime discussions, rating systems, and so on.



Destination URL: https://animesuge.io/

If you’re looking for a website with new releases as well as an extensive collection of rare titles, then AnimeSuge is the best option available! This website has some exclusives from various sources ranging from lesser-known Japanese networks to major networks like Netflix and Hulu. This platform also offers users an offline streaming feature to access shows without requiring any internet connection!

Watch Cartoon Online


Destination URL: https://www.watchcartoononline.io/

As its name suggests, this website is perfect for fans of cartoons as it hosts numerous American animated series from the 1990s plus some Japanese titles in English dub with added features such as detailed summaries, user reviews & discussions etc. It’s definitely one of the best choices to watch your favorite cartoons online!



Destination URL: https://ww5.narutoget.ru/

For anyone looking for a reliable website dedicated to nothing but the Naruto series & movies, then this is it! This platform has a boundless library containing a collection of episodes altogether plus plenty of other features like discussion forums, exclusive comics & fan art which you won’t ever find anywhere else.



Destination URL: https://www.animelab.com/home

This website offers users access to a large collection of both older and newer anime titles in full HD quality with English dubs as well making it easier for international fans to watch their favorite shows at the same time they air in Japan! Additionally, you can also enjoy simulcast episodes too, so make sure to check it out!



Destination URL: https://animekisa.in/

This website is another great source to find an unlimited library of anime shows and movies from old-school titles to the latest releases, as it holds all kinds of genres which you can access anytime without requiring any registration confirmation! It’s easily one of the best options available for streaming your favorite take on animation.



Destination URL: https://4anime.to/

This website is an excellent choice for viewers looking for a great streaming platform as it offers users plenty of options from various sources, although not all the titles are available in English audio versions but still has enough to choose from with added features such as manga reading section and easy navigation dashboard.



Destination URL: http://kissanime.ru.com/

This is one of the most popular websites for watching anime series, gaining immense support and love from its viewers all around the world. It offers users access to thousands of older as well newer titles in various languages with included features like internal video players ready to watch-list & comments etc.



Destination URL: https://www.anime-planet.com/

They offer free access to an abundant selection of anime titles from various sources together with manga reading options, too all in one place! It also has additional features like streaming audio tracks & English subtitled versions and so on.



Destination URL: https://www.hulu.com/

Another great option for viewers that are looking for high-quality anime streams is available for subscription-based services as Hulu offers titles exclusive only to its paid members along with some older but still popular anime shows in English dubs with added features like message boards & user-generated review systems etc.


9anime has been a popular source for anime fans over the years but due to a lack of updates & reliable resources, alternatives have become increasingly popular. The list of alternative sites mentioned above is some of the best platforms that viewers can choose from to watch their favorite titles in 2023 and beyond!

9anime.to FAQs

What is 9anime?

9anime is a free streaming site for animated movies and shows from various sources including Japan, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and other countries. It has an extensive library of titles available to its users on both computer and mobile devices.

Is 9anime safe?

9anime itself is considered to be a secure website as it does not ask for any personal information from its users such as credit card details, addresses, or phone numbers. This means that viewers can enjoy the content without having to worry about their privacy being compromised.

Does 9Anime have an app?

Yes, there is an official 9Anime mobile app that is available for both Android and iOS users which allows its users to access the site’s extensive library of anime titles on their phones or tablets.

Is 9Anime legal?

Yes, 9anime is a legal website as it does not host any copyrighted content and only provides links from various sources such as YouTube, Dailymotion, etc. However, viewers should be wary about clicking on links directly from this website.

Is 9Anime free?

Yes, most of the content on 9anime can be watched for free with no registration required. However, some titles may require viewers to sign up and create an account in order to access the shows or movies they wish to watch.

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