17 9Anime Alternatives To Stream Anime In 2023

by Sachin

For anime fanatics, the revelation of 9anime is a pleasant surprise. With its vast library and captivating features like subtitle languages, sources and even genre selections, 9anime has emerged as one of the most popular video-streaming sites for watching your favorite anime.But what can 9anime users do if they want more options to watch their favorite anime? Fortunately, there are plenty of alternatives to 9anime that offer a wide variety of feature and content without costing you an arm and a leg.

Here’s our list of 17 great alternatives to 9anime for streaming all your favorite anime in 2023.

1. 9Anime.to


9Anime.to is a free anime streaming site that serves as an alternative for 9anime viewers. Followers of the genre will be pleased to find an extensive library with various genres and subtitles in different languages like English, Spanish, French, etc.

2. Animeultima.to


This website has slowly become a fan favorite amongst its users due to its great selection of classic anime favorites as well as recent releases. Moreover, Animeultima provides a user-friendly and easy-to-navigate interface along with the option for high-definition videos.

3. Gogoanime.io


Gogoanime is one of the first places most anime fans turn to when trying to find their favorite shows or movies online, and for a good reason – it boasts a catalog filled with countless titles from both older and brand-new series. Gogoanime also provides its users with the option to stream videos in different video qualities.

4. Animeflix.io


As for the actual streaming, users can choose between quality options with subtitles in various languages.

5. 4anime.to


4Anime offers its viewers fast and easy access to episodes from both newly released series as well as old cult classics.> This website also provides a great selection of different genres, so even if you’re not into one type of anime, chances are you’ll find another to like.

6. Animedao.com


AnimeDao is an anime streaming service offering its viewers both the newest and classic shows in their highest possible video quality, without any pesky ads or pop-ups!> Furthermore, with language options such as English subtitles, Spanish dubs and many others – this site provides enough content for practically anyone.

7. Animekisa.tv


With a large library of different genres like action, romance and adventure available on AnikeKisa you’re sure to find something that suits your taste!> Additionally, this website also has several convenient features, such as video selection options which allow viewers to watch their favorite episodes in utmost quality.

8. Twist.moe

Twist moe

Twist.moe is an acclaimed website for streaming anime and provides its users with a relatively simplified layout and design when compared to other anime sites. Unlike other services, here you can choose between different subtitle languages like English or Japanese, which seems fitting considering the target audience of this website.

9. Animeheaven.ru


Anime Heaven is an anime streaming service specializing mostly in classic and cult favorites – so if you want to watch something from the old days, this site has got your back. With their simple yet effective user interface, anybody can easily find out what they’re looking for. And as always – viewers are free to choose between different video quality options and subtitle languages.

10. Animepahe.com


AnimePahe is a niche anime streaming site that does not only offer new releases but also movies, episodes and OVAs for your viewing pleasure. As with other sites, viewers can choose to watch the shows either in HD or SD quality, which depending on the users’ internet connection, may be varied. Additionally, they have subtitles available in languages like English.

11. Anime-planet.com


As the name implies, Anime-Planet is an anime streaming site that is best known for its gigantic selection and user-friendly interface. They offer videos with different video qualities as well as text language options. Moreover, their comprehensive categorizing system makes it easy to find what you’re looking for in a jiffy!

12. Animelab.com


Animelab is a popular streaming site for anime telecasts, and its main advantage is the ability to stream series in high quality. In addition, AnimeLab offers subtitles available in many languages, such as English, Spanish or French, thus providing viewers with more flexibility.

13. Crunchyroll.com


Crunchyroll has been around since 2006 and is both a legal streaming service as well as a mail-order distributor for anime. It offers powerful search options along with videos in various qualities, subtitles, languages and, of course – customer ratings to help new viewers find what they’re looking for quickly.

14. Funimation.com


Funimation has become one of the leading websites when it comes to watching anime due to its massive selection and high-quality videos. With categories like “Simulcasts,” Funimation allows viewers to watch the newest shows while they air without having to wait for them overseas.

15. Kissanime.ru


Kissanime is another big name when it comes to streaming anime – albeit a more controversial one due to their rather shady origin story. Nonetheless, its extensive library of anime makes it a great alternative. Furthermore, Kissanime provides subtitle languages in almost every major language available out there.

16. Masterani.one


With its unique design and interactive features like the “explore” show list – this website offers viewers something a little different than all the other services here. Additionally, Masterani also has an impressive selection of dubbed anime as well.

17. Nyaa.si


Nyaa is one of the oldest and still most-used sites when it comes to watching Asian movies, including anime shows and films. Whereas we wouldn’t recommend this website if you want only wants high-quality content – but for those who are looking for an alternative with plenty of older series and movies, this is the place to be.

9Anime FAQs

Q: Is 9anime legal?

A: It’s debatable whether 9anime is a legal streaming site due to its unlicensed content. However, it has been taken down multiple times by copyright owners resulting in various clone sites popping up all over the internet.

Q: Is 9anime free?

A: Yes, 9anime is free to use. However, while you don’t need to use a VPN or register an account on the site – visitors may encounter some annoying pop-up ads.

Q: Are there any other sites like 9Anime?

A: Yes! There are plenty of great alternatives to 9Anime, including others listed in our articles, such as AnimeDao or Twist.moe

Q: Is there a mobile app for 9anime?

A: No, there’s currently no mobile app for 9anime.

Q: Does 9Anime cost money?

A: No, 9Anime is a free streaming site that offers users an extensive library of available shows and movies without ever needing to pay a dime.

Q: Is there any way to download videos from 9anime?

A: Unfortunately, downloading videos from the website isn’t possible. Visitors may try screen-capturing tools instead or use one of the other alternatives listed here.


Whether you’re an experienced anime fan or just want to watch a few fun episodes of your favorite show, 9anime and its alternatives are sure to provide viewers with plenty of options. With legal streaming sites such as Funimation and Crunchyroll offering HD videos as well as convenient subtitles and language options – viewers should have no problem finding something tailor-made for them.

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