14 Best Kissanime Alternatives of 2023 to Binge-Watch Anime

by Sachin

Introduction and its Features:

The world of anime fandom has grown exponentially in recent years. It is no surprise that the number of dedicated streaming services available for watching your favorite shows has also increased.

Kissanime was once one of the leading destinations for exclusive content, but as time progresses, so do changes.

In this article, we will look into 14 of the most reliable and efficient Kissanime alternatives of 2023 to help you find an alternative streaming service provider.


Current Status of Kissanime in 2023:

Kissanime has been one of the oldest anime streaming websites, acting as a hub for millions globally since 2011, but with its increasing age, so do certain drawbacks that simply cannot be ignored by viewers anymore.

Kissanime’s changing server structure drastically affecting reliability, UI needing enhancement, and potential legal issues are just a few points worth considering.

As such, we may have to gradually consider switching away from this grand old beast and look into newer platforms that guarantee a better user experience alongside guaranteed reliability.

Best 9Anime Alternatives of 2023:


9Anime is one of the most popular anime streaming sites, with its roots embedded in the core elements needed by any avid anime fan worldwide – content diversity, ease-of-accessibility and trusted sources along with subtitles for those who don’t know Japanese.

9Anime exhibits a great library filled with anime series, Hollywood blockbusters and some alternative titles that ensure no viewer leaves unsatisfied.

One of the biggest plus points is its UI complexity level, rated well below even average usability standards – it successfully hides a long list of categories available within itself to make overall understanding of the platform easier.



Do you love binge-watching anime? Wco forever is perfect for that! You can immerse yourself in an entire season of your favorite show and follow the characters’ journeys from episode to episode.



KissCartoon allows you to watch anime in different video qualities, so you can adjust the settings based on your internet connection. If your internet is slow, you can choose a lower quality to avoid buffering issues.

Best Anime-Planet Alternatives of 2023:


Anime-Planet can be safely tagged as an early successful attempt at creating an anime streaming platform for a niche audience that needs more than just entertainment – community interaction.

One of the most important elements that become successful within this streaming site is its ‘MyList’ functionality, which allows users to create watch lists and custom reviews on any content they find available watching through it.

Anime-Planet also has certain exclusive titles unavailable almost elsewhere, but with recent server issues, ensure you have plenty of alternative sites ready beforehand in case needed.

Best AnimeFreak Alternatives of 2023:


AnimeFreak is one of the oldest reliable sources for finding anime-subbed content available all over the internet.

Much like its contemporaries, major features include ‘MyList’, which allows users to create watch lists and custom reviews on any content they find aside from other tiny surprises here and there spread across various categories within it.

One additional source worth mentioning is their exclusive Manga library featuring Japanese comics as well as non-Japanese ones, making Anime Freak a perfect combo of both visual and textual entertainment.

Best Chia-anime Alternatives of 2023:


Chia-anime is one of the most reliable anime streaming sites for watching original content, including series and movies in both dubbed and subbed formats with subtitles included.

Its easily navigable UI offers many filters, search bars, categories and tabs. It includes a vast library filled with exclusive titles unavailable anywhere else alongside certain rare timed releases, i.e., first-season releases, as quickly as possible.

Check out Chia-anime before exploring past alternative options since it may very well be a hidden gem within the anime streaming community featuring much more than what meets the eye.

Best Crunchyroll Alternatives of 2023:


Crunchyroll is one of those reliable platforms where loyal fans find themselves finding their latest favorite series and movies due to its extensive library alongside alternative genres appealable to both newbies and otakus alike – all offered in beautifully top-notch quality.

Its Simplistic UI and ease of use complimenting the vast genre search area, which includes both Japanese and American cartoons, making Crunchyroll one of the better alternative sources for a broader anime fan base than ever before.

Best GoGoAnime Alternatives of 2023:


One solid reason why so many have shifted over to using Gogoanime from other options – higher content availability rates! Not only that, but these include titles not available elsewhere due to various region-specific restrictions.

Series like Shugo Chara and Hell Girl can be exclusively found within this platform as they are owned by regional networks unavailable in any other streaming website worldwide.

Not only that, but Gogoanime also offers subbed episodes with subtitles included for multiple languages – the ones you explicitly might have missed out on when using any other service provider.

Best AniWatcher Alternatives of 2023:


AniWatcher is a decent option if you’re looking for a dedicated anime streaming platform specifically tailored to your search, regardless of any personalization needed.

AniWatcher hosts its main page with the ability to sort and customize search according to the series genre, rating or alphabetical order – making it easier to pinpoint whichever target content we want immediately.

Visual features include likes auto-scroll searching alongside advanced filters that could be used collectively or separately at individual discretions worth turning heads!

Best AnimeLab Alternatives of 2023:


AnimeLab should be chosen now if you’re looking for decent streaming services with a reliable structure and good quality service.

This balance is struck by creative direction, including a content delivery system, a capable cast of netizens willing to upgrade the platform in case needed and obviously constant new releases – all making a deadly combination anime fans would kill to have.

One additional source worth mentioning here is its live stream feature, compatible with up to 4 K – allowing fans to watch the regular airing of simulcasts with ease and the same quality as aired originally.

Best AnimeOwl Alternatives of 2023:


AnimeOwl adopts a unique approach based on a user-friendly interface coated with AI-based recommendation algorithms for a better understanding of the needs that users have in the long run facility . This platform, with a live streaming feature, supports up to 4K resolution.

Although its content library is yet limited compared to other giants like Funimation or Crunchyroll, it still has great options available.

Also, its AI bots are extremely effective in recognizing our unique searches and giving us accurate search results here, making AnimeOwl a reliable choice when searching for alternatives against Kissanime.

Best Anime Frenzy Alternatives of 2023:


AnimeFrenzy is yet another dedicated anime streaming website with exclusives titles other platforms out there simply can’t compete against – scenes like Festival, Eden and First Passion during the Winter season of 2021 make sure we can’t find as much in any other streaming avenues available for us.

Aside from live streams, Anime Frenzy also offers its top-notch quality anime series alongside easy access to the latest manga releases – making both textual and visual entertainment mediums easily available regardless of whichever genre we prefer.

Best Funimation Alternatives of 2023:

Funimation is yet another powerful option when looking for versatile service provider with a great selection of exclusive simulcast titles not found anywhere else.

This streaming platform offers easy access to its library, donning an easily navigable, user-friendly UI that allows anime fans to see their favorite series/movies immediately.

One great addition is its offline viewing feature – where users can watch shows available within Funimation through various software installations even without any active internet connection turned on.

Best Animekisa Alternatives of 2023:


AnimeKisa stands proudly pitched as the last full-fledged Kissanime alternative present within its structure.

It is a rare selection of exclusively distributed titles not found anywhere else, including series like Maou Gakuin and Attack No.1, both favorites within the anime fan community worldwide.

One thing that makes this distinct is its ability to concurrently display three searches simultaneously – eliminating the need for any unnecessary search scrolling on the part of the user and keeping our viewing experience as convenient as possible.

Kissanime FAQs:

Q1) Is Kissanime illegal?

A: The legality of Kissanime depends on your jurisdiction, as some countries regard streaming from such websites as illegal. Generally, if you are watching anime legally through subscription-based services like Crunchyroll, then it is considered legal.

Q2) Does Kissanime have an app?

A: No, there is currently no official application for the website, but many third-party apps do exist, allowing easy access and a more user-friendly user experience with added advantages over web searching. Certain legal issues accompany these apps, however, so use them at your own discretion.

Q3) Can I watch anime in HD on Kissanime?

A: Yes, the vast majority of content available is offered in either 720p or 1080p resolutions with certain exclusives up to 4K quality depending upon the Anime quality code format used for viewing that specific show/movie.

Q4) Is kissAnime Safe?

A: Generally, most people say yes and find it fine if you don’t click on any suspicious links or allow activities like downloads for which other websites are known to scam unknowing Anime Fans. To stay safe – avoid downloading and keep your browsers & OS up-to-date!

Q5) Is there an alternative to Kissanime?

A: Yes, this article provides 14 alternatives that one can use in case needed starting from Crunchyroll, Funimation to AnimeFreak, Chia-Anime, etc. Depending upon which one fits your needs – look and find out where you want to turn for better viewing experiences from now on!

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