A Short Guide To Selling Used Speakers

by Sachin

Selling used audio equipment is a complex task. This is mostly because the buyers of these products are people that are unusually passionate about music and the relevant equipment.   

Not to forget, since most decent audio equipment and speakers cost a fortune, those who sell speakers are usually looking for a handsome payout for their products.

The combination of these two conditions don’t make for ideal conditions to sell anything. With that said, it is absolutely possible to conveniently sell off your used speakers with the right approach.

In this article, we will be describing the steps you can take to sell your used speakers in a convenient way, while still ensuring you are able to charge a premium price for them.

Let us begin:

Choose The Right Platform

Since speakers are a niche product, choosing the right platform is critical to ensuring you are able to sell them for the right price.

The easiest option would be to pick a buyback platform like Gizmogo. Such a platform offers you a fixed price based on the condition of your speakers and if you are satisfied with the quote, you can make the sale with virtually no human contact (or hassle).

However, there are other options available as well. One example would be Audiogon.com, a specialised website dedicated to the sale and purchase of used AV equipment. 

Unlike Gizmogo however, Audiogon is not a buyback platform. Instead, it is a peer to peer platform where you will have to interact with potential buyers to sell your product.

Learn To Assess Potential Buyers Online

Peer to peer platforms are great in theory. Sellers get queries, they select a buyer that is paying a fair price and voila, the sale is complete.

However, the real experience is usually very different. Keep in mind that all the potential buyers on this platform are strangers that can easily turn out to be scammers.

Thankfully, most peer to peer platforms have a review system in place that new users can use to identify genuine buyers and sellers.

Besides this, it is also recommended to stay vigilant during the whole purchase process and if you feel anything is even slightly fishy, you should simply call off the deal.

Stay Honest

Being honest is extremely important regardless of whether you are selling to a buyback platform or to another individual on an online marketplace platform.

This is because overselling your product during an online interaction may get you a pleasing quote but when the buyback platform or the buyer receive the real product, they will be compelled to give you a lower quote.

To avoid such a disappointment, it is better to be honest. In fact, if you are selling to a buyback platform like Gizmogo, we recommend underselling your product. Such platforms will readily give you a revised quote if the product condition is better than the condition described by you.

Choose Payment Methods Carefully

Buyback platforms are usually bound by strict governing laws and have to abide by them to stay in business. That’s why they offer a number of payment methods that you can opt for, without having to worry about being scammed.

However, this isn’t the case with peer to peer platforms. Here, if you don’t choose the payment method carefully, you may be scammed. For this reason, it is strongly recommended to avoid the buyers that promise to make the payment with a cheque or a bank cheque. Instead, always insist on a direct bank transfer or better yet, take the payment in cash.


Regardless of the product you are selling, protecting your interests is totally in your hands. When you choose the right platform to sell your speakers and stay vigilant and honest throughout the sale process, you will be able to sell your speakers with minimum hassle .

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