Ace Your Microsoft 70-411 Test With Exam Dumps

by Sachin

Are you looking for a way to boost your career in the field of IT? Do you want to be able to impress your employers? Well, then you have come to the right place. In this article, you will find out how to become a certified professional in Windows Server 2012 and be a valuable asset to any organization, also due to well-elaborated exam dumps.

Microsoft Certifications

This way, Microsoft is a world-wide organization that is popular for the great variety of its products, but primarily, for its line of Windows Operating System versions and its Office Suite package. Taking for granted how trusted and accepted the Microsoft brand has become, what, in your opinion, would be the standard of certifications offered by Microsoft? 

Well, let’s first have a look at its renewed role-based certifications that come at present in three levels of expertise, namely, in Fundamental, Associate, and Expert, as opposed to the categories designed earlier such as MTA, MCSA, MCSE/MCSD.

This article will be focusing more on the currently existing MCSA: Windows Server 2012 certification and, specifically, one of the exams required to earn it, i.e., Microsoft 70-778.

MCSA: Windows Server 2012 Certification

The MCSA Windows Server 2012 certification proves your competence in using the primary skills required to handle Windows Server 2012. You are obliged to pass three serious tests to earn this credential making you eligible for the position of a network of computer systems administrator or a computer network specialist. They are:

  • Exam 70-410 (Installing and Configuring Windows Server 2012)
  • Exam 70-411 (Administering Windows Server 2012)
  • Exam 70-412 (Configuring Advanced Windows Server 2012)

Overview Of 70-411 Exam 

Thereby, knowing that the Microsoft 70-411 exam was released on September 17, 2012, let’s now study its topics you are most likely to be questioned in:

  • Servers’ Deployment, Maintaining, and Management 
  • Configuring File and Printing Services
  • Configuring Network Services and Access
  • Configuring a Network Policy Server Infrastructure
  • Configuring and Managing Active Directory
  • Configuring and Managing Group Policy

When disclosing its exams’ basics, Microsoft, however, does not mention their specific details like the exact number of questions, duration, etc. But in general, MCSA exams consist of 40-60 items to be answered within 120 minutes. The type of questions you can expect are best answer, build list, short answer, case study, MCQ, and more. Extending their audience, Microsoft has made 70-411 exam available in many other languages, apart from English which are Chinese (Simplified), German, French, Portuguese (Brazil), and Japanese.

Resources To Prepare For 70-411 Exam

Since Microsoft is such a renowned organization, it certainly has to keep up with the standards expected of it. This is why the corporation’s certifications are regularly refreshed while requiring rather tough exams to be gained. So, if you want to ace 70-411 test, you will have to prepare for it using the best techniques and resources. Listed below are some resources that can help you prepare for your assessment validating the proficiency in Administering Windows Server 2012 visit

1. Microsoft Tools

Now, the vendor generously offers for your preparation the following resources:

Instructor-Led Training

In this case, you will find two types of training programs like on-demand and classroom training.

Firstly, training on-demand is a self-paced preparation program that will be available to you for a three-month period. Here you will gain access to pre-recorded instructor videos that you can access anytime anywhere, which is perfect for people who have a busy and erratic schedule.

Apart from that, your classroom training will be held for five days. You will be dealing with the instructor directly giving you the opportunity of getting your doubts cleared at the very moment of learning. In case you are this type of person, grasp a great opportunity to have some guidance in your preparation.

Exam Prep Video

Secondly, Microsoft has made available enriching episodes of preparation talks for this 70-411 test where you can gain expert tips and understand how crucial things work.

Practice Tests

Further, you are appreciated to use the official practice test for this Microsoft 70-411 exam. It’s a great idea so as to know about the test, its formats of questions and to train yourself comprehensively.

From Community

Fourthly, through the Microsoft forum for 70-411 exam, you can join a huge society of people sharing the same interests as you when it comes to such exams. You can clear your misconceptions, share tips and gather resources from people who have more experience.

Official Publications

As a last perk from Microsoft, there are two books produced by the corporation experts to help you with studying and training. They are Exam Ref 70-411: Administering Windows Server 2012 R2, besides theTraining Guide: Administering Windows Server 2012 R2.

2. YouTube Platform

Well, YouTube is a constant student’s study companion. At the platform, you can find videos on just all topics and issues possible. And it’s the same when it comes to studying for the 70-411 exam. So, don’t hesitate and discover many videos that explain tough concepts in a constructive and easy-to-get way.

3. Exam Dumps

Finally, these files can be considered the best method for your practice. But what are exam dumps? Hence, dumps or practice tests, are files that contain real exam questions and answers. You can find tons of sites that claim to propose authentic exam dumps for the Microsoft 70-411 exam but most of them are unlikely to rely on. 

So, you need to be careful if you are planning to use exam dumps. At the same time, one great site that contains valid exam dumps is This way, it has 70-411 Premium Bundle consisting of 305 questions and answers for your test that were just recently updated, also, a training course with 93 lectures, and a 537-page study guide. 

Hence, use these dumps to become familiar with all questions’ formats and learn how to best approach them through the ETE Exam Simulator.


Naturally, earning a Microsoft certification like MCSA: Windows Server 2012 is the best option to grab an employer’s attention and boost your career in IT. But due to the high standards, it has to keep up with, Microsoft tests can be hard to ace. Nevertheless, with many resources that can help you ace the exam, and PrepAway’s exam dumps at your side, you will strike the ball of the Microsoft 70-411 exam easily!

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