22 Best Actvid Alternatives for 2023 To Satisfy Your Anime Cravings

by Sachin

Actvid is an anime streaming website that provides a vast library of Japanese-inspired animations. One can watch, discuss and even read manga from the site itself. It has been online since the year 2007, leading the way to become one of the longest-running or oldest sites in this field. Actvid provides high-quality video streaming, full access to all content, and includes a forum for lively discussions with other viewers. Furthermore, the website is fun and easy to use as well. It even has an Android app that allows users to watch their favorite anime on the go.

Current Status of Actvid in 2023

By 2023, we can expect that more sites have come up offering similar features as those available through Actvid. Despite this growing competition, Actvid continues to hold an essential role in the online anime-streaming industry. It has found a way to stand out amongst its competitors by ensuring that users have full access to all content and providing high-quality videos as well as up-to-date manga series.

Best Actvid Alternatives for 2023 To Satisfy Your Anime Cravings

Here are 22 potential alternatives for the popular streaming website, Actvid :


One of the more prevalent alternatives to Actvid is Netflix. This online streaming service provides customers with an extensive library of anime and television series. One can enjoy their favorite Anime shows, such as Attack on Titan or Dragon Ball Super, in HD (high definition) video quality. Furthermore, it offers users a clean UI, making it easy for people to select titles and quickly stream them once selected.



TheWatchSeries allows you to binge-watch your favorite TV shows. Instead of waiting for one episode per week, you can watch multiple episodes in one sitting.

It’s like having a marathon of your favorite series, where the story keeps unfolding and you can’t wait to find out what happens next.


Another great alternative to Actvid is Hulu. This streaming website offers users access to hundreds of well-known anime titles such as Naruto Shippuden, Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, and Hunter X Hunter. They also offer movies that feature different genres that cater everyone’s taste in film or Animation alike. Furthermore, they provide full episodes with complete episode descriptions so it’s easier for viewers to find what they are looking for when browsing through their vast library of titles.

Amazon Prime VideoAmazon Prime Video

Like Hulu, Amazon Prime Video also provides access to an impressive selection of anime titles with its library consisting of such hits as Attack on Titan Part 1 and 2, death note, Fairy Tail movie: Phoenix Priestess, Psycho-Pass I & II and much more. Like the two former streaming services mentioned above one can stream these movies or series in high definition quality up to 4K. Furthermore they have numerous addons available for those who need something else with their subscription making this a perfect alternative to Actvid.


This popular website is one of the best alternatives to Actvid for anime lovers, as it features an impressive library consisting of different genres and titles like Naruto Shippuden , Bleach , Re:Zero and Seraph of the Games. Also, users can also stream their favorite anime shows in up to 720p resolution or even 1080p depending on the title as well as have that added simuldubbed version for easy viewing without having to wait weeks for an English release.


Unlike Crunchyroll, Funimation offers more dubbed versions of anime titles with exclusive licensed content like one pieces and Deadman Wonderland which prove expensive elsewhere . It has a standard plan allowing users to watch English dubs of popular shows in HD with up to two simultaneous streams. They also have the premium plan which allows more than two streams at once and the much appreciated addition of no ads while watching content.

Anime HeavenAnimeHeaven

Poland based Anime Heaven is an amazing platform for fans who are looking for a trusted and well organised source for streaming their favorite shows & movies or reading manga series like that one piece or dr stone . The site is regularly updated to provide content for every Anime lover’s needs with no subscription fees or ads whatsoever thus proving alternative service at its best .

Anime FreakAnimefreak

Anieme freak is a great source when it comes to providing good quality and complete anime episodes along with thrilling manga releases, making this an attractive option for those who find Actvid lacking in certain respects. With features like multiple conversations per episode and context-sensitive searches, anime freak is more than capable of competing with Actvid.


This particular streaming site offers a great selection of both classic and current anime titles for anyone to enjoy without the need for paying any monthly or yearly fees . The interface, although basic looking in comparison to other sites like Crunchyroll, gives users easy access to browsing content from different genres all backed up by HD quality videos . Those who look forward to reading manga online can also find an astounding library from them.


For those who prefer having more available streaming channels for their favorite titles, Animedao is the ideal site to visit. It offers access to movies,anime and other shows which makes it like Netflix but with less stringent rules compared on licensing and broadcasting rights . This gives users a much larger selection of anime genres such as Comedy,romance etc in HD quality perfect to binge watch .


Just like Animedao, this streaming site allows users access to anime titles from various different franchises but without sacrificing the quality for quantity. This service also offers additional staples such as dubbed videos, fast loading speeds and easy-to-navigate interface that helps viewers better find what they’re looking for with its comprehensive sort features.


This streaming site easily stands out amongst its peers due to the kind of titles available on it. With Anime-Planet one can find movies and series categorized in genres like Fantasy, War or Horror which might not be readily accessible from other sources like Actvid . But aside from that anime planet also offers a helpful recommendation system which can greatly help people make better choices when selecting shows/movies they haven’t explored before


This New Zealand based service provides access to both long- running titles like Dragon Ball Super and relatively new hits such as Fire Force . What sets this streaming site apart from other services is the fact that it offers viewers a premium pack with no ads while watching which greatly adds up in an enjoyable viewing experience also its simul dub feature helps many fans catch on their favorite series without any language issues.


This platform can be easily identified by its plethora of available anime titles . Fans can find some of their favorite shows like Naruto Shippuden, One Piece and Attack on Titan here as well as read manga for free . The site even has a dedicated chatroom for fans to discuss about anime or enjoy conversations with other viewers , bolstering the sense of community this place provides


Aniwatcher is another great source when it comes to streaming Anime content in good quality without any annoyances such ads which are found in other services . It also allows viewers to scrape from popular websites like YouTube, Crunchyroll and Funimation offering much greater diversity when it comes to finding an anime show or movie of their choice.


Animedaisuke is a great Anime streaming service that offers both subbed and dubbed versions of titles for its users . With a clean user interface , many video and audio settings available as well as no disruption due to ads its a truly enjoyable way of watching anime.


An amazing streaming service similar to Kissanime and Gogoanime, Animepahe has made waves in the industry with its huge library of both recent titles like Guilty Crown or classic hits such as The Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya making it great for finding whatever one is looking for . Furthermore , viewers can also check out their user reviews which definitely helps people make more informed decisions regarding their next anime watch.


This Japanese otaku-inspired streaming site provides everything that one can expect from such a platform like comprehensive library of both old and new series ,Variety in different genre titles ,simuldubbed versions when available, highdefinition rich quality videos with no ads which makes this an amazing addition to the list of Actvid alternatives .


For all those looking for an anime streaming website, Animebam is definitely a name that you’ll want to know about . This service offers a wide range of titles that can be streamed in high definition resolution free of charge for everyone’s enjoyment. It even has both French and English dubbed shows making this ideal place to binge watch with friends


This manga directory turned into streaming service is a great alternative to those who find Actvid’s library lacking in some areas . AniLinkz not only has the latest of anime titles like My hero Academia and many more but also offers various other genres such as romance or horror, making this a both exciting and diverse way for viewers to explore the world of foriegn media


Chia-ANIME offers one of the best collections of both classic and all new anime titles . Like other sites, viewers are also able to check out some exclusives like Gundam or Cowboy Bebop which normally featured behind a pay wall . The video resolution options leaves something to be desired however you can still enjoy the latest episodes without any trouble.


Watchcartoononline focuses on giving its viewer access for only cartoons , animations and animes with free streaming in HD quality . This site offers a huge library of over 5,000 cartoons from around the world and with its uncluttered interface it proves to be great for finding or searching for titles in specific genres


Actvid proved over more than 14 years why it’s still active and relevant even in 2023 by providing solid services and features like that of a clean user interface, easy access to Anime for everyone as well as manga titles. Despite the huge competition out there this website is still standing strong thanks to it high quality videos, full content and active forum which makes it ideal for every anime fan . With all these alternatives also offering similar advantages as Actvid yet having their own unique selling points , viewers can easily switch from one streaming service to the other enabling them better choice without compromising on convenience or price.

Actvid FAQs

What is Actvid?
Actvid is an anime streaming website that provides users with access to hundreds of Japanese-inspired animations. It has been online since 2007.

Is Act vid Free?
Yes, Actvid is free to use and watch anime series.

What are the Benefits of using Actvid?
Activd offers users access to high-quality videos, full access to all content as well a forum for lively discussions with other viewers. It also has an Android app that allows users to watch their favorite anime on the go.

Does Actvid Have Subbed or Dub bed Versions of Anime?
Yes, Actvid offers both subbed and dubbed versions of their anime titles.

Is There a Mobile App for Act vid?
Yes, there is an official Android app available for users to watch advertisements free content on the go.

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