Atlantic City Casino NYE Restrictions

by Sachin

Atlantic City Casinos are all geared up for the New Year’s Eve celebrations, with restrictive boundaries set by the state due to Covid-19.

Atlantic City is home to some of the best gambling casinos in the country. These casinos are known for their extraordinary parties and tons of other exciting stuff. On any given occasion, these casinos and hotels have more than a thousand people celebrating and enjoying. This number surely multiplies on New Year’s Eve; however, this year, the story is different. The gambling casinos that were once known to organize some of the biggest New Year parties will present a much sad picture this year due to the state’s restrictions following the coronavirus.

This deadly virus has taken the lives of hundreds and thousands of people in the U.S alone. The state, against their desire, had to impose several restrictions and limitations to these gambling casinos regarding New Year’s Eve. The restrictions would be beneficial in helping people stay safe and healthy. Apart from the restrictions, there are several actions that people visiting the casinos, especially on the New Year’s Eve would have to practice that includes maintaining a safe distance, no crowd over a specific number of people in a specific area, ensuring that people mask is worn at all times, and avoid unnecessary contact with others.

Reports were received of people checking in to the Ocean Casino Resort 2 days before the new year; however, seeing the people in a subdue manner was a sad sight to see.

In an interview with the people visiting the gambling casinos and hotels, they said, “Last year the scenario was totally opposite. We had a huge gala and there were bands, and musicians but this year there is none. But we are here!”

According to the new laws implemented by the state of New Jersey after covid-19 allows a total of up to 25% dining capacity before 10 P.M, and after that, the restaurants are required to move the dining set up outdoors. “The party is still going to be terrific, and there will be several activities. The casino is celebrating with a $200,000 sweepstake between today and tomorrow,” says the CEO of Ocean Casino Resort.

The current year has been a tough one, especially for the gambling casino world. The revenue of every casino across the country has taken some severe hit. A research stated that the casinos’ revenue in 2020 was reduced by 45%, whereas for Atlantic City the overall revenue decline was around 20%.

Similarly delicious and tempting meals are being prepared at the Atlantic City. The ballroom used for dances at the previous New Year’s Eve is now being used for gourmet meals to place the tables at a distance greater than usual.

While the state and the government officials discourage New Year festivals and public gatherings due to the horrible situation after Covid-19, the interviewed people did not have much of an issue. People said, “Having some sort of entertainment after such a terrible year is actually refreshing.” People also stated that they are comfortable with and trust the current restrictions that are being implemented.

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