Awesome Tech Gift Ideas For The Holiday Season

by Sachin

With the holiday season quickly approaching, gift ideas are beginning to flood everyone’s brain. Technology has advanced more in the last 20 years than it has in all of mankind. This means that not only are things faster, smarter, easier to use, and more efficient but also that there are more toys and tools that people can use as really great gifts for someone! Today, we compiled a list of really cool technology gift ideas that anyone would love to have!

Wireless Headphones

Since Apple was the first major phone company to go away from the standard headphone jack, the need for wireless headphones has grown astronomically. We still remember the days of spending hours trying to untangle the cords after shoving them in our pocket, but who has time for that nowadays? 

Wireless earbuds are not just more convenient, but also technologically better. The sound quality is stronger, and they are more portable and easier to live with. For someone who is always listening to music, make their lives easier by getting a really nice pair of wireless headsets. Let them walk or run around in peace without worrying about the cord getting caught on something! 

Portable Phone Charger

Everyone seems to be on the go and in a rush. With our phones attached to our hips, having one that is prone to dying quickly is just inefficient. A really cool gift idea could be a portable phone charger! These battery packs can sometimes hold enough power to charge a low battery phone fully twice. 

Just keep the battery pack plugged in when you’re at home so that when you leave they can fit in your pocket or bag depending on how big they are. Traveling a lot and need your phone for entertainment? Keep yourself occupied by having a full battery at all times. 

Fitness Tracker

Is there someone in your life who loves to work out and learn about their health stats? Do you know somebody who has a hard time sleeping and is looking for help getting to bed sooner? Do them a favor and pick up a fitness tracker. 

There are bracelets that count steps, heart rate, miles traveled, blood pressure, and many more things. They even make rings that calculate your sleeping patterns and give you stats to help adjust. There are plenty of different ways that people can use these amazing pieces of technology, and they are all helpful to continue living a healthy lifestyle! 

WiFi Extender

Tired of finding dead spots in your house? There is nothing more annoying than watching a movie in your living room, then moving to the bedroom only to find that your network connection isn’t as strong. Those spinning buffering icons are incredibly frustrating, and never seem to stop. It almost makes people just give up on finishing whatever they are watching. 

Make this a thing of the past for anybody by purchasing them some really cool WiFi extenders! Not only will it enhance their network strength, but also entirely eliminate any dead spots. You can add them to specific rooms or areas that are prone to have poor coverage. Make everyone’s lives easier by getting such a simple gift. They’re easy to set up and pay massive dividends in the end. 

Robot Vacuum

After a long day of work, no one wants to come home to a dirty house with tons of dirt and dust on the carpets, especially for pet owners. Vacuuming every week is not just a pain, but also a disturbance to any animal friends you have living with you. I have never met a dog that loves a loud vacuum. 

Robot vacuums are the perfect gift for anybody with tons of carpets and rugs in their house. Just turn it on when you leave for work, and come back to a clean house every day! They aren’t loud and obnoxious, so pets can get used to them easily, and they just work really well! It’s cheaper to buy one of these than to have someone come and clean your house every week, and it also gives you more free time to do things you want to do rather than cleaning!

Final Thoughts on Awesome Tech Gift Ideas

You can never go wrong with any gift as long as you put some time and thought into them. People always say that it’s the thought that counts. When it comes to getting someone a tech gift, things become a bit easier. Just think about the things that people have complained about, and there’s probably a tech gift out there for them. These gift ideas are great for most people. For a more specific gift, try to consider what your friend or loved one really enjoys, or a pain points in their life and find them a gift that acts as a solution!

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