Back up your smartphone, Don’t leave the door open for others

by Sachin

Why protect each his property, but when it comes to information, we will carelessly? It is hardly anything more rewarding for attackers as to penetrate into our smartphone.

The front door of course one always ends. You press on the car key until the beep signs indicating that the car is locked. even it is accepted that one’s computer is running slow, just so the antivirus software can do their job. But what about the phone? Why so rare to think about who might drop there now?

The protection of our phone should be one of our main concerns: What a wealth of data, passwords and other secrets to be found there – although everything behind a four-digit passcode or fingerprint scan, but these are locks with the right tools can be picked up easily. “If the entire US government wants to hack your smartphone,” says Alex Thurber, general manager of mobile solutions at BlackBerry, “they will make it.”

The only problem with all these devices: Secure smartphones are boring. They often run on older processors that use the software from the previous year, and the user interface itself acts impenetrable to hackers. Syl Chao, CEO of Turing Robotic Industries, says the real challenge is to make highly secure smartphones cool enough that customers they want. “People find security important,” he says, “but they also have other things around the ears. You do not want to think about security. ”

Here are a few tips for those who do it anyway: What is most important to keep the smartphone and the apps up to date. Google, Apple and app developers frequently release new code to fend off exploits. In addition, everyone should know about, such as using their own phone works coarse. Devices such as the Black Phone can say that utilize sensors and radio apps. For Android devices, make apps like “DCentral1”  similar, although not as thorough.

Last but not least: Never click on strange links, never press the smart phone to a stranger in his hand and avoid public hotspots. it is more difficult and costly to troublemakers entering a phone, the more likely attract potential attackers on. It applies here as everywhere the maxim: Your house does not have to be perfect hedged. It just needs to be more difficult than robbing the neighbors.

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