Best DSLR Cameras in 2021: 3 of Our Finest Canon DSLR Cameras for New Photographers

by Sachin

Entry-level is a loose term to describe an exceptional machine like a DSLR camera! Manufacturers from all around the world are trying to tap the potential of the entry-level segment. Canon’s brilliant range of beginner level products in mirrorless and digital single-lens reflex or DSLR categories are well-suited for both beginners and professionals. The thing to understand is that the so-called level of a camera does not even define the level of a photographer. A professional can bring stunning results from a basic machine, while an amateur but gifted photographer can handle an advanced DSLR camera with just little practise. So, the list shared in this article is open to interpretation, and the cams are suited for even advanced or pro videographers or photographers. 

So, let us begin with why to choose a Canon camera in the first place? 

Historical significance is crucial when it comes to photography, and Canon scores pretty high in that score. Founded in 1934, the brand has now successfully diversified into a range of electronic products like printers, calculators, projectors, etc. But the efficacy and performance of its cameras still stand tall amongst many new entrants. Today, the brand invests hugely in every camera category and technology behind the same – DSLRs, mirrorless, and compacts.

The brand is popular for its high-end professional-level DSLRs models line like EOS-1D. Canon successfully invested in the line of versatile models that entice both the beginners as well as advanced photographers. For example, EOS 5D, 6D models for full-frame cameras and two-digit numbers like EOS 80D and 90D for the APS-C cameras. The EOS range or electro-optical system is a Canon-specific nomenclature which is in use for several models. Most of the EOS comes with a dual pixel autofocus system. 

Something more about Canon EOS cameras:

Canon’s EOS or electro-optical system is an autofocus SLR series introduced by the company in the 1980s. The series launched the autofocus feature in the SLR cameras. The EOS was launched with an EF mount lens range. The good old Canon EOS 650 was the first camera which was launched in this series. 

Now, even mirrorless cameras are launched with an EOS. The initial cameras in the series came with a 35mm film. Today, the EOS is used in a huge range of DSLRs and Canon mirrorless cameras. Let us find out some more information about the popular EOS line of cams. 

3 of Finest Canon DSLR Cameras for New Photographers

Canon EOS 200D/ EOS Rebel SL2 review: 

An entry-level photographer gets easily intimidated with the large size of a DSLR! The size and weight is perhaps the biggest impediment for a point-and-shoot user or a mobile user to upgrade to a digital single-lens reflex camera. The Canon EOS 200D or Rebel SL2 launched in 2017 is a lightweight and compact machine that specifically targets new photographers who want to get their first-ever DSLR camera! 

The model comes with pretty instinctive controls that make it an easy machine for a beginner. The 24 MP resolution comes with a Dual Pixel CMOS sensor. The compact machine also comes with a DIGIC 7 image processor that can handle more information as compared to the earlier processors. 

The 3 inch Vari-Angle touch screen comes with a high-resolution limit of 1,040,000 dots. It allows you to shoot from unusual perspectives, a must-have spec for a creative performance! The advanced graphical user interface is a great help for newbies who want to explore and learn the varied range of shooting modes that come in this model. 

Despite the small size, Canon combined specs like a tilt-flip touchscreen, a big sensor and dual pixel AF in this model. The grip is comfy and the built is solid for a camera at this price for sure. The impressive explanation perhaps sums it all about the cam, “the perfect replacement for the avid smartphone photographer looking to step up to their first camera”. The above features make this model one of the top contenders for beginners in the field, and intermediate level artists who want something at an affordable cost without compromising on multi-features. 

Canon EOS 90D

When it comes to reasons which are keeping the DSLR’s alive and kicking today, this super-machine is probably one of the top reasons for the same! The mid-range model launched in 2019 is an improvement over the earlier 80D and 7D Mark 2 models. The dynamic and versatile cam is an all-purpose machine that allows a wide range of options like action photography, and family memories. The high specs model is easy to operate for an entry-level photographer. The advanced features make it a great fit for semi-professionals as well. 

The ultra-high resolution of 32.5 Megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor is a welcome feature. The small improvements and tweaks over the years have resulted in much better performance for low-light photography. 

The dual pixel autofocus (AF) brings out stunning results with both pictures and videos. The return of the 8-way joystick or multi-controller in this model is hailed by many Canon enthusiasts. The joystick allows easy navigation of the control menu and quickens moving the autofocus point around the frame.  

The raw image quality is exceptional and the high-resolution sensor assures great pixel quality. The live 4k video at 30fps is great for novice videographers who want to explore the craft on a compact and affordable device. The controls on this machine are easy-to-operate and there is plenty of room for customization, which is how an enthusiast can master the craft. Battery life is pretty decent and allows approximately 1500 shots after a single charge. The viewfinder allows 100 % frame coverage and the big size of the viewfinder promises crisp quality in pictures. When it comes to quality and price, 90D is perhaps the best bet for a beginner and intermediate level photographer. 

Canon EOS 1500D

The EOS 1500D got an instant hit for the category of entry-level cams when it was launched in early 2018. Perhaps, the massive improvement over the predecessor, EOS 1300D was long overdue. The lightweight (475g) model comes with a bigger sensor when compared to the last model. The thumb rest on the back and comfortable handgrip make it an easy-to-handle DSLR camera for a beginner. The ergonomic button layout makes it an absolute fav among the newbies who are just beginning to comprehend and use the big machine.

The 24.1 MP APS-C sensor is a massive improvement over EOS 1300D’s 18MP setup. The DIGIC 4+ processor and 9 point autofocus makes it a good machine at that price. The product comes with superb NFC and Wi-Fi connectivity features that allow ease of data transfer to the mobile device or computer. The Canon Camera Connect app allows you to view images on the SD card of the cam. You can also use your smartphone’s display as a viewfinder for remote shooting feature, which is an awesome feature for a beginner level photographer

The ISO range of 100-6400 offers great variety and the final results show that the noise is pretty low at higher ISOs. The 3fps burst shooting range and video recording level range of 108p at 30fps brings about decent pictures and videos. The quality of videos is good at the price offered for the model. You either manually focus the subject or make use of the shutter button to get the best results. 

The camera model is ideal for a new photographer who is eager to learn and explore the functionality of a digital SLR at an affordable price. 

Is a bundle offer good?

Premium online stores like Amazon and eBay offer a range of accessories with cameras. The sole purpose of the same is to entice the new entrants. Though the offers are not bad, the idea should be not to overwhelm yourself at a beginner’s level with accessories that you may not even use. The idea is to go for one or two accessories at a time. For example, you can probably get a cleaning kit or filter and then slowly see what you need. For a beginner, the focus must be on purchasing the best camera body and zoom lens to initiate into the mind-boggling journey of advanced photography. Remember, that once you choose a brand, you need to stay with the brand for other accessories for best compatibility and long-term usage. 

A new photographer or someone who is just a beginner must invest in a product which is affordable, easy to use, and solidly built. The idea is to get a device that has a combination of automatic and manual modes. Once a newbie explores the countless creative possibilities that a DSLR can bring into your life, he/she can go on to purchase advanced or professional range cameras. Along with Canon, the other notable brands that do well in the market are Nikon, Olympus, and Sony. But Canon’s investment in the DSLR market, optics, and technology surpass most of the competition and makes it a favourite among enthusiasts from all over the world. 

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