Best DVD Copying Software: WinX DVD Copy Pro Review 2019

by Sachin

WinX DVD copy pro is a Windows DVD program which is used for copying to DVD discs file copies from a DVD. This software is because conversion can be made into multiple formats and it can also be removed from a DVD copy protection. This extracting software was created by Digiarty Software Inc.

Advantages Of Using Winx DVD Pro

Winx DVD pro offers an additional utility to create ISO files from damaged DVDs. This helps you to burn a video on blank discs. The software can remove the Digital Right Management which protects some famous film producing companies. It can also prevail over content protection system method that uses the 99 titles in a film disc to bewilder the copying software.

This software is much quicker and easier to use than other free versions, as for the multi-core CPU support for as much as octa cores. Additionally the latest version of the software has a developed hardware support for IHTT, NVENC, NVIDIA (CUDA). This facilitates 500 FPS with X32 DVD drives which means you can convert an entire DVD in just five minutes.

The Platinum edition allows you to copy the DVD’s main title to an MPEG2 file that has been selected or all subtitles, video, and audio tracks. The best part is this version’s image quality is much higher than the free edition. Besides making DVD copies, you can use the software to backup to a USB drive or hard disk.

Highlighting Features Of The Software

  • It has a high extracting speed
  • It is highly usable for unmanageable DVDs
  • You will be able to reserve a DVD without any data loss
  • It supports all types of DVDs
  • You can Crop/trim DVDs; subtitle
  • You can convert from a DVD format to MP4 format
  • You can make a copy of the DVD to an ISO image
  • You can restore a DVD to an MPEG2 file within 5 minutes
  • This software can even fix and restore bad sectors while copying

How To Use Winx DVD Copy Pro To Backup Your Old Data

  • First you have to download the Winx DVD copy pro and install it on your computer. This pro version is compatible with the latest version of windows as well as with the older versions. 
  • Then you enter the scratched DVD in one drive and the blank DVD in another drive; now select the clone from DVD to DVD option.  

  • Next, you select the Browse option and select the scratched DVD then select the drive in which the blank DVD is stored. 
  • Now you see in the middle section where you will be able to remove the encryption from the scratched DVD and you can also save the temporary ISO files which you can burn it in the new DVD. 

  • Lastly click on the Run icon on the right corner downwards side and your data from the scratched DVD will be copied to your new DVD. 

This software is very useful for those whose want to backup a DVD without getting any data erased or to Burn a DVD without any mishaps. This software is compatible with Os of Windows 10 or below.

Wrap – Up

Winx DVD copy pro is one of the best DVD copy software for windows for burning data from a damaged DVD. There are many options in the software that will solve all you tiring work of copying data from one DVD to another DVD as well as you also don’t need a high-end CPU or the latest hardware to run and work with this simple software. If you have a low-end computer it will be compatible with that and you don’t have to worry about any loss of data while copying from the scratched DVD.


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