The 40 Best Inbound Marketing Tools You Must Know

by Sachin

Whether you are an Inbound Marketing expert or just starting out in this fantastic world, you need to know the best Inbound Marketing tools to help you in your day to day business.

There are many tools. And, sometimes, it is very difficult to choose the one that will serve you best. That is why today we want to share the tools that we use and that we believe will be very helpful to you.

Grab paper and pencil, or a digital notepad, and point out the Inbound Marketing tools that interest you most.

As you know (and if not, we tell you in this post), Inbound Marketing consists of four pillars: attraction, conversion, closure and loyalty.

We have organized the tools that we recommend in each of these pillars so that you have easier your search. Let’s start!

Here are the 40 Best Inbound Marketing Tools


In Inbound Marketing we want to attract quality visits to our website and then convert them into customers. For this we rely on different strategies.

1) SEO

SEMrush : Key tool to do an exhaustive search of keywords and analyze the competition.

Moz : perfect tool to analyze all the aspects related to the organic positioning of a web page. It allows you to analyze the quality and authority of a website and keep track of your keywords. : very powerful tool for searching and analyzing keywords.

Keyword Planner : The Google tool for searching and analyzing keywords. Although currently not as powerful as before, it is still a very good option to include in your keyword strategy.

Ubersuggest : tool for finding many long tail keyword ideas.

Ahrefs : tool for monitoring and analysis of incoming links (backlinks) to our website or the competition.

QuickSprout : ideal for analyzing a web page in terms of its organic positioning and content marketing strategy.

Advanced Web Ranking : powerful software to monitor a web page and do a SEO audit. With it you can track keywords positions, create reports or analyze keywords.

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2) Social networks

BuzzSumo : great online platform to analyze the content of any web page and know what is shared most (the contents that have worked best) and which users have shared it.

HootSuite : tool to manage, manage and analyze the social networks of a brand. From a single dashboard you can manage different channels and establish communications with users.

SocialBro : one of the best tools to analyze and monitor Twitter accounts. This tool allows you to analyze the competition community, identify influencers and find the best time to publish.

Followerwonk : With this tool you can do very advanced searches to find Twitter profiles.

3) Content Creation

Feedly : one of the best RSS readers and blogs on the market. Ideal to not miss any posts from your favorite blogs. There is version for computer, mobile and Tablet, all of them synchronized.

Pocket : powerful tool to save posts, videos or tweets to read later. You can access all the content even if you do not have Internet and has a browser extension to save everything you want in a simple and fast.

Photopin : tool to search for high quality images with Creative Commons license. They are hosted on Flickr and, to use them, you have to mention the owner with a link that the tool itself puts at your disposal.

HeadLine Analyzer : tool in English that serves to analyze your titles both at the SEO level and the opening rate.

4) Conversion

We already have visits to our website. Now we have to convert these users into leads. That is, we need your personal data in order to create content strategies and turn them into customers.

Some tools that will help us in the day to day in the conversion are:

Instapage : tool to create landing pages in a simple and highly optimized way. It is not the same as creating a custom landing page, but for certain projects it may be enough. Allows you to create A / B tests to achieve the highest number of conversions.

Unbounce : tool very similar to Instapage. It also serves to create landing pages without knowing programming. It has a very extensive template file.

Optimizely : software with which you can perform A / B tests on your web page to measure and keep track of how users behave on your website. Ideal for testing on the landing pages on which you want to turn visitors into leads.

GoToWebinar : If you want to create a webinar to get emails from your followers, this is your tool.

SumoME, Hello Bar, Thrive Leads : WordPress plugins that serve to get emails from users of your website

5) Closing

We have the data of our users but are not yet ready to become customers. We have to accompany them throughout the process to end up acquiring our product or service. To do this we will use marketing automation tools.

MailChimp, MailRelay, Vero, Aweber : tools to send emails and automate you in sending with intelligent autoresponders. These tools help to keep in touch with your users and turn them into customers.

Yesware : tool to know if your emails have been read or not.

Markitude : marketing automation software that includes lead management, lead nurturing, lead scoring, web analytics and the ability to monitor and publish on social networks.

Salesforce : CRM tool designed to help close sales and achieve all marketing objectives. Salesforce simplifies sales funnel tasks and helps you keep track of sales leads.

6) Loyalty

You got a sale. Great! Congratulations. But do not think your work ends here. Now you have to retain this buyer to re-consume in your store and recommend your acquaintances. That you got a sale does not mean that you have to forget your user.

Uservoice : tool to get feedback from our customers.

Typeform, Survey Monkey : tools to create surveys and forms with a very simple and clean design.

Engagor : fantastic tool for monitoring brand social networks to know what they talk about you.

In addition to all the tools we have discussed, there are so-called “All-in-ones”, or tools that have powerful software capable of performing multiple functions. They tend to have a high price but with one of them, you do not need the vast majority of what we have seen in the list.






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