Best Messages For Girls After First Date

by Sachin

Next time you have a meeting with a girl, you should remember that she has already created her opinion about you, so there is no second chance to create the first impression again. In order not to correct your mistakes in the future, try to be as sincere as possible on the first date; be the best version of yourself and prepare the base for the further development of your relationship. Being confident and having plans for the future is better than trying to repair the wrong impression from scratch.

Another great tip for you to make sure how to act and what to write in the text message is to clear thing out on the date itself. Because it often happens that the evening does not end with a kiss, and you cannot determine whether the girl wants this communication to continue; however, you, as a gentleman, are to make the first step. That is why a very cunning tip is to be persistent and confident from the beginning of the date. An unexpected kiss will put the girl off the wagon, but as soon as she returns back to earth, you will see how pleased she is by the fact you were not afraid to take the initiative.

By the way, if the kiss happens not in the end, leaving an air of uncertainness about the further steps, it would be a smart idea to show the girl your sympathy right in the middle of the meeting, so you have time to talk sincerely and feel much closer for the rest of the date.  Always try to do a step more than the girl allows. This is a guarantee of your confidence and success in her eyes.

The big mistake is to call the girl immediately after the date, telling her how pleased you were to spend time with her and that you are looking forward to your next meeting as soon as possible. Even if your heart beats faster on a date already, and you understand from the first sight that you definitely like a girl, and you kiss, it is not recommended to do this. Since both of you like each other, there is no point in making any pauses in communication or checking if everything is clear, but pull yourself together and do not be intrusive.

However, if the girl did not touch your heartstrings, did not stir up the fire of feelings, or threw the food at the waiter during dinner, you have nothing to lose or be afraid of. You just didn’t let her know about yourself. All another question is supposed when you met a girl on a big dating site in Europe, you had a lovely date, and you are now wondering what to write a girl you really liked. Well, we are finally going to get closer to this.

When to write? Many girls will prove that is not the best idea to write a girl the evening after the date. They say, having received a message a couple of hours after the date, the girl feels your despair and loneliness, and these features are not at all attractive. However, other girls say they would be pleased to receive a message in the evening after the date, and would not consider it a sign of despair. That is why you should decide yourself and consider the behavior of a girl during the date to know whether or not she will be waiting for your message.

One way or another, you have two options. Either to write a message on the day after the date, or, if you have already written immediately after the date, not to take any other actions the next day.

What to write immediately after the date?

  • A compliment

If you decide to write right after the date, you can restrict yourself to a short compliment, like “You are awesome!” Then take a break for a few hours, and the next day you can add “You know, I have realized that I miss you.” Sure, the girl will find it touching when you confess your feelings. Very cute.

  • Interesting story

We all love stories: when someone starts telling us what happened to him, we forget about what we do here at all. Especially when the stories are interesting.

To cause some positive emotions, you can tell the story that happened after the date, and it can be very simple. It is enough just to learn to notice interesting details about what is happening around.

  • Recall some point from the meeting

The emotions arise based on the memories in most cases, so if your date was interesting, or there were some unusual moments, use this as a detail to start a conversation.

  • Comment on the topic of your conversation

Of course, you have touched some important or interesting topics during the conversation. For example, it can be a thing you were both not sure about or had a small discussion, you can use it as a hint and start a dialogue by stating you have made a small research and discovered the answer for the question you were arguing about.

There are many tricks you can use to start a conversation, but the best of them is to be yourself and do what your heart is telling you – trust me, girls feel it.

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