[FIXED] Brew Command Not Found – 2023 Guide to Fixing this Annoying Error

by Sachin


  • Homebrew is a package manager for macOS and the ‘brew command not found’ is a common error.
  • This error can be resolved by installing/reinstalling Homebrew, modifying the system PATH, or checking the shell configuration file.
  • It’s important to resolve this error to smoothly install, update or uninstall software on your Mac.
  • Certain preventative measures can also be taken to avoid this issue in the future.

Understanding the brew command not found Issue/Problem

The brew command not found error occurs when the system cannot find the ‘brew’ command in your terminal. This typically happens when Homebrew, a package manager for macOS, is not correctly installed or its path is not correctly set up.

Homebrew is a powerful tool that allows you to install, update, or uninstall software packages on your Mac. Hence, encountering this error can bring your work to a halt.

What’s the Ideal Scenario Without the brew command not found Issue?

In an ideal scenario, typing ‘brew’ in the terminal should allow you to manage software packages on your macOS.

It should fetch the necessary command from the Homebrew package and perform tasks like installing new software, updating existing software, or even uninstalling unnecessary software.

When Does brew command not found Error Occur?

The error pops up when you try to use the ‘brew’ command in the terminal and the system fails to recognize it. This usually indicates that Homebrew is either not installed on your system, or the system is not able to find it.

Basic Troubleshooting: Have You Tried These Steps?

Before diving into complex solutions, try these simple troubleshooting steps:

  • Restart your system.
  • Check if Homebrew is installed by typing [‘/usr/bin/ruby -e “$(curl -fsSL https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Homebrew/install/master/install)”‘ in your terminal.]

Why It’s Important to Resolve brew command not found

Not fixing the brew command not found error can disrupt your workflow. Homebrew is a critical tool for managing software packages on macOS. Therefore, resolving this issue is essential for smooth software management.

Practical Solutions to Fix brew command not found

SOLUTION 1: Install Homebrew

If Homebrew is not installed on your system, this is the most likely cause of the error. To install Homebrew:

  • Open Terminal.
  • Paste the following command and hit Enter: [/bin/bash -c “$(curl -fsSL https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Homebrew/install/HEAD/install.sh)”]

SOLUTION 2: Check and Modify the System PATH

If Homebrew is installed but not found, the system PATH might not be correctly set. To check and modify it:

  • Open Terminal.
  • Check your current PATH by typing echo $PATH.
  • If /usr/local/bin is not included in the PATH, you need to add it.

SOLUTION 3: Reach out to Homebrew Support

If all else fails, it’s time to reach out to Homebrew Support. You can contact them via Twitter or email. Just provide a detailed description of your issue and the steps you’ve tried to resolve it.

How to Prevent brew command not found Error in the Future

To avoid this issue in the future, make sure that Homebrew is correctly installed and updated. Regularly checking and modifying your system PATH can also help prevent this error.


Resolving the brew command not found error is crucial for efficient software management on macOS. Following the steps above should help resolve the error, but if it persists, don’t hesitate to contact Homebrew Support.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About brew command not found

What is Homebrew?

Homebrew is a free and open-source software package management system that simplifies the installation of software on Apple’s macOS operating system.

How do I install Homebrew on my Mac?

You can install Homebrew on your Mac by pasting the following command in your Terminal: /bin/bash -c “$(curl -fsSL https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Homebrew/install/HEAD/install.sh)”

What is a system PATH?

The system PATH is an environment variable on Unix-like operating systems, DOS, OS/2, and Microsoft Windows, specifying a set of directories where executable programs are located.

How do I add Homebrew to my PATH?

To add Homebrew to your PATH, you need to modify the .bash_profile or .zshrc file in your home directory and add the following line: export PATH=”/usr/local/opt/python/libexec/bin:$PATH”.

What should I do if I still encounter the ‘brew command not found’ error after following these steps?

If the ‘brew command not found’ error still persists after following these steps, you should reach out to Homebrew Support for further assistance.

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