Can you Really make money with a blog? How much?

by Sachin

Can you Really make money with a blog

Can you Really make money with a blog? How much?

 Many people ask me Can you Really make money with a blog. If I say yes, Dollar symbol would appear in the eyes of people who ask me.

Yes, you can make money with a blog. The next question that occurs to many people is how much, and the answer is more complicated. In fact, it depends on various Niches and the skill set of that blogger.

How much money can earn with a blog?

You have just created a blog about a topic that you are passionate about and you are thinking that in addition to the satisfaction of writing about what you like, it would also be good to earn some money with advertising.

How much will you earn? That is not known, although I can tell you what it will depend on. There are three things:

Traffic volume

It is logical to say that it depends on traffic volume, In fact, it is not a logic it is a fact. High traffic volume has more possibilities to earn money. All forms of blog monetization depend on the web traffic you receive. You have many ways to attract visitors to your website, from working the SEO to moving on social networks.

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Monetization modes

There are several ways to earn money with a blog. The simplest is to use Google Adsense and include advertising blocks on your site. There are other advertising platforms such as WordAds (exclusive for WordPress) and similar. These sites usually offer fairly moderate income, so you will need many visits to get good advertising figures.

Other more profitable options are affiliate marketing, which consists of actively recommending products and services from companies in exchange for receiving a commission if the sale occurs.

Blog’s Niche

Not all blogs are equally profitable. It depends, and much on the subject. Currently, those blogs that can generate more income are niche blogs. You know, those blogs that talk about a very specific topic. This type of blogs combines two characteristics: little competition and a high conversion rate.

Quality content can be profitable. It is not a myth that there are people who live only from their blog (or their own network of blogs). It is possible, but not simple. There are many bloggers who are earning an income of 6 digits every month with there blogs. Even the top bloggers around the web also started there blog from Zero. The only reason that stands out is they are more dedicated, they love their profession.

For example, blogs based around the tech industry can get very lucrative but the competition is quite high. So the best idea is to actually find a very specific niche and focus specifically on it, let’s say one specific type of mobile phone, used by a particular industry.

On the other hand, blogs focused towards women who are also quite prolific shoppers can also be very nicely monetized. There are many travel bloggers who are using their blog to finance they travels around the world.

Another niche which is always hot and also very monetizable, because brands spent a lot of money on marketing, are the fashion and beauty blogs, where people tend to spend quite a lot of money in these industries, so if you collaborate with big brands, chances are you’ll be able to seriously monetize your blog.

Of course, the design of your blog is critical to show you are trustworthy. For that reason, it’s important to choose a professionally designed theme to power your blog, such as one of the following from the list of CollectiveRay’s fashion themes for wordpress.

Do you have any alternate suggestions for making money through blogging? Comments are open.

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