Comparium — An Intuitive Screenshot Web Testing Tool That Every Developer Needs

by Sachin

Testing the websites that you have built is as important as building them. The efficiency of your work would become somewhat wasted if the design and content are rendered in the proper way on all devices. It is why every developer has to go through the peril of testing their website, application or PWA in all devices.

Won’t that be awesome if you could automate that, though?

Today, we wanted you to meet an app that can do the exact same thing — Comparium. Here, we would be telling you the process of using Comparium and how it can help you in screenshot web testing. First of all, it is time to know what Comparium is all about.

What Is Comparium?

So, Comparium is a Quality Analysis utility that can help you save a lot of time and resources. This app allows you to test your website or web application on different platforms from the convenience of a single browser window. That is, you will be able to know how your website looks on a PC, a Mac or an Android device. There are times when you have to go deeper, and Comparium has the right tools for that too.

In the simplest words, Comparium is the best blessing a developer could have asked for. The fact that you’d be able to complete your entire QA process in a few minutes is pretty great. We introduced Comparium to a number of developers we know, and they instantly loved it. Now that you know what Comparium is, shall we check out how it performs?

Using Comparium for Testing

Comparium does not want you to be a coding expert to automate the quality testing process. This free tool is pretty much straightforward into the process. Everything can be completed in three steps and the app has no account-creation or anything.

First of all, you have to open the Comparium app homepage and enter the URL that you want to test. Now, right next to the URL box, you will be able to select the desired platform and the browser. The best part is that you will be able to select one or multiple options from the list. In this case, we have chosen every choice that Comparium provides.

When you hit the Test button, Comparium would open a new tab with all the options you had chosen. You’ll have to wait for a few seconds while the app loads screenshots from every configuration you’d selected. In our case, you can see eight different screenshots. It is pretty convenient that Comparium offers all the views in a comprehensive layout.

You can also refresh or delete the screenshots according to your needs. More importantly, you have options to open individual screenshots and see how the website looks. So, in just a few seconds, you get the whole job done.

Other Things Worth Noting

We really appreciate the Comparium team for creating such an intuitive User Interface. This has been done without compromising the performance. Just so you know, this screenshot web testing tool is getting those screenshots from actual virtual machines. That is, when you select Windows and Chrome, the screenshot is produced from a device of that configuration.

It’s pretty awesome that the app is able to pull of those speeds, even while keeping the performance intact. On a normal day, you would have spent several minutes or hours to see whether your website is working fine on all devices. So, in the least amount of words possible, Comparium can change the way you approach and process Quality Testing.

The Bottom Line

We were quite impressed with what Comparium had to offer to developers and designers. Considering that designs may be rendered differently on devices, it makes sense to use a platform like Comparium. The team is working on some additional features as well. Most of these features are made for enterprise needs. It will be, for instance, able to send the screenshots to your email address.

At the end of the day, we would recommend Comparium to anyone and everyone. It does not matter what exactly you want — someone who is just enthusiastic or someone who does this job on a daily basis —, this app won’t let you down.

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