31 Crunchyroll Store Alternatives for 2023 – Shop Anime Goods with Ease

by Sachin

The Crunchyroll store is an online platform that lets you shop your favorite anime merchandise like clothing, figures, collectibles, home goods, and more.

Founded in 2010, the store has become a haven for anime fans eager to show their loyalty and love for the youth-driven culture.

The anime merchandise at Crunchyroll store is wide-ranging, ranging from figures of famous characters like Goku and Naruto to rare collectibles.

Moreover, it also offers exclusive items that can only be found via its online platform, perfect gifts for hardcore fanatics who want something they can’t get anywhere else.

Aside from its extensive list of products, the Crunchyroll store is well-known for offering excellent customer service and fast shipping (free or discounted) to countries worldwide.

Plus, payment options are varied – visa cards, master cards, etcetera, giving fans additional reasons to choose this platform above most other online stores.

Crunchyroll Store

Current Status of Crunchyroll Store in 2023

Since its debut more than a decade ago, the Crunchyroll store has become one of the most popular anime-related sites due to its high-quality and varying merchandise. Over time, however, competitors have taken chunks of their market share, leaving them with far fewer revenues than before.

To stay afloat, they have had to diversify their merchandise further, including live-streaming platforms for TV series and film-related content.

This has helped their financial status somewhat, but fans are hoping that the competition continues to keep them on their toes so as not to leave Crunchyroll stores complacent with the success they’ve currently achieved in a highly competitive space.

Best Alternatives for Crunchyroll Store – Shop Anime Goods at Cheap Rates


J-list is an American company that sells Japanese goods such as anime figures, chibi character items, and other toys.

Although it doesn’t have the same extensive range of products that Crunchyroll store offers, what makes this site stand out from the crowd are its regular discounts and exclusive quality merchandise.

Shipping can take quite a long due to being based overseas, but they offer quick international shipping, too, as long as you’re willing to pay the extra deluxe fee.


Mandarake sells used anime goods and collectibles at a fraction of their original price. That includes figures, action figures, plushies, VHS tapes, and other hard-to-find items no longer available elsewhere, making them an excellent choice for collectors on tight budgets who only want certain characters from the series.


As one of Japan’s largest online stores for anime and manga goods, Ninoma has a vast range of merchandise, such as clothing, figures, accessories, and even traditional crafts you never knew existed.

Prices tend to be lower here compared to other regular shops, which makes them exceptionally wallet-friendly, with additional discounts for members who subscribe annually.


If you’re more into music and want to purchase original goods from your favorite anime, then CD Japan should be right up your alley.

Their selection is surprisingly huge, stocked with almost every single release related to the series you may have enjoyed before, such as OSTs, Drama/Talk CDs, Singles, Concert Goods etc. They even have a segment called ‘K-POP Goods’, filled with items about J-POP and other related genres.

Deep DiscountDeep Discount

Founded in 1997, Deep Discount is a leader in offering affordable DVDs and CDs alongside merchandise for the most renowned anime titles.

Prices here tend to be lower than their competitors due to them always stocking up on fresh sets; convenient if you want one without breaking off your bank account anytime soon. Delivery times are fast too, without worrying about returns if the package doesn’t arrive on time.


Located in Europe, Archonia can deliver anime goods within continents of that region at relatively lower rates than other sites outside its area.

One thing that stands out for them is their Customer Experience Center in Belgium, where customers can try out most items days or weeks before they are officially released online, ensuring their products are up to standard before sending them out.

The Anime Corner StoreThe Anime Corner Store

As its name suggests, this is solely a store for anime merchandise and collectibles ranging from mangas to costumes. The advantage for them is always being one step ahead of the competition due to all snacks, DVDs, and other items sold at much lower prices in comparison while also offering international shipping.


Founded in 1999, BigBadToyStore is an excellent spot for browsing all types of merch related to popular titles.

From figures and action toys to plushies and costumes – you’ll find yourself spoiled with options all at your fingertips no matter where you live around the world, making them quite a genuine choice if anime goods are what appeals to you most on the internet today.

GK WorldGK World

GK World is a well-known platform for all things related to Japan and is best known for selling anime merchandise such as figures, statues, and toys, sure to make any fan jump up in ecstatic joy.

Prices here tend to be reasonable despite being slightly expensive, though their customer service makes it up with fast shipping times worldwide.


Nippon-Yasan was launched in 1998 and offers Japanese goods ranging from manga to t-shirts and enamel pins.

This makes it an excellent spot for searching for rare items, such as exclusive figures that may be extremely difficult or impossible to find elsewhere. It simultaneously provides cheap shipping costs without taking much of your wallet’s cash in return.

Fakku StoreFakku Store

Fakku Store is another famous site when speaking about anime merchandise. It also provides both new product lines, but their main focus is mainly hardcore adult-oriented content.

They’re pretty selective on what they sell, and the quality can sometimes be questionable. Still, the Fakku Store was created with one thing in mind: fast access to hardcore anime goods that may not appeal to all consumers.

Anime BooksAnime Books

Anime Books offers an array of old and new manga series alongside comic figurines.

While their selection isn’t as good as compared to the Crunchyroll store, what makes them stand out is that their partner sites often provide exclusive discounts on anime series that are pretty hard or even impossible to find elsewhere, giving readers a unique opportunity to browse through before investing in any further items.


Otamart was primarily created for buying and selling collectible figures, DVDs, and other related video game titles. They provide plenty of big-name anime series and ship worldwide, wherein customers who are unhappy or unsatisfied with their purchase can proceed to return it within a specific window as long as the buyer meets the delivery cost.

Ningen LifeNingen Life

Ningen Life is well-known for its beach cafe in Japan and offers both merchandise and snacks alongside limited edition art prints that change every month, making them perfect standouts if you’re looking for something a bit different from the rest.

Anime Dakimakura PillowAnime Dakimakura Pillow

While rightly named due to its involvement with Rin Matsuoka from Free!, Anime Dakimakura Pillow offers users a wide range of body pillows that relate mainly to anime characters featured in series like Attack on Titan Re: Zero, among others, scoring many points in terms of selection before even factoring out cost/payment methods or shipping routes hereof.

Plaza JapanPlaza Japan

Founded in 2005, Plaza Japan has a vast selection of action figures and collectible pieces ranging from big names such as Naruto to other smaller series. Prices are humble enough here, rendering it ideal for customers looking for some budget-friendly cheap anime goods while offering cashing points that can be used for future purchases.


As one of the leading anime sites in Japan, Kozuguru provides fans with a vast range of goods, such as figures, stickers, and mousepads that can be found nowhere else. Most prices here are low-mid depending upon the specific title, although there may be occasional fluctuations; also provide international shipping and returning items within 7 days from their purchase if needed.


If you’re looking for rare collectibles to add to your already growing anime collection, AnimeNPC offers new and used items that still hold their roots. They often have a sale section where some merchandise from specific titles is sold at an affordable rate, thus ensuring you can always keep up with the highs and lows of costs before investing large sums in these types of investments.

Ukiyo KumoUkiyo Kumo

Ukiyo Kumo is another site specializing in selling rare figures, plushies, and other goodies related to the beloved Card Captor Sakura series. The range is good enough here as they keep up with new releases while also offering international shipping, making it quite a decent spot for manga fans who consider this source more than just a medium of entertainment.


RightStufAnime is the perfect choice for anime enthusiasts buying DVD sets, manga, and other collectibles in an easy-to-navigate online platform. From favorites like Death Note to popular ongoing shows like Naruto – there’s something here for every style or budget! On top of that, they also offer excellent customer service with friendly staff who strive to provide first-class assistance regarding each order placed via this site, delivering goods that are always 100% safe and sound.

Tokyo Otaku ModeTokyo Otaku Mode

Tokyo Otaku Mode is a must if you’re looking for exclusive merchandise related to current and classic series.


This site offers an array of clothes, figures, jewelry, and many more items straight from Japan; perfect gifts for the diehard fan in your life while taking slightly lesser delivery costs than other online stores! On top of that, customers who register with this platform also get additional discounts on unique products.


Anime-Planet is a great spot for discovering and exploring particular titles in ways you’ve never thought of before.

This platform allows users to read manga, watch anime on the go, and stay up to date with their favorite series while also providing guides tailored towards each genre, helping out viewers if they ever feel lost or confused during plot holes or any other stories arcs arising from their chosen shows. It’s an ideal option for both newcomers and experienced fans alike, for sure.

Sentai FilmworksSentai Filmworks

Sentai Filmworks is an excellent place if you’re looking for quality Blu-ray releases of anime shows or films; notable titles such as Sword Art Online, Trigun, and other classics have all found their homes in popularity over time.

Prices are pocket-friendly, too, which makes it quite reasonable compared to other sites offering the same set with different mailing costs attached to themselves otherwise. What’s more? They also offer a loyalty system to customers who subscribe to them, providing significant benefits.

Funimation StoreFunimation Store

Funimation Store is another site offering the same provisions as Sentai Filmworks. However, its sense of exclusivity makes it shine brighter than others (built up in bonus episodes and behind-the-scenes extras with which the rest aren’t familiar at all). Prices here might be slightly higher, but for ultimate experience seekers, this platform may serve you well over time. Plus, the faster-than-expected delivery times for each order are always a plus!


AniPlex+ is perfect for all fans of both anime and manga, selling books from several series and providing exclusive access before anyone else through its membership-only platform, which can be accessed only with certain conditions in place beforehand.

What’s more? They also offer less if one considers international shipping costs compared to their competitors in the US or abroad.

Good Smile CompanyGood Smile Company

Suppose you’re searching for exclusive figures to add to your anime collection. In that case, Good Smile Company is the perfect spot as they offer high-quality Exclusive Figmas and Nendoroids that can be found nowhere else, along with wallpaper designs and plenty of other goodies.

Prices here tend to lean towards being expensive, but what makes it worth it is the intricate details such goods bring about in each piece, free from any chipped or broken parts whatsoever.


Suppose you want to play imported licensed video games from Japan and East Asia. In that case, Play-Asia is the place to grab some great titles that may be hard or impossible to find elsewhere.

This platform also offers a free store pickup option, perfect for anyone willing to save delivery expenses otherwise needing their preferred title immediately after purchase. Plus, customer service here tends to be top-notch, with almost all queries answered within 24 hours – impressive.

Solaris JapanSolaris Japan

Solaris Japan specializes in selling original game soundtracks (OSTs) alongside video games, Blu-ray, and other collectibles.

What makes it stand out is its impressive selection of music for classic animes like Cowboy Bebop and Code Geass, which will bring back nostalgia to your playthrough or listening experiences. Their delivery times are also fast, making them a legit site with many advantages otherwise unheard of elsewhere.


AmiAmi offers almost the same benefits as Solaris Japan, but what sets it apart is its special promotion offers on certain weeks. Anyone who takes part in these deals will receive benefits such as free shipping costs or exclusive discounts over costlier items; perfect if you’re tight when budgeting yet still searching for quality merchandise while saving some cash, too.

HobbyLink JapanHobbyLink Japan

HobbyLink (HLJ) specializes in supplying scale model kits of classic characters from popular series such as Bandai, Good Smile, and Kotobukiya, providing detailed pieces that will surely make even the most demanding fans of any figure joyous and excited over time.

Their customer service is top-notch too, with an efficient investigation regarding faults encountered should these arise from certain products wherein delivery dates tend to be fast or stringent depending on your location at whatever given moment in view thereof already so stated.


Hobby Search offers collectibles related to a wide range of popular franchises such as Naruto, Attack On Titan, and Bleach – making it a reliable source for those who wish to search the depths of lesser-known series that may be out there.

Prices tend to vary depending upon chosen items, with most ranging from low to mid; perfect if you’re looking for more affordable options, though shipping costs might become slightly pricey depending on where you live, including its currency exchange rates, turning tables otherwise in view hereof till now said already.


Crunchyroll Store is a great place to shop for anime merchandise, collectibles, and other accessories related to the show. Although they have shared market space with competitors in recent years, they still offer excellent customer service and an extensive range of products that can be found nowhere else.

From figures of famous characters to exclusive items – Crunchyroll Store has you covered! For even better deals or delivery options, several alternatives listed herein may complement your needs compared to the original platform.

Crunchyroll Store FAQS

Q1: What goods does Crunchyroll Store offer?

A1: The Crunchyroll Store offers a large variety of anime merchandise, including figures, clothing, home goods, and other accessories.

Q2: Does the store ship items internationally?

A2: Yes! Depending on your location, the store ships worldwide with discounted or free shipping costs.

Q3 : What payment options do they accept?

A3: The Crunchyroll Store accepts Visa and Mastercard credit cards as payment methods.

Q4 : Does Crunchyroll Store offer exclusive items?

A4: Yes! The store offers a wide range of exclusive products that can’t be found anywhere else.

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