Disney+ Vs. Netflix: Caring About Families Needs

by Sachin

In the great Disney + Versus Netflix debate, the decision needs to be determined by the needs and desires of your specific family. While they are both digital streaming services, they are also very different. The first step in deciding whether your family should use Disney + or Netflix, is learning about each option and comparing what each of them has to offer.


Let us begin with the cost of each and any differences in streaming ability. At the recent birth of Disney +, it is currently running at $7 a month for its entry-level account. This is the cost for Disney+’s most basic accounts that allow four users to stream at the same time on different devices. This is in comparison to Netflix basic account that costs $8.99 a month and only permits you to use one device at a time and you are unable to stream in HD. 

Most people go for the more advanced account from Netflix that is more comparable to the Disney+ account in which it lets you stream in HD and use four devices at one time. This more advanced Netflix account is $15.99 a month.

Global Coverage

Now we move on to the availability of streaming anywhere that you are. Netflix is currently available for streaming in more than 190 countries. But Disney+, being new in its creation, is only currently available in the United States, in Canada as well as in the Netherlands. 

However, Disney+ currently has plans in the works to spread out streaming into Australia, Puerto Rico and New Zealand. Next year there are plans to also move into the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy and Spain.

User Interface

As far as the interface goes Disney+ just followed suit with all of the other streaming services. When you get on either Disney+ or Netflix you will see categorized rows and tiles. This has been found to be the best way to keep the streaming services organized and easy to find things. 

However, you are also able to choose the search icon and just search items by title, actor, television shows, movies, documentaries, category and more. 

For both of these streaming apps you can even download content for offline viewing. One feature that Netflix has but Disney+ does not, is that on Netflix, you are able to stop a show and pick it back up at the same point whenever you are ready. There is also a row of shows and movies that you have previously watched, but this is not available on the Disney+ streaming service.

One problem with Netflix interface is that it will auto-play audio and video when you hover over the show icons. This gives you short views of shows and movies just as you scroll through them. This is not a huge problem but it can be annoying. However, it is possible to shut this feature off if you head into your settings to do it. Just remember that you will have to go into each account and turn each off individually.

Device Support

Different devices are able to be used when you are on Netflix streaming services, Android TV boxes, gaming systems, televisions, cell phones, tablets, and computers all work as long as you are connected to the Netflix website or the Netflix app. Basically, if you have a device that has or is connected to a screen, then Netflix will work on it. Disney+ can be used on most devices with or connected to a screen, except for older televisions. However, since Disney+ is still in its initial phase, it is constantly working on making improvements.


It’s time to discuss what all of the parents and families have been wondering, child safety ratings. Disney+ is currently strictly showing only Disney television shows and movies. Because of this, there is currently no need for parental controls so they are not offered. There is no MA or R-rated content that is even offered on this streaming service. Your children have full access to their child accounts as well as to your parent account, it is up to you to decide how your family feels about this non-existent feature. 

If this issue makes you uncomfortable, then Netflix is going to be the better option as far as parental controls go. On Netflix, parents can set up kids’ accounts and block certain show ratings. As far as parent accounts go, parents can choose to lock these accounts with a pin number so their children can not access the content without a pin number. If you place a pin number on one account, you have to place a pin number on all accounts, this can be a pain but this also helps to keep everything more secure and to keep your children safe.

At this point in time, Netflix offers upwards of 3,900 movies, 1,800 television shows, plus even more documentaries for their customers to enjoy all over the world. Disney+ is currently only offering 652 movies and television shows in total. But keep in mind, Disney+ is still in its newborn stage, there is still plenty of room to grow.

It is important to know that Disney+ currently has a deal in the works that may boost their services to the top of the comparison chart. While it is true that Disney+ is currently streaming much less content for their users, they are also looking to grow in the direction of combining services with others. The plan is to offer Disney+ as a bundle package that includes all of the services with Disney+, Hulu as well as ESPN.

Every streaming service only offers each show for a limited amount of time so be aware that none of it is permanent. Shows will come and go each month so you will need to catch them when they are available because there is no way to know if or when it will come back. Both streaming services offer older original content as well as brand new content. This helps to keep your entire family happy because the parents can share shows and movies from their childhood as well as enjoying brand new popular shows and movies. This helps to bring families together and to create new family traditions as they grow together as one big happy family.

On a personal note, my family has weighed all of this information. Due to the list of the compiled and compared information, and learning that each streaming service is different in that they each offer different content, we have made a decision to subscribe to both in addition to our existing IPTV subscription. This is a decision that many families are making. Families that have primarily younger children are subscribing to both and having the children on Disney Plus while the parents are on Netflix. It really is a personal family decision to consider. The main point to take from this article is to remember that each streaming service is still growing so nobody knows what the future will bring for any of them.


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