Effective Tips to Boost Clicks on a Google Ads Campaign

by Sachin

The market of eCommerce has been successfully growing each year. And it grew even more and peaked during the Covid-19 pandemic that encouraged many brands to convert their physical stores into online ones.

More to it, many new businesses arise during these difficult times – the more we prefer to purchase products and services online, the bigger the demand for brands to have online access to what they are selling.

The toughest part of this significant change in how the competition in the eCommerce market has grown. Therefore, online businesses have to come up with even more effective strategies to be noticed. And how do you get noticed without Google? This article will provide valuable tips to boost the clicks on a Google Ads campaign.

Tip #1: Perform a Google Ads Audit

Google Ads account audit is the first step you should consider if you want to increase the number of clicks on your Google Ads campaign and increase your sales. More to it, if you choose the right tools to do it, you will not need to struggle to do it by yourself and make mistakes or hire a professional to do it. There are great tools for Google Ads audit that you can use for free.

Performing such an audit has many advantages to it. First of all, you have all possibilities to do it for free – so basically, by doing it, you are not losing money, you are saving it. Secondly, you will be able to gain a clear view of your position in the market – and this will let you build your strategy to grow the number of clicks on your Google Ads campaign.

Tip #2: Choose a Good Ad Copy

The right keywords are crucial for a high-performing ad and the entire ad campaign. But one important factor to remember is that a real human being will be reading your ad copy – therefore, it needs to be written well and not sound robotic or too plain. So to make a perfect ad campaign with a lot of clicks, the best recipe is good keywords and a good ad copy.

A good ad copy needs to persuade the person that will be reading it and still include the best keywords while sounding natural. To create a higher chance of conversion, try to think the same way your target audience would think – ask questions, and provide a solution at the same time. For example, if you sell organic shampoos, in your ad copy, you could ask: “What shampoo is best for dry hair?” and similar. 

Also, always try to focus not only on writing an ad copy that sounds relevant, natural, and intriguing but also on how relevant your landing page will be. So if taking the same example of organic shampoo, your landing page should lead to a product or an article that provides useful information and products for dry hair. But not something general, like a list of the entire line of shampoos you are selling.

Tip #3: Choose Your Keywords Wisely 

There are many different theories and strategies about coming up with the best keywords, and it is becoming quite tricky to choose the one that suits your business. But it is one of the essential moments of a successful ad campaign; therefore, it is worth talking about.

One of the most popular strategies for beginners is to pick the popular keywords for your niche. But the truth is that many of your businesses in your niche, even the biggest ones, are using them. The more generic is the keyword, the more different niches of businesses will be using it. So to get at least some use of these keywords and appear on the first page of Google search, you would need to invest a bunch of money.

Another strategy that is much more likely to be successful and boost the number of clicks for your Google Ads campaign is to see what kind of keywords your closest competitors are using. You can even try using a high-ranking competitor’s name in your keywords – but make sure the landing page of this ad is relative and make it clear in the copy as well.

Tip #4: Stop Ads That Are Underperforming

There is no single strategy that would work for any brand – because each case is unique. Therefore, finding a perfect strategy for you and creating a well-performing ad takes a lot of experimenting, and it is the only path to success.

Even if you follow all of the guidelines SEO and marketing gurus tell you, the Google Ads campaign might not always be as successful as you would have expected it to be. It happens. But the most important moment is to notice the underperforming ads and pause them so that you don’t lose your money over an ad that doesn’t generate enough clicks.

To be more specific, if an ad’s click-through rate is less than 0.5%, get rid of it immediately because it is just a waste of money. It should have at least a 2% click-through rate or higher to give an ad the chance to bring positive results.

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