Essential Features To Look For When Buying A Tablet

by Sachin

Mobile computing has been made more convenient by tablets. In terms of functions and sizes, tablets are in between smartphones and computers. This gadget is perfect for email, browsing the web, watching movies, or even gaming. There are even tablets with similar capacities as laptops.

When buying a tablet, here are some essential features you should look for:

Consider the Operating System

The most popular tablet operating systems include Android, iOS, and Windows. Each of the software running the tablet comes with advantages and drawbacks. The idea is to consider how you’ll use the tablet and choose the system that’ll best fit your needs.

But more than the operating system of the tablet, you should also think about the kinds and number of applications that you plan to use in the tablet.

Here’s a quick guide on the difference between these popular operating systems:

  • If you’ll use the tablet for gaming and media, an iOS tablet might be the best.
  • If you’re going to use the tablet as a personal computer, then choose a Windows tablet.
  • But if you prefer an open platform that allows multitasking, then an Android tablet might serve you best.

Check the Storage Space Available

Although you may not need as much data on your tablet, as you would on your laptop, storage is still something you might consider. Tablets usually come with storage of up to 1TB. Again, how you plan to use your tablet will affect the amount of storage you need in a tablet.

If you plan to use it for web browsing, reading, and composing emails on the go, storage may not be a problem. But if you want to store media, like movies and music, you may want to consider a tablet with more robust storage.

Here are other storage options you may consider.

  • You can increase storage in a tablet with USB port.
  • A tablet may also come with memory slots for additional storage.
  • Cloud storage is another option to supplement your tablet storage.

Look at its Connectivity Features

Since a tablet is a mobile device, it’s expected to have internet connectivity. Some tablets only feature Wi-Fi connectivity, while others may have an additional cellular internet connection.

Here are connectivity features that you should consider:

  • If you want to make calls and send SMS with your tablet, you should find a tablet with this connectivity. Check if the tablet is 3G, 4G or LTE compatible. This is crucial especially if you plan to connect to the internet using mobile data.
  • If you don’t see yourself using the tablet for calls, Wi-Fi connectivity should be sufficient. Check the Wi-Fi form it supports. Most tablets should support the 802.11n Wi-Fi connection.
  • You may also need Bluetooth connectivity for connecting to other tablets, phones, or peripherals like a keyboard.

Consider Size and Weight

If you picture yourself working for long hours with your tablet, its size and weight should be important. You wouldn’t want to hold something heavy for long.

Light tablets are good if they’re still durable and won’t easily slip from your hands. You should also check the tablet’s thickness to consider if it can easily fit your hand.

Check the Screen Resolution or Display

You want to look at the tablet’s viewing angles, screen resolution, coating, and brightness. The tablet’s resolution will determine how difficult or how easy it’ll be to read text on your device’s screen. It will also affect the way you watch movies on your device.

You’d want to check the viewing angles of the tablet if you’ll watch movies or read text with other people. Brightness is important if the tablet will be frequently used outdoors. Pick a tablet with a durable coating so that the screen won’t have scratches and will be easy to clean.

Check The Battery Life

Battery is an important feature in a tablet since you’ll most likely want to carry it around with you. Although battery life can vary according to the applications being used in a tablet, it’s important to check its advertised battery life.

If you plan to use your tablet for school-related tasks, you might need several student applications on your device. A good tablet should last you at least eight hours of video playback or continuous web browsing.

Determine Its Processors

Tablets can use different types of processors. Companies may simply list the number of cores and clock speed of the processor inside the device. However, it’s important that you know more than just the numbers as the chip architecture running on the tablet can affect its performance and battery life.

Final Thoughts

Tablets have become very popular since the iPad was launched about a decade ago and it’s not surprising at all if you’re planning to buy one for yourself.

With the many gadget manufacturers in the market, it’s overwhelming to choose just one. But if you think about how you’ll use the tablet, you can narrow down your choices. Consider the given features to purchase the right tablet for you.

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