Features To Consider When Constructing Control Software

by Sachin

There are several features a buyer considers when choosing a software product. A company’s aim should be to anticipate a customer’s needs and provide support and training, as well as create a product that is cost-effective and scalable as their work changes and business expands. It is imperative that businesses implement end-to-end testing to ensure a seamless software offering is delivered.

Affordable Software

When you consider the complexity of enterprise-level software, it’s easy for cost estimates to reach six figures. Modern-day robotics require businesses to devote a lot of time to coding and testing. However, commercially available software solutions can simplify software specs. This is why it can be crucial to make your product cost-effective. Commercially available software solutions can give customers a payback after the first launch, and users can continue to save over time. Money is not the only commodity that should be cost-effective, as time is also a valuable resource. Our control software Kinesis is an example of a solution designed to meet the needs of various businesses and client goals.

Customer and Software Support

When customers consider a product, they look at the product support a business gives to their product. Customers want to know how supported the product is, both in the execution of the software and if the business is willing to support the product and their customers. They want to buy from a company that has a team devoted to technological research and is willing to take steps to educate and assist users. In order to keep customers, you must help them navigate the product and help them understand how to use your product effectively. This customer service role makes use of tutorials, offers help center articles, and real-time chat in order to help customers get the most from the software as possible.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computation is integral for sharing, storage, and data processing and all of these aspects play a role in the ROS ecosystem. Platforms built on Cloud Computing provide customers flexibility for growth as their workflow changes. Our cloud-based Kinesis software supports updates, deep learning, and customer analytics.

Tomahawk’s Kinesis is the first robotic control software solutions for commercial businesses and the defense sector. It’s the result of decades of research and is designed to anticipate a user’s needs for training and support.

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