20 Freestreamslive Alternatives for 2023 – The Best Streaming Services

by Sachin

Freestreamslive was an online streaming service known for broadcasting live sports events such as NBA, NFL, NHL, MMA, and Boxing from various channels.

It gained popularity due to its free-access model, allowing sports enthusiasts to catch live actions from their favorite leagues without incurring additional costs.

However, a setback occurred in 2021 when the United States government seized Freestreamslive due to legal issues. The service became defunct, leaving its user base searching for alternative platforms.

This article enumerates 20 alternative streaming services to Freestreamslive that remain active as of 2023, offering similar features and benefits.Freestreamslive

Current Status of Freestreamslive in 2023

The downfall of Freestreamslive underscores the vital role governments and regulatory bodies play in monitoring and controlling online streaming platforms to curb illegal activities such as copyright infringement.

Though the closure of Freestreamslive was disheartening for many, it highlighted the necessity for legal, well-regulated streaming platforms that can provide affordable access to sports content.

This has allowed various legal streaming sites to flourish, offering individuals cost-effective options to follow their beloved sports leagues globally.

Best Alternatives of Freestreamslive

Outlined below are 20 different streaming platforms that have emerged as viable alternatives to Freestreamslive, providing similar features, capabilities, and advantages:


Fromhots is a premier alternative to Freestreamslive, offering access to thousands of sports events and live-streaming channels. Recent upgrades have introduced an in-built chatroom, voiceovers, and expanded coverage for football matches like the UEFA Champions League and the Premier League, enhancing user engagement and satisfaction.


Although a paid service, WatchSportOnline remains affordable, providing various sports channels covering the NBA, NFL, cricket, and boxing matches. The reasonable pricing for pay-per-view events and outstanding video quality make it an attractive choice for sports enthusiasts.


Goatd is an excellent choice for American football league enthusiasts, providing free access to HD streams of the latest NFL or NBA games without requiring registration. Additionally, it offers comprehensive coverage of international sports events, with the added advantage of watching replays.


Being one of the oldest streaming services with over 15 years in operation, Feed2All offers a vast range of sports leagues globally, including NFL & NBA. Its fast loading times, minimal buffering, and exclusive features like user-created replays and live commentaries on games make it a reliable choice.


Sportstream requires no signup or payment, boasting a user-friendly interface that eases navigation for newcomers to online sports streaming. It also provides a comprehensive highlights section, showcasing major plays from selected matches daily.


Focusing primarily on American sports like the NFL and NBA, Wiz1 extends its coverage to selected international events. The intuitive interface, featuring a search bar, lets users quickly find games aligned with their interests, making it a fantastic free streaming service.


Streamwoop is a comprehensive live-streaming service covering domestic and international sporting events. High-definition streams with minimal buffering, alongside features like archived matches and live commentary forums, offer a fulfilling streaming experience.


Streamsports is recognized for its ease of use, requiring no registration and providing fast streaming options. It is a reliable choice for those seeking a quick, fee-free alternative to Freestreamslive.


Soccerstreams, with its exclusive football league coverage from around the globe, has become an ideal choice for international football fans. The platform ensures a distraction-free viewing experience through minimal display ads, alongside providing high-definition streams and rapid loading times.


Sport365’s extensive list of sports associations, leagues, and countries makes it a strong contender as a go-to streaming service. It offers diverse international sporting events like basketball, hockey, or soccer matches, all without extra charges.


Similar to StreamWoop in terms of layout design with some unique features added to its name, such as its “trending” tab, which shows you live streams that have become popular among viewers. The website features some recently aired coverage of sporting events without registration and any subscription charge. This means users can get to watch their favorite games just by clicking a link


One of the few streaming services designed to keep mobile viewing in mind, Sportlemons is one of the best alternatives for people who want to watch games on the go. It also provides exclusive coverage of matches that aren’t broadcasted anywhere else, making it one of the must-haves for all sports fans


Sportsurge is a reliable service with countless users logging in each day to watch live streams from unknown sources. Despite being free to use and offering good quality streaming, the drawback here lies with its pop-up ads that tend to interrupt your viewing experience multiple times


One of the most comprehensive sports streaming sites, LiveTV covers over 40 leagues globally, allowing users to log in and discuss topics related to their favorite teams on its interactive chat forum. The website has a dark theme with minimal display ads, which enhances user navigation immensely


A multi-platform service that gives you access not only to sports content like baseball games but also to movies and TV shows. Offering HD streams with good navigation, this is one of the best replacements for Freestreamslive, which can offer similar advantages


Another easy-to-navigate website with some solid options for streaming games live, 720pStream also has an extensive library full of archives games so users can watch past matches without registering on the site or paying.


One of the most underrated free streaming services for sports, FootyBite’s only drawback lies in the fact that it is blocked by some countries, so before accessing you make sure to check whether or not it can be accessed from your region.


As its name suggests, Sportingfree offers a range of comprehensive live sporting events worldwide through its user-friendly interface with minimal loading times and impressive coverage of domestic and international sports matches.


Just like Sportingfree, Streamonsport is also one of the best alternatives for Freestreamslive offers, with support for leagues from all across the globe with some unique features such as being hooked up to a VPN before using their services, which makes it secure and difficult to detect by IP tracking sites


The demise of Freestreamslive in 2021 was a blow to the online sports streaming community. However, numerous alternatives have surfaced, offering users access to live or archived sports content across various leagues like the NBA, NFL, NHL, and Boxing without additional costs.

The 20 alternatives detailed above provide a glimpse into the diverse options available for users seeking a replacement for Freestreamslive, each with unique features catering to different sports streaming needs.


Q: What is Freestreamslive?

A: Freestreamslive was a free online streaming service that broadcasted live sports events from various channels. Unfortunately, it was shut down by the United States government in 2021 due to legal constraints.

Q: How can I watch sports events without registering or making additional payments?

A: Numerous websites like Fromhots, WatchSportOnline, Goatd, Feed2all, and Sportstream offer access to sports leagues without requiring registration or additional payments.

Q: What are some of the best alternatives to Freestreamslive?

A: Several platforms like Wiz1, Streamwoop, Streamsports, Soccerstreams, and Sport365 are excellent alternatives to Freestreamslive, providing diverse sports content and robust streaming features.

Q: What safety measures can I take before using streaming services?

A: It’s crucial to be aware of potential risks like copyright infringement or malware threats when using streaming services. Employing a VPN connection ensures online security, and some sites like Streamonsport recommend connecting to a VPN before using their services.

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