21 Best Funimation Alternatives for 2023 You Must Try Out Now!

by Sachin

Introduction and its Features

Funimation is a renowned anime streaming platform offering shows from the immense library of Japanese animation. With hundreds of re-dubs, multiple language versions, and captions available in Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese(create link), this vast entertainment hub has revolutionized how people view anime. Fans can choose from over 700 titles, available in high-definition and streamed online or through their FunimationNow app. As well as providing a great selection of anime episodes and movies, the platform also contains several other exciting features, such as interactive videos, behind-the-scenes clips, news updates about upcoming projects, free show downloads, and much more! Additionally, in 2023, Funimation will support multiple devices like mobile phones/ tablets, streaming sticks etc.

Current Status of Funimation in 2023

Funimation in 2023 is larger and more popular than ever, with a wide range of content available to stream. The platform dominates the anime streaming market, especially for English dubs, as it distributes series from various publishers, including stories from Crunchyroll, Toei Animation and Kodansha Comics. In addition, Funimation also develops its original content, such as Attack on Titan. Its library offers hundreds of titles with multiple language support, making it the go-to choice for anime lovers.

Best Funimation Alternatives for 2023 You Must Try Out Now!

1) Crunchyroll: Crunchyroll is one of the leading streaming services available. As with over 1 billion minutes streamed monthly, it remains one of the top alternatives to Funimation. This service offers over 1000 titles in multiple languages and supports Asian American content and simulcasts from Asia markets like Japan, China etc. In addition, it contains a large selection of manga and games to choose from for the whole anime streaming experience.


2) Netflix: Boasting over 1000 titles, Netflix remains one of the most popular competitors amongst Funimation users in 2023 due mainly to its unique content library and easy-to-use interface. This platform provides English-dubbed original shows and simulcasts with some content directly based on Japanese language originals that are taken into consideration worldwide by fans of Japanese culture.


3) Hulu: A dominant streaming service, Hulu has become an alternative force in the anime streaming world with a library of over 600 titles, including simulcasts and original series from different countries, including Japan. This platform offers HDR video quality and subtitles if desired, making it one of the top contenders against Funimation.


4) RetroCrush: While Retrocarcrush may not be as popular at Funimation, this streaming service is worth considering for fans of classic anime. The platform offers many re-dubbed and vintage titles for a more nostalgic experience that cannot be found with other services. Retrocrush also provides English dubs, simulcasts, premium streaming in HD quality, free games and much more.


5) HiDive: Hidive is one of the best alternatives to Funimation due to its impressive library of over 450 original Japanese language shows live-streamed weekly and subtitles available in Spanish and Portuguese. This uniquely designed platform offers customized user profiles and voting systems, giving users the feeling of being part of a community surrounded by other anime fans worldwide.


6) Amazon Prime Video: Developed in 2006, this streaming service has risen to popularity with its vast library, which consists of thousands of shows, including both licensed titles and originals. Prime Video also contains many simulcasts taken directly from Japan’s major networks providing an opportunity for viewers to watch content from abroad. The streaming service’s quality and performance are built to a very high standard.

Amazon Prime Video


7) Anime-Planet: When searching for Funimation alternatives, anime-planet must be considered top due to its expansive library and broad selection of titles. This website offers content from several production companies, including Funimation, allowing users to explore a wide range of the latest example shows. In addition, it also includes many fan favorites like “Naruto” and “One Piece,” making it an attractive alternative.


8) VRV: Founded in 2013 by Otter Media, VRV (Video Requisition & Virology ) is a fantastic platform for anime fans to connect and watch content worldwide. This streaming service offers a variety of simulcasts, both domestic and international. It also contains many popular shows with English dubs available in HD, making it an excellent alternative to Funimation.


9) Midnight Pulp: Providing its users access to over 1000 titles and counting, midnight pulp is an excellent streaming service that no one should overlook when looking for alternatives. This platform includes classic anime masterpieces and many modern-day productions with different languages in its library. Additionally, it has unlimited streaming offerings allowing viewers to explore specific genres of interest.

Midnight Pulp

10) AnimeHeaven: Next on our list is AnimeHeaven (link), which provides fans with many shows from all around the world including simulcasts from Japan. It also includes anime series from different decades and has high-definition videos streamable on almost every device. This platform is an excellent alternative to Funimation as it contains a wide range of content that can be watched for free.


11) AnimeFreak: Being one of the most popular streaming services for multimedia content, Animfreak (link) offers a growing number of titles to choose from, with its library consisting of legendary masterpieces like “Dragonball Z” or “Naruto.” As well as this, it includes subbed simulcasts and English dubbed versions, creating a wide range of viewing options for users.


12) AnimeLab: Being the world’s leading independent anime streaming service, animal (link ) contains a library entire of the latest simulcasts dedications like “Dragon Ball Super” to classic series like “Cowboy Bebop.” It has a variety of languages available along with subtitles; therefore, it is a perfect alternative for watching more than just English dubs.


13) Dbox. to Next alternative on the list has an excellent selection of content from genres like action, adventure and comedy, etc., with various properties for each show listing in its library, including streaming info, rating, etc., making it easy to explore. It also includes current releases alongside classic titles such as “Naruto Shippuden” or “Full Metal Alchemist,” which can be streamed using a device’s browser or app.



14) 9anime: Popular anime streaming website, 9anime (link ) offers users a vast library of titles consisting of the latest simulcasts and classic ones in HD quality for viewers to choose from. It also has interactive features such as a voting system and reviews, making it an attractive alternative to Funimation.


15) AnimeDao: With its ever-expanding library exceeding 2000 titles available, animal (link ) can deliver a fantastic anime viewing experience to its user. This platform offers English dubs, Spanish subtitles and other language options compared to Funimation making it a good pick if someone needs content with multiple language support.


16) AnimeKisa: Animekisa (link ) is an excellent choice for anyone searching for a streaming service, as this one provides the latest simulcasts from Japan and classical titles from different genres, including romance, horror etc. In addition, users can also take part in forums and chat rooms sharing their interests with those who have the same passion.


17) Anime Twist: Being an exclusive anime streaming service, anime twist (link ) specializes in hosting all kinds of simulcasts from Japan as well as premium dubbed titles such as “Your Lie in April” or “Gigant Girl Mako-chan.” It also contains various genres and subbed versions available for viewings along with English dubs adding more accessibility to the library.

Anime Twist


18) AniWatcher: Offering its users access to thousands of shows for streaming, any watcher (link ) offers one of the most expansive libraries among our alternatives. This platform is available on various devices, including telephones and tablets, allowing watching favorite anime from anywhere with an internet connection. In addition, it also has no ads feature, allowing viewers a distraction-free viewing experience.


19) AniWatch: If someone needs variety in their selection of contents, then the right choice should be anitwatch (link ). Due to its extensive range of libraries offering simulcasts with subtitles and English dubs, this platform contains many anime titles, including shrines, classics, and new releases.


20) Animedaisuki. More: Containing almost 2000+ shows on the list, animedaisuki(link ) is an excellent streaming service that allows viewers to watch stunningly beautiful hand-drawn artworks in HD quality with various language options without any commercials that may disrupt the viewing experience 21) Animedao-tv.com: Being the premier platform for anime contents in 2023, animated -TV (link) keeps delivering latest simulcasts from Japan alongside classic masterpieces. This streaming service allows users to watch and download its shows with English subtitles and Spanish dubs on demand, making it an excellent selection against Funimation.


21) Mangago


Mangago is a fantastic manga streaming service platform. With its extensive manga library, user-friendly interface, and various features, it offers an enjoyable and convenient way to explore the world of manga.

Whether students are manga enthusiasts or just starting to discover the genre, Mangago is a platform worth checking out.


Whether watching classic anime series, staying up-to-date with simulcasts or exploring different language options, these 21 alternatives to Funimation will provide fans with all the anime goodness they need to keep up every season. Depending on what suits your viewing needs, each streaming service has something unique and special to offer that will keep you coming back for more!

Funimation FAQs

Q1: Is Fun imation available in the US?

Yes, Funimation is widely available in the US. It offers an extensive library of anime series and movies, simulcasts from Japan, and ad-supported channels with no subscription necessary.

Q2: What devices can I use to watch Funimation?

You can access Funimation through most streaming media players, including Apple TV, Roku, Chromecast and Firestick, mobile phones/tablets, and gaming consoles.

Q3: Is there a Funimation app?

Yes, fans can download the FunimationNow app from Apple Store, Google Play Store or Amazon Apps to watch thousands of shows on their devices.

Q4: Is Funimation free?

No, Funimation provides three plans with different contents that require subscriptions for viewers starting from $ 5 up to $8, depending on the chosen method.

Q5: Is there a way to watch Funimation without ads?

Yes, you can enjoy ad-free streaming by subscribing to one of the premium plans offered by Funimation, which requires a monthly payment.

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