Gem4me: For Communication, Work And Entertainment

by Sachin

Progress leads to people craving more and more services without leaving their homes, preferably online with very fluid and easy to use interfaces and applications, ideally – all in one place. Communication ecosystems offer solutions to this need. 

Gem4me ecosystem 

By all means, Gem4me messenger can be considered a communication ecosystem, as it complies with all the modern standards for services of such format. 

All platforms can be used within one application, including information channels and a commercial platform, while all of them are accessed under one user account. No need to exit the application, switch applications amidst the process of choosing products, reading channels by favorite authors and answers to messages from friends and relatives in different third-party applications. Additionally, it is rather convenient to share useful information with friends — enticing articles in blogs or good deals on products on the built-in marketplace of the application, called MarketSpace.

Messenger for convenient communication 

Gem4me offers all the functions that any messenger should have for communication, and beyond.

Message exchange is a rather basic core functionality of all messengers  — Gem4me makes this notion of utmost convenience for users. Neat and fluid interface, the ability to edit sent messages, share files and unique animated stickers — all of these and other notions make the process of communicating much more enjoyable.  

Moreover, Gem4me allows free voice calls to any part of the world. The connection quality is of high level, as users frequently note this feature in their reviews. 

Additionally, the application also offers the ability to record voice calls and video conferences. 

Communication in all formats with no restrictions – one of the key principles that Gem4me developers stand by. 

Gem4me for work tasks

Gem4me application is a great assistant when it comes to solving work tasks. It boasted its capabilities especially well during the transfer to remote working conditions as part of anti-virus restrictions of 2020. At the time, the application was one of the first ones to provide users with the option of hosting free video conferences for up to 1000 participants. It is not frequent that such an amount of people needs to be gathered online, yet just knowing that the capability is where once needed is a major benefit. Furthermore, the service being free of charge and its efficiency was supported by a large number of people and companies which suddenly experienced the need to adjust to a new format of working. 

Additionally, Gem4me video conferences deliver numerous useful capabilities: the ability to moderate speaking participants, if necessary, share one’s screen to depict a presentation and many other functions.  

A platform for entertainment 

A communication ecosystem would not be complete if it only addressed work-related items. The notion of entertainment is also rather essential in modern information space.   

Gem4me ecosystem allows users to subscribe to numerous channels discussing various topics, view live broadcasts of bloggers and leave comments. 

Moreover, users can host their own blogs and gain an audience of interested followers promptly, especially while the competition from other bloggers is not too high. There is a wide range of topics: from sharing one’s new recipes, showing off funny habits of pets, expressing one’s thoughts on socially significant topics and much more. No need to prepare one’s posts in advance elsewhere — a modern and convenient post editor is already built-in to the ecosystem. 

Such a hobby can also generate additional income, as Gem4me currently has a service for donating to bloggers and is also working on implementing advertising monetization of content. 

MarketSpace commercial platform 

The Gem4me ecosystem also has its own marketplace integrated in it — MarketSpace. It is a unique international commercial platform with merchants and buyers from various countries of the world. International communication and understanding one another is ever-so simple by means of the built-in live translator to 17 languages. It is rather easy to launch your own business and start selling products or services on the platform — simply register in a matter of a few quick steps. 

The marketplace’s infrastructure encourages effective commerce — merchant acquiring is available in many countries while continuous integration of new regions to the payment processing system is ongoing. Moreover, a world-wide shipping logistics service will be made available shortly.

Free premium services 

A notion that new Gem4me users may wonder about — how much does it cost to use these services? 

The answer is quite straightforward: Gem4me provides all of its capabilities to the users completely free of charge. 

Moreover, developers do not split users in different categories and do not upsell additional services or content to them. All users of the ecosystem have complete functionality available right at their fingertips at all times. 

Various platforms, messengers and social networks offer their users premium services for additional payment or as part of a paid subscription. For instance, Instagram has recently announced the introduction of soon-to-come paid content, while Telegram had already launched a paid subscription service – Telegram Premium. The aforementioned subscription offers users an increased limit on the size of file transfers up to 4 GB, special animated stickers and audio message transcription.

When reviewing said offer in much detail one can see that practically all of these features are available in the Gem4me ecosystem for free. 

The Gem4me application had no restrictions on the speed or size of file transfers, and even content from its initial launch. Original animated stickers are also available to all users. Additionally, any user can experience and enjoy these premium features completely free of charge. 

Gem4me ecosystem will meet the needs of modern users regardless of what demands or goals are of high priority to them: whether it is simple communication, maintaining an active work environment remotely, entertainment or even hosting one’s own business on the marketplace. Each user will definitely find something that will make them a permanent Gem4me user within the ecosystem. 

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