3 easy steps to get a backlink from Wikipedia

by Sachin
how to get a backlink from wikipedia

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3 easy steps to get a backlink from Wikipedia

With a Domain Authority 100 Wikipedia is one of the most appreciated website by search engines. In the world of SEO, it is not surprising that links from the Wikipedia have become so sought even though it is Nofollow.

In the web, I’ve seen many people willing to pay for links on the Wikipedia.

But, why to pay for it when anyone can edit a Wikipedia article? Well, it is not easy to sneak a link in Wikipedia. This site has an army of volunteers or reviewers who are there to remove any suspicious changes. Difficult, but not impossible, and In this article, I am here to tell you how I’ve managed to put several links in Wikipedia.

How I did it? Well, mostly using common sense.

How to put SEO links on Wikipedia

Here are the three steps you should follow in order to get a link from Wikipedia

Become editor: While Wikipedia allows anyone to edit the article without having to register, there are items that can only be modified by a registered editor ( in the case of the article on SEO). In addition, changes made by a publisher are always more credible than someone who was passing by. Do not worry, create your account for free, and make your contributions Wikipedians look with better eyes.

Collaboration: A Wikipedian putting a link and then does not appear anymore? You look duster to the league. It is best to start doing some editions in other items to avoid suspicion.

Do not create a new entry: You may be tempted to create an entry about your business for casting the link. But I advise against you, I do not think a new entry can get a link. Typically it does not take much time to be deleted from serious allegations of spam.

Where to place your links?

It is easier to put links on a page which is already created. Find something related to your topic and think about some of your web content that could be linked from there. The link should be relevant to pass the filter, so if you have nothing decent maybe it’s a good idea to do an article for the blog.

The most appropriate to put the links sections are References and external links. Within article put links to other Wikipedia articles, links to other websites go where I said.

have you tried to get a backlink from Wikipedia? Comments are open.

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