Google Ads is the Most Effective Ad Platform in the World

by Sachin

Do you want an advertising platform that is both incredibly effective and allows you to choose your advertising budget? If so, welcome to Google Ads

Google Ads is so effective simply because it reaches approximately 90% of internet users on a given day. It’s the world’s most visited website and has the largest and most visible ad platform ever. The ad platform of Google has produced revenue for Google’s parent company of over US $135 billion in one fiscal year. 

The reasons for the ad platform’s overwhelming popularity is because of its incredible reach and effectiveness and because it allows the smallest to the largest brand to advertise on it with complete control of their advertising budget. 

The Mechanics of Google Ads

The ad platform of Google employs a pay-per-click business model as the basis of its revenue. The advertiser bids on the ads they want to place. The criteria affecting the price of the bids is the size of the ads, the type of ads (Search Network, Display Network, Shopping and Video Ads), how often they appear and the size and demographic of the audience your brand is trying to reach. 

While the mechanics of the ad platform are fairly easy to understand, it takes an experienced digital marketing agency to make the most of the platform, depending on what your brand wants to achieve. There are so many variables that affect an ads ability to reach the target audience effectively. Most digital marketing agencies have turned to data analysis to map out the best strategy of using the platform for their clients. 

Making Use of Google Analytics

Google has actively supported the digital marketing agency’s use of this data by creating Google Analytics as a facet of its ad platform.

Google analytics has managed to level the playing field for smaller companies that don’t have the database capabilities of their larger competitors. The analytics available on the platform enables these smaller companies to partner with a digital marketing agency and perform as well as or better than their larger competitors. This ability is one of the many reasons why Google Ads has become the world’s favourite online advertising platform. 

The Benefits of a Partnership

Whether you’re a manager of a large company or a small, boutique brand, a digital marketing agency can help you outperform your competition by having a thorough knowledge of how to use all the different variables of the Google ad platform to your advantage. 

You’ll be able to increase your sales, heighten the visibility of your brand name and image, and increase traffic to your site. And you’ll be able to accomplish all this while keeping a tight rein on your advertising budget. As more and more companies turn to the internet to drive their sales and increase their brand’s reach and visibility, you owe it yourself to partner with a qualified digital marketing agency and take the plunge into the world’s most powerful ad platform.   

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