What is Growth Hacking and top web tools to implement it

by Sachin

Growth hacking is a process of rapid experimentation across different marketing channels and product development to identify the most efficient ways to grow a business. Growth Hacking is more of thinking and mindset than a set of techniques and tools.

what is growth hacking

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Top Growth Hacking tools you must know

Growth hacking refers to a set of both conventional and unconventional marketing experiments that lead to the growth of the business. Growth hackers are marketers, engineers and product managers that specifically focus on building and engaging the user base of a business

The growth hacking will play a vital role in almost all areas of a startup: validation of idea and business model, product development, user acquisition, user activation, revenue, user retention and recommendation. As you can imagine, there are thousands of tools that help Growth Hackers.

Therefore, I have found it very valuable to make a brief analysis of the most useful tools that exist for Growth Hacking. Mostly all these tools are free of cost or affordable.

Tools used for Growth Hacking:

Traffic Generation :


Very simple, free and cool, this is the tool that allows you to convert a link into a tweet. How to take advantage? Enter links to your blog or your newsletters and convert them to tweets. Also, Bitly style, you can track how often the link is clicked.


This tool provides all the useful information to improve your SEO. Reports or suggestions that improve the SEO of your page, back-links, the effectiveness of your keywords, comparative with the competition, etc. With the free account, you can get all the basic reports you want and one advanced per week without paying a euro.


This tool that comes from the hand of Neil Patel, one of the most brilliant entrepreneurs. There will be some important changes on your website which will grow your traffic. Quick Sprout tells you how to make those changes.


Nimble is a tool that will help you manage relationships with all your contacts. Networking is essential and Nimble allow you to group all your contacts: Twitter, Linkedin, e-mail, Facebook, etc. at one place. This way you can maintain and improve your relationships to grow your business.



Fashion tool for all Community Manager, with a great design and ease of use, will solve the hassle of scheduling your social networks. The Buffer app works very well and a plugin for Chrome that makes it even easier to share items on your social networks.

There is a free account you can schedule a limited number of post daily. The Premium version costs $ 10 / month and allows up to 100 posts daily and have 10 accounts associated social networks.


The new tool developed by AppSumo with great potential. At a glance, it will help you know which Web pages are successful in social networks or see which pages are having more success for specific terms or keywords. It’s excellent design and great potential to deliver the results makes it unique from other websites.



There are many online tools to create landing pages that help you get e-mails or sell your product, but my favorite is Instapage. It is very simple to use and is the most economical I know. It also has integration with WordPress.

I recommend you try it, thanks to its integration in converting templates into a professional landing page that will get e-mails like a shot.


Hellobar is a fine top banner that has become very popular among bloggers. This tool is useful if our goal is to get subscribers or redirect your users to a page, usually landing page, or your social networks

It integrates seamlessly with WordPress and is a simple way to capture subscribers to your blog.


Session Cam is useful to record the sessions for your users. Imagine how helpful it is to know what your users do after coming to your Website. Additionally, t provides the functionality of heat maps that will give more information about the behavior of your users.


Surely I think you’ve heard of A / B testing. In which two or more versions of a page are tested simultaneously to see which page is converting better. Instapage has this functionality, but it is focused on landing pages. Optimizely, meanwhile, lets you catch any page and create multiple versions without knowing any programming language.



I’ve always used Alexa to determine the “importance” of a web.  However, SimilarWeb gives fairly similar results to Alexa and its interface is much friendlier. Still, keep in mind that these tools never give reliable data, only worth as reference and only work well with highly trafficked websites.


Qualaroo is the ideal place to ask your users with simple contextualized questionnaires that integrate seamlessly into your Web tool.


Free, fast and incredibly market research tool. This amazing tool gives useful information to see which countries are most interesting for our international expansion since it facilitates the penetration of internet sectors and countries, the percentage of users who buy online, many use the Internet to research their purchases, and much more.


Chrome plugin that gives you the Page Rank, Alexa ranking and much more information about the page you have open.



With a very modern and general design it allows you to send e-mails with beautiful designs, and most importantly, keep track of openings and clicks ratio to see what works and what does not in your sales.

It has a free plan that will serve you if you have lists of fewer than 2,000 subscribers. For some important features, you must upgrade to the basic plan of $ 10 / month.



Zapier is a good example of how you can get to perform complex processes without knowing anything about programming. Among other things Zapier provides you publish a tweet automatically when you publish an article on your blog or send an email when you’ve got a sale on your e-commerce.


Olark is applying online chat for excellence. You not only chat with your users reactively, but you can also see who is connected, which page you are viewing.



Google Analytics certainly remains a benchmark among the free tools. The biggest problem, in my opinion, is that it is a time consumer. With this tool, you can generate the analytical report of your website or blog. You can even set up your Goal and can understand how it is performing. For more details about goal set up in google analytics read



Google Analytics tells you how many visits you got, but it does not reveal about the details of visitors. With Mixpanel you can know the details of the user



Web Scraping is a technique to download information in a tabular form from Web. If you want to download all articles from a website to an Excel for analysis then with Import.io you can. It is a tool that requires some learning but is much simpler and faster.

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