Harness The Power Of Google Ads To Increase Your Sales

by Sachin

Google is one of the world’s elite companies that can legitimately number its customers in the billions. But what was once a search engine provider has transformed itself into the world’s largest advertising platform through the introduction of Google Ads

Google Ads has become the main source of revenue for Alphabet Inc., Google’s parent company. This ad platform contributed over 130 billion US dollars to Alphabet’s bottom line in 2019.

But to successfully unlock the power and potential of this ad platform, you need to have experience and knowledge. The ad platform works on a pay-per-click (PPC) basis. This means for ads that are visually appealing and informative, and offer a  high-priced product, the price of the clicks can be worth the PPC costs.  

But for ads that attract a lot of clicks, and offer low-priced products or services, the money a brand spends on the ads may not be worth the price of placing them. This is why, if you’re new to Google Ads, you might want to partner with a digital marketing agency that can work out a strategy that ensures your ads are within your marketing budget.

The worldwide scope and reach of Google means that millions of users might click on your brand’s ads, and this fact can be irresistible to marketing managers. But if you don’t have the expertise to judge your online market accurately, estimate your revenues, or predict your ad costs, it can be devastating to your business prospects.

Partnering With Professionals

An experienced digital marketing agency work with your brand and guide you through all the pitfalls of bidding and ad placement decisions to arrive at a strategy that fits your both budget and your goals. 

Google has several different types of ad formats that each work well with some types of products and services and not so well with others. Experience and data analysis are the main tools that an experienced agency uses to guide you in the right direction with Google Ads. 

But learning about your business is the first step in the process. To be effective in the use of the ad platform, you need to establish a long-term relationship with the agency you choose. The best agencies are data-driven. They make use of the data resources that Google provides to make accurate and relevant assessments. These assessments include which ad style you should use, how much you should bid for your ads, and what adjustments you should make to your ads imagery and content. They work closely with you to give your brand the best chance of success.


Nothing is certain in the world of advertising, but the right product launched at the right time and advertised in the right format can turn an unknown brand into a household name. Google Ads provides the best chance of your brand reaching its goals, but only if approach the chance with an experienced and data-driven partner. 

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