Here Are 3 Reasons Why You Need To Track Your URLs

by Sachin

Did you know that links are one among many significant assets of any digital marketer? They’re a substantial gateway to one’s marketing campaign as its what most prospective clients click on to interact with what you have to offer. You can implement a couple of links on search engines, blog posts, social media pages, and email newsletters, among other online places.

While setting an effective marketing campaign, you ought to track your URLs. The advent of URL tracking allows one to know where the traffic is coming from at any time. That’s not all. Get a chance to know the keywords that got searched for, thus leading the users to your site, and you can also identify which search engines the user clicked on your link. 

You ought to track various URL links using the right parameters. In the process, use tools such as Where Goes to see who’s following a particular URL. Here are the reasons why you need to track your URL using the right parameter. 

By Campaign 

You ought to track your URL, especially when you have may running campaigns. You might have a Facebook ad campaign, Google AdWords campaign, and email campaign running concurrently. You ought to use a URL tracking that gets embedded with the UTM campaign code; it’ll enlace you to see where the traffic is coming from when the campaigns are running. You will be in a better position to rank every campaign concerning their performance as well as optimization.

By Content 

Each landing page has various kinds of materials. E-marketers prefer using more than one landing page in their campaign. It’s often as a result of the differences within the online audience demography. It could also be a part of the A/B testing procedure. In the end, it means a difference in lead magnets, copy, heading as well as call-to-actions.

You ought to track the URL with the UTM content parameter. It’ll enable you to know which lead magnet for the most clicks as well as bringing visitors to your page.

Use A Tracking URL For Offline Campaigns 

Most marketers who run ads offline hardly track their outcomes. Some say its quite impossible to keep tabs on a marketing campaign ad that’s not running online. 

You can use a custom landing page to measure the traffic amount that’s coming from your offline campaign. 

The call to action offer is one tool that can be used as a tracking URL embedded within the applicable UTM code. The custom landing page on a billboard as it’ll let you know the number of individuals who came from billboard engagement. If you manage to convert some visitors, it’ll be an indicator that the billboard ad is active.

The benefits of URL tracking are quite phenomenal. It’s a chance to track multiple campaigns that are related to a similar topic with ease as it will enable you to change any element. You can also identify which online media portfolio is performing top-notch during the campaign. Get a chance to know how much revenue you generate from one campaign ad. You can use various online utilities like the WhereGoes to troubleshoot multiple links while performing competitive intelligence. Get a chance to improve your campaign with the effective use of URLs.

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