How To Advertise On LInkedIn In 2019

by Sachin has conducted a very interesting research recently. According to it, when companies launch their social media campaigns they forget or deliberately ignore such place as Linkedin. You make a very big mistake if skip this advertising platform.

It is an excellent playground for self promotion, increasing the value of your company and searching workers and partners as well.

Experts sign up in the system, create profiles, enter groups of their interest and communicate other experts on various topics. The atmosphere here is absolutely different. It was designed from the very beginning as a place where skilled professionals can discuss different serious issues.

Linkedin is a must-have in case you promote the company which clients belong to segment of top-managers, HRs, marketers and foreign specialists.

Certainly, there is a fear of right choice for the playground that will give biggest traffic. Of course, one may recollect Facebook as the place with the biggest population, but when we talk about serious official events, like international conferences or so, Linked has proved its ability to give good and stable results when being used as a primary platform.

Basic principles used for promotion

Write posts. Key difference with traditional content making is high qualities of the materials you produce: specialness and high quality. The materials should cover professional areas and refer both to your own or third-parties resources;

Create mail-outs on your own contacts and groups;

Click like and make comments to others posts;

Nurture relations and enter related groups;

Install the apps something like SlideShare.

Traps and pitfalls

Unfortunately, it is not all simple as ABC. Linkedin is a network of professional nature contacts that causes some restrictions you should be aware of in case of launching a campaign there:

There is a limit of friendship requests. Nowadays it is 3 000. When you have reached this amount, you should contact technical support to extend the number for you. They will check your profile history and if it has any complaints for spam sending, your request is likely to be postponed for an indefinite time.

You risk being blocked if you are too active in friends making, and your account will be frozen in a result. When it happens for first time – you can correct the situation manually, while next occasion implies writing to technical support. Generally all the issues are resolved in a positive manner, but you will definitely get a reminder to make friends with the people you personally know only. Of course, you may provide your request with a short note who you are and what is the purpose of your request. However, cases when people click “I don’t know this person” and you can be blocked again.

Reckless behaviour is severely punished here. Second blocking causes profile picture removing. Good news is that you can bring it back manually. But if the situation is repeated for the third time, your profile imaged will be removed and there is no chance for correcting it at all.

Half-baked realization of sending invitations to join the group. You should know who has already received your invitation and who hasn’t as the system doesn’t suppose making any differences for participants in this case. It means that you can mistakenly send just the same invitation to one person several times. The situation becomes especially annoying for the user if he has already declined it before. In fact, both parties are losing: you can’t get immediate statistics while people get annoyed by such intrusiveness.

The amount of the groups you are allowed to participate is also limited by 50. It means that you should be very selective in considering communities where you would like being represented. The simplest option is to consider societies with the biggest amount of users.

Secrets of the perfect profile

  • Engage your team mates in communication in your blogs. It will show teamwork and interest of all your workers to the business they do;
  • Establish emotional contact by using personal appeals and not corporate ones;
  • Follow 4 to 1 rule: 4 posts should be made to benefit your followers for each post about the company itself;
  • 20 publications per month is enough, they will cover up to 65% of your audience;
  • Find the best time of posting: it is generally Tuesday, something between 10 and 11. However, people read newsfeed on Linkedin before and after work;
  • Add links to your posts – they are two times more effective than without a link;
  • Add images to have 97% more comments under the post;
  • Add links from YouTube to increase reposting by 75%.

Have you got a profile on Linkedin for business purposes? Write us to tell how it helped your brand.

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