How to Compress a Video With Uniconverter in Simple Steps

by Sachin

For the movie and web series lovers, it is a great deal of difficulty to accumulate all the video files together so as to save the device storage. To get rid of this problem, you need to use a reliable video compressor that can zip all your mp4 files without affecting the video quality. 

In this article, you will learn how to compress a video or convert it to another format. 

How to Convert Video Files with Uniconverter?

Follow the below instructions to convert video files to another format:

Step 1: Add the media file/s and select the output format

Choose the mp3 files (via File Explorer) that you want to convert. Next, drag those files to the video converting tab of Wondershare UniConverter

After that, hit the drop-down button (an inverted triangle icon). Then enter the output format’s drop-down list.

Now hit the Video tab to access the interface that enlists all the mp3 files’ output formats. Next, choose the desired output format to convert the files, as example MOV.

A preset list will appear on the right corner of the format. There you can select the preset without requiring to select a specified format to convert the original video resolution (by default). Else, select your desired resolution for the file conversion and double-click it. The chosen output format will appear on the right side of the video Converting window.

Step 2: Convert the video files 

After you are done selecting the output format, you may edit (optional step) the files as desired.  Finally, to initiate the file conversion process, hit the button “Convert All” located at the bottom-right corner. Else, you can convert the related files one by one by simply hitting the Convert button located on the right side. 

Note: For faster file conversion, turn on the High-Speed Conversion switch.  

Step 3: Locate the converted mp4 files

After the completion of mp4 files into your desired format, find their storage location in the Converted tab.

Then hit the folder icon to access the output folder. There you will find the converted media files. 

Note: The file path of the output folder can be changed by hitting Menu > Preferences > Location. Then enter the Location tab and modify the folder path.

How to Compress Videos in Batch on Windows/Mac?

Step 1: Launch the video compressor and add the mp4 files 

Firstly, launch the UniConverter software and hit +Add Files option to add the media files which are to be compressed. The videos can be in different file formats. Alternatively, you may simply drag the chosen media files and drop those to the Video compress software.

Step 2: Open Settings window of the video compressor 

At the right side of the interface, hit the drop-down icon beside the “Convert all files” button.   Next, choose the output resolution and format on the Video tab. Hit the edit icon, located next to the selected resolution, to access the Video Settings window.

Or, you may click on +Create Custom button to open the video Settings.

Step 3: Personalise settings to decrease file size

Now customize the (default) Custom tab to “Small Size” from the pop-up Settings window. Doing this setting will automatically decrease the file’s bit rate. Optionally, you can also modify the file resolution, frame rate or codec by manual steps to further reduce the file size.

Step 4: Choose newly created format for video compression 

Once you are done with the Settings, hit Create to complete the process of new format creation. Then select the new format for file compression.

Step 5: Initiate video compression process

After setting and selecting the desired output format, you can preview the file resolution of the videos on the main interface. Finally, hit the Convert All button to initiate the process of video file  compression.

After the process is finished, you can manage the converted media files from the Converted tab. Or, simply hit the Output button located at the middle bottom of the video Converting interface.

In Summary 

Wondershare UniConverter is currently a leading media file converter owned by millions of users already. Apart from being a safe, reliable, and free software, this application is supported by both the Mac and Windows operating systems. Plus, this versatile app facilitates batch conversion and compression of multiple mp4 files at a time. There are many more features to unbox. Want to explore all of them? Download it now!


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