How To Create A Company Logo

by Sachin

Great  Logo Rules

Creating a truly excellent logo isn’t an easy task. And yet this doesn’t mean that it’s impossible. Typically, a logo is created in order to:

  • increase brand awareness;
  • not just attract a client, but also be remembered;
  • display the essence of the company in a small image;
  • in the end, not a single large and successful project has done without a logo. 

In this article, you’ll learn about the criteria that will make your logo more professional. You’ll learn how to make it in the best possible way. So, we are getting started!

Why Is The Logo So Important?

Logo is the first thing your potential client sees. Much depends on whether your potential client likes your logo or not. When creating a logo, it is important to ask yourself the question: how can I create a logo that is more likely to appeal to a large number of customers?

Logo Should Attract Attention Instantly

You know that human attention span fell from 12 seconds to 8. This fall has occurred over the past 2 decades. The average person focuses on one thing less time. Your task is to create a logo that would attract attention instantly. Only in this case, you have a chance to withstand competition, which has become huge in any field.

Make The Logo Simple

A good logo can be anything, you’ll never guess it. But the coolest logo is always simple. Pay attention to the logo of such famous brands as Adidas or Nike. You see how simple they are! Do you remember the Apple logo? What could be simpler than the logos of these companies? Moreover, these companies are known all over the world.

Now think about whether you need to make the logo complex, colorful, do you need a professional artist or something like that? Maybe a great logo can be created by anyone who has access to a computer? Perhaps this is so. You should definitely try it. And if you can’t create a cool logo, then rather contact our experts to help you make the logo exactly the way you represent it. Our logo design agency will help you realize your idea in such a way that it turns not only into a great logo, but also into a logo that a lot of people like.

Are Colors Important In The Logo?

As we know from past examples, the color in the logo does not always matter. There are a lot of successful logos that are made in one color, and most often it is black.

But if you decide to use different colors or want to make the logo non-black, then you need to remember that in marketing, each color has its own meaning. Go deep into this topic and perhaps this will help you choose the right colors for your brand.

For example, green color is most often used by companies that protect nature or care about the environment. Therefore, it is not surprising when we see the green logo of a vegetarian restaurant.

Yellow color causes a feeling of hunger. For this reason, restaurants, cafes and other places associated with food like to use this color in the logo. The most obvious example is McDonald’s.

Go deep into this topic and you will learn a lot about yourself. Just do not be offended by brands when you learn their logic. Ronald McDonald doesn’t want anything bad for you, just feed.

A Good Logo Should Be Memorable

Keep this in mind throughout the entire logo creation process. Your logo should be such that it is difficult to remember. See examples of the most famous logos. Think about why these logos became so popular? Most often, the answer is in the details.

How To Understand That Your Logo Turned Out wWell?

When the average person looks at your logo, it immediately becomes clear to him what your company is doing, what product or service you are selling, and even in what price segment your company belongs. Look at your logo. Can you read this information in it? Which of these questions can you not answer by looking at the logo? Think about how to fix this? Strive for simplicity and be rewarded.

Another Function Of The Logo

Attract is one of the functions of the logo, which immediately pops up in the head. But there is another, less obvious function. An excellent logo should increase the value of a product or service due to the aesthetic component. This happens when the logo becomes an integral part of product design. Is your logo capable of this? Look for your logo option until your answer is yes.

Important To Remember

By creating a logo, you are creating not just an image, but something with which your company will be associated. Make sure that it attracts people and not repels. The logo can reflect the essence of your company, or it can increase the value of your products. Do not rush to create a logo. Spend enough time on this in order to achieve a good result. If you are not confident in your own abilities, our specialists are always ready to help you with this.

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